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  1. Absolutely wonderful! I'm thrilled when I can view Jupiter like this! To image it is the icing on the cake!
  2. I think that in my case when I see something that makes me go wow, i can't help but wish i could get an image of it. And though i know i could never learn to do the images i see here, it is so tempting. I've said it before and will again, i do this for my pleasure! The simple images i do now are part of that experience!
  3. Very nice! Jupiter looked brilliant in yesterday's sky as I left for work. Not working today, left over clouds! It's punishment!
  4. That is incredible! But yes, wouldn't it be interesting to sit down with Galileo today, and show him what there is to see! I have the feeling, the words he would mutter just might make the Pope angry with him, again.
  5. And perhaps see if they might like the chance to look through your scope at the moon or a planet when its possible. Could get them a little more understanding of your hobby. Even just a glimpse of Orion's Nebula could change their thinking!
  6. If the moon is bright, you should be able to get your telescope close, then move it around slowly with your eye at the eyepiece. Use the biggest eyepiece. One like 23mm will give you more field of view than a 10mm or smaller. It might take a minute or two but you'll find the moon from its bright glow. Then look through your finder scope to see how bad its off.
  7. All of the images are amazing. Those of Saturn are unbelievable! Not bothering to check, what is it now? A billion and a half miles?
  8. Treated myself to a much needed case. We have a discount store called Harbor Freight. I picked this up today. My 10 year old granddaughter showed she's fitting right in my tribe. I misplaced my flashlight, finally found it under some mail on the table. Her comment, "maybe you should put your light in it, so you dont lose it, again!"
  9. My fun was owning one of these for a couple years! Wish I had it again! I would put my grandkids in my lap!
  10. Lived to see another moment in history! Now, on to Mars before I'm gone!
  11. My question is, If offered a free ride on this one, would you take it?
  12. Another addition for my new focuser. Had to get a new 2" barrel for my Canon to go prime focus.
  13. It looks incredible to me.
  14. Excellent! Jupiter is just a mind boggling planet! The GRS and barges!
  15. We came through it with flying colours! Weather station says our area got 10" of rain in about 12 hours!
  16. When I look at that image, or into what I can see in the vast night sky there is nothing there I see that I fear. There is NOTHING we here can do to change anything out there, so why suffer with any fear or anxiety? I take a bit of pride in what we are. A lifeform that has developed in its place in all of that. If there is other life out there in all of the possible worlds, there is a 50/50 chance they might not be developed as far as we are. If that's the case, I take a lot of pride in what we are. Maybe not in the things we have done to get here.
  17. IT WAS JUST A FOCUSER! Am I really the one to blame for this?!
  18. Excellent image! That is definitely a wall hanger! At 200kg, I'm guessing that's not your grab and go setup!
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