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  1. Finally got all the threaded rings and camera adapters figured out so prime focus worked. I wanted to go from a 1000mm telephoto to my 8" Dob. Looked for a while like the clouds weren't going to move out, but they finally did. My first prime focus lunar photo.
  2. maw lod qan

    Getting ready for the SBW Lunar eclipse.

    We're dealing with an "El Nino" weather system. Dip in the jets team brings us fronts sometimes every 4 days. Hopefully this one moves through fast.
  3. maw lod qan

    Getting ready for the SBW Lunar eclipse.

    Now keeping my fingers crossed. Thunderstorms and rain forecast for early Sunday. 90 % chance of rain. Hope it blows through fast.
  4. maw lod qan

    Huge Meteor

    Each and every meteor I get to witness make's me smile! With the incredible ones, the smile is also accompanied with a WOW, THANK YOU!
  5. maw lod qan

    Cloudy Skies every night

    Been rough across the pond as well. l'll take the blame, seems since I've starting working part time, any day/night I have off is bad to terrible. Lunar eclipse set for this Sunday, we have a cold front predicted to bring clouds and rain.
  6. maw lod qan

    My 'Free' C8 scope, not so free as I thought!

    I consider myself lucky!! My much better half came home few days back and said "I found you something in some trash set out for pick up." Was an old Tasco reflector, 3 or 4 inch with a wood tripod. So dusty it had spider skins inside the tube. I cleaned it up and peeked through it at the moon. Maybe give it to my youngest grand kids. Nice the wife is looking out for me! Maybe she'll get lucky next time and find me a 1 meter observatory class scope!!
  7. maw lod qan

    A tale of two implants

    Fantastic! I'm happy to hear the procedures were a success for you. My mother had one eye done but it wasn't good, so she refused to do the other one. I have to say, one of my biggest phobia's is having something done in my eyes. I look at it as a last resort.
  8. maw lod qan

    Mars With a 1-Meter Scope

    Around here people spend almost that to spend a day in the craziness of Disney with Micky and Minnie! That fee would be well spent for an hours solitude looking at something so magestic. But wait, at Disney, you could actually hug Pluto!!
  9. maw lod qan


    I look forward to each of your new photos and posts with great anticipation. But I truly believe, you own a captured alien space craft and are taking these photos from close up, when no one is looking. Either way, they are spectacular.
  10. We had a dry cold front push through two days ago. Dropped us into the 40's and have us with what pilots term CAVU! I got out for an hour and a half last night and looked first at the moon. I could take it all the way to my 4mm eyepiece in my 8" dob. The features I could make out were amazing. Turned to Orions's Nebula for a short while and it too was fantastic. Though it lacked the color I see in the photos members here post, the wispy cloud was great to behold. Finally, I had to look again at Andromeda. The visibility was so much better that even though I struggled to see it well with my naked eyes due to my neighbors flood lights, once I had it in the scope I could see how enormous it is, where before I could hardly make out much more than the core unless I used averted vision. Up early this morning I looked at Venus, still in its crescent state. Fighting lenses fogging, I looked at Jupiter and it's four large moons while hoping for a grand slam with Mercury. but alas, I've got trees that prevented that. Still a good day off. Back to work Saturday, so it'll be back to bed at 7 tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday night.
  11. maw lod qan

    Finally, everything fell into place for one night.

    And by the way, I tip my hat to all those who I've seen with frost covered equipment. The 30's and 40's are bad enough for me here in Florida.
  12. maw lod qan

    Do they dim the lights after midnight?

    The sprawl of building is slowly advancing towards the part of the county I live in. I've noticed that many of the newly constructed large shopping centers are installing newer lighting that points down and the bulbs are recessed up so you don't see it like the old 'let's light up everything we can" versions. But there is so much already existing nearby that light pollution will be a problem forever.
  13. maw lod qan

    Tonights Moon 8-1st

    ocassionaly I get lucky with Earthshine, but I've not got a picture this good. Well done.
  14. maw lod qan

    Problem for Nasa

    Just talked about it on the local news. Said the camera does have "back up electronics" but for now, they're not trying to use it. Another magnificent piece of engineering I hate to see become part of history.
  15. maw lod qan

    January New Moon Spotting

    Had clear skies last night but heavens above showed the moon being only 1%. I'm pretty sure that would put it too close to 'Big Red' to be visual for me. Going to try tonight again.
  16. maw lod qan

    This just delivered from China

    Just wait!! One day you'll be elderly.
  17. maw lod qan

    Strange Sight in Lincolnshire

    Better hide under the bed! The aliens are using that bright orb in the sky to lull you into a false sense of security, before taking you away to perform weird experiments on you. Wait, that's not aliens, it's our governments.
  18. maw lod qan

    From clear to rain...

    Fog's been the issue after midnight here in Fla. Hoped to get a look at the small moon, but gave up this morning.
  19. maw lod qan

    Resurrect the Space Shuttle ???

    My biggest regret was never going to watch a shuttle launch. Saw many from across the state, but I always felt I could not count on them going up on schedule. Remember as if was just yesterday, left work early on a frigid Jan 28th morning. Stopped at the gate of the farm I worked on just as the radio said the shuttle was about to launch. I got out with my Minolta camera and telephoto lens, just to get the shots of it coming up over the trees 175 miles away. I only had a few shots to finish the roll of film. As I saw it rise above the trees, the camera wouldn't auto focus. I clicked it to manual and focused just as the fireball erupted. Took all the images to the point I got boosters arching away and the trails from the debris field falling back to Earth. I knew enough to know it wasn't going to be good. It still brings me almost to tears.
  20. maw lod qan

    Resurrect the Space Shuttle ???

    I was a fan of the shuttle from the start, and always will be. Looking at the history of payloads going from the start of the space race it was amazing to see it jump with the Saturn V then do it again with the shuttle. Many of its returns flew close to where I live and it would bring a smile to my sleepy face when in the middle of the night I awoke to the double sonic booms. My wife would ask "what was that?" and I would tell her, "The shuttles home!" We have wasted enough money on different projects, not to mention things that would cross the political line here on this great forum to have already put a Starbucks on both the Moon and Mars. Sadly, we'll keep doing it too.
  21. I've got a SIM card I need to reformat so I might be able to still use it. It's got thousands of photos on it. Mostly wide field meteor watching. Going through it, I found this from May of last year. 1 photo probably 6 sec length. This is normal view.
  22. maw lod qan

    Okay, I've got another "what is it"?

    Caught lots of metoers. Long streaks, some colored, some intensify as they burn up. Even some head on that were nothing but a brilliant flash.
  23. maw lod qan

    Okay, I've got another "what is it"?

    I'm really open to any thoughts.
  24. maw lod qan

    Okay, I've got another "what is it"?

    Now, this me cutting it out and enlarging it.
  25. maw lod qan

    Resurrect the Space Shuttle ???

    We do desperately need to get our house in order. But I'll always be one who stands on the shoreline, looking out at the horizon and dream of what awaits us. Hopefully, they're vegatarians.

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