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  1. You can even tell what day it was knocked off the window sill.
  2. Stood in the garden for half an hour and clocked about six. A lovely show!
  3. I love this style, such skilled work. Well done.
  4. Excellent. We look forward to reading his first light report with the new scope!
  5. I find doubles are great targets when the the light pollution is bad or in summer sessions when we have lighter skies. Most recently splitting Rigel and its companion was fascinating for me, a proper wow moment. Splitting one ends up leading to a whole session of observing and attempting doubles and triples usually!
  6. Couldn’t agree more. The 15mm BST and the 200P work brilliantly together, certainly my favourite pairing. They all are really exceptional EPs for the cost. My least used was the 18mm but I’ve found this is my preferred EP for the Orion Nebula, looks amazing with a UHC filter.
  7. Fantastic report John. Certainly have struggled with viewing Mars recently, a combination of poor seeing and smaller incomplete disc. I must have a go at the E & F stars of the Trapezium on my next session. I nearly took the scope out just now but was up at silly o clock this morning, so although the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak.
  8. That light looks like it illuminates your bedroom and disrupts sleeping. You should probably notify the local council.
  9. I’m only visual but I own an expensive astronomik UHC and a cheaper skywatcher Oiii filter. I’d say the UHC filter was better, just, it threads better, is of higher quality and I’ve had some very nice contrasting views through it. Is it £50 better? I’d say probably not in my bortle 6-7 skies. Perhaps in darker skies it would be.
  10. If you have an iPhone buy the nightcap app, it’s very good for low light photos, it works best when paired with a phone tripod.
  11. I think if you bought the 8” dob you would carry it your observing area once or twice before you started actively looking for excuses to not take it out. It’s a hefty item to carry for 15 mins and I would look at something lighter. The heritage 150p gets good reviews and believe can be mounted onto a tripod easy enough.
  12. Had some lovely views of the moon with the 10mm BCO, Mars not so much, the features looking a bit washed out but occasional glimpses of the SPC and albedo features. Neptune was easy to find but very grey, maybe an effect from the moon’s brightness? Have moved onto double viewing now with the Hyperflex zoom, gamma arietis is a belter.
  13. Got crystal clear skies tonight so pushed the dob to my door and finally got to see M42 through the 200P. What a fantastic object, I’ve had UHC & OIII filters for a while but never really got much out of them, until now! The depth the filters bring to the dark rolling nebulous clouds is quite stunning. Enjoyed dropping down to the 15x bins and sweeping across collinder 70 too, such a fantastic constellation packed full of targets. Managed to grab a quick at the EP iPhone shot of M42.
  14. So first go with the Hyperflex 7.2-21.5 zoom EP; gave the 200P scope a good hour to cool but the windy conditions really made observing difficult including making my eyes water continuously. Quite obvious that tube currents were also affecting the image but persisted and managed to get some acceptable views of Mars with a polarising filter. Could make out the Mars phase and a Southerly low albedo feature, occasionally a tiny white spot of the SPC appeared. The conditions really hampered narrowing down which magnification was the optimum so I compared it at 10mm to my BCO 10mm, which gave
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