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  1. What if I were to get a low cost and risk 10mm BCO, which would lend itself to being barlowed to 5mm presumably with increased eye relief?
  2. I know very little about binoviewer set-ups, I'll admit. Maybe a silly question but are they used with reflectors?
  3. Yikes, that small eye lens is making me tired just thinking about looking through it! I hadn't thought about a zoom, are there mid-mag zoom lenses that might be more suited to my current scope? I've been out tonight and the viewing is nowhere near what it was yesterday so I've spent a large portion of my viewing time just swapping EPs and filters.
  4. Thanks John. I haven't ever used a really short eye relief EP, I don't think I'd get on with that short however and having just turned 40 and expect my eyesight will only be going in one direction! I hadn't looked at the Vixens, they do seem to get solid reviews and seem to tick all the boxes so maybe worth more of a thought. I have researched the Delites however and some of my thought process is about securing a real top end EP that will last me throughout the hobby. I do see myself at some point in the future buying a quality refractor too and I'm sure the TVs would work exceptionally well in one of these.
  5. This isn’t lunar x but caught my eye tonight and looked extremely X-ish. I am trying to find out what this feature is but having no luck so far.
  6. I've always enjoyed spending time on the planets and I've been really enjoying viewing Mars in between the appalling weather, on the occasions it's been clear I've had some really nice views with my BST starguiders. I can see albedo features and the SPC, last night I could see white mists/clouds over the northern pole for the first time with the 8mm and 15mm 2 x barlowed. The 12mm barlowed was giving me really pleasant views last night and a few weeks before the opposition the 5mm gave occasional glimpses of good viewing. I picked up a 2x televue barlow and it has been a real treat, a definite improvement from the celestron omni I had. So it got me thinking, with Jupiter and Saturn due to be higher in the sky next year, should I save and invest in a real premium planetary eyepiece? My scope is a 200P skyliner dob so it's 1200mm, f/5.91 and from my experience the EP sweet spot seems to be around 8-6mm on the planets. Can I improve the performance of this scope for planetary viewing with a higher quality EP? I'd prefer to focus on an increase in contrast and sharpness over sweeping wide fields. If anyone could advise or make any recommendations I'd be very grateful!
  7. Another +1 for this. I had a much smaller version for my very first scope and it gave me wonderful views of the moon and Saturn.
  8. Nice views to wake up to, perhaps early morning viewing is the answer to when I return to work.
  9. Wow, wow, wow. I was sort of hoping I would struggle to tell the difference between this and my old Omni Celestron barlow but I’m getting some belting views of Mars with my BST Starguiders, particularly the 18 & 15mms. I must resist the temptation to look on FLO...
  10. A thing of beauty courtesy of @PeterCPC! Hopefully not the start of a slippery slope either . Can’t wait for my next Mars session!
  11. Wanted some 15x70s for a while and £89 seemed a mad price! Hopefully get a chance to use tonight.
  12. Th Bino UHC pairing worked a treat tonight! The North American nebula looks fantastic. Thanks for this excellent tip.
  13. This is pretty much how I have started out, primarily because of the advice given from experienced SGLers (and some lockdown spare cash!). Extremely grateful for it too as I have seen some wonderful sights in 4 months and look forward to many more months and years with this very capable set-up.
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