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  1. I have an Esprit150 in mine.. all up length is 1.25m and there's loads of room to spare
  2. Very nice Steve, and that setup gives a great fov.. Dave
  3. That's a good result for your first time and for the integration time.. You can get rid of the green in Photoshop (and maybe GIMP... I'm just not familiar with it) with Selective Colour, tutorials online on how to do it or as I've done below in Pixinsight with scnr... Dave
  4. It was obscured by power lines here an hour ago.. they disappear so fast at this time but at least it’s clear for a change!
  5. Good plan.. if you didn’t know take flats as you adjust it as you’ll see the shadow .. move it in so you can see it then move out until it disappears .. will be well within the corrected circle.. enjoy the clear skies Dave
  6. Hi Steve, So long as they don’t look like baked beans on the imaging camera and it guides ok it should be ok.. a bit surprising though as it’s supposed to have a 33mm flat field .. What imaging camera are you using ?
  7. Mine’s piggybacked and uses shims for alignment.. but I have an OAG on the 150 otherwise there’s be nowhere for the guide scope
  8. Esprit100.. 550mm fl, 40mm diameter flat field .. might be a bit heavy for a JTD saddle though .. what happened with the Sharpstar?
  9. Make sure you put the shutter drive on before putting the dome on the walls .. its almost impossible to put the top pulley on when the dome's on as the shutter is in the way
  10. Congratulations Goran.. the fabulous Balrog .. Dave
  11. I got one a couple of years ago and it works fine.. there was an issue with SGPro asking for radius when it wanted diameter (or vice versa.. I can’t remember now) but after they fixed that about 18 months back it’s been great.. follows the scope perfectly before and after flip. A friend did have a problem with the display which failed quickly and needed a replacement which took quite a while to arrive . Also important to make sure the top of the base is flat and perfectly round before putting the dome on otherwise it’ll bump and bang when slewing ( as another friend has found) which can an
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