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  1. They look great .... Just ordered a pair Dave
  2. Marvellous image with lovely colours of an interesting object and only 12hrs.. Any idea what the blue Arc above left of VdB 152 is? Dave
  3. Very good, nicely processed and its come out well.. Dave
  4. Thanks you Goran... I thought it was about time I posted something "dark and dusty" in Cepheus, I was getting rather jealous seeing all the images you've taken with your new RASA... apologies for missing you off the previous post... I've been staring at the screen too much today.. Dave
  5. Thank you Olly.. In the UK it also gives us something to do when its cloudy... it also shows that you should save your data as you never know when it'll come in handy...I feel the need to do the same to the Cocoon Data we gathered... probably leave that till next year though and probably go back to the Iris with the Esprit 150 at some point to see what more I can squeeze out of it .. Thanks Michael... the first 6 years in this journey are I'm afraid Olly's alone, just wish I'd started earlier.. Thank you Mark, yes I think the core has come out well, the stars are a little undersampled at 2 .25"/pp but the detail from the combined luminance of Esprit100 and Esprit150 is somewhat better than I achieved with the Esprit150 alone on my AZEQ6. Thanks Adam.... Thanks Tomato Both plus photoshop... I created a LumMaster from the Esprit100 data in APP.... registered everything else (subs and High Res Masters) to that in Pixinsight using Thin Plate Splines and distortion correction (this seems to largely take account of the optical distortion differences between the scopes).. then switched off Registration in APP and integrated the RGB subs and then the Esprit100 LumMaster and High Res Masters using Multi Band Blending.. I also used Photoshop to extract the stars from the Esprit100SX46 RGB data to replace those in the GT71/ASI1600 RGB.. Dave
  6. A wide field image of the Iris Nebula (NGC7023) and the Ghost Nebula (SH2-136, VdB-141) in dusty Cepheus. The image is made up of data acquired with 6 scope/camera systems over 9 years... most recently over the last week 7.5hrs lum and 20 mins each RGB on my Esprit100/SX46, 3hrs each RGB GT71/ASI1600 which together gave the wide field framework, 3hrs hrs of Ghost lum and 1hr each RGB taken in August 2019 on the TEC140 Atik460 and TEC140 Moravian8300 at Olly's @ollypenrice Les Granges observatory, 4hrs Lum and 3 hrs each RGB on the Iris taken in 2018 with my Esprit150/ASI1600 and 12 hrs lum on the Ghost taken by Olly in 2011 (scope/camera combo unknown). Processed in APP, Pixinsight and Photoshop. Hopefully I've done the data justice.. Thanks for looking and thanks to Olly for such great data.. (The Ghost area is somewhat less noisy) Dave
  7. Nice one Dave... it'd be interesting to see what the individual channels look like, especially the NII Dave
  8. That's what I do Steve when I fiddle with the system.. I have bits of masking tape on the static and moving bits of the mount marked at the Park position so that after moving it I can position it correctly and avoid a blind solve Dave
  9. Steve... mine is in a dome and parks facing Polaris.. When you turn it on it thinks its at the Park position regardless of where it really is. I just turn my system on, press Unpark then run the SGPro sequence.... it slews... platesolves centres etc.. completes the sequence then parks... So yes no need for a slew and blind solve at the start unless its been moved from Park (which I do to take flats) .. cant see why that would be your issue though.. and out of ideas I'm afraid Maybe post some screens shots of your Sitech/SGPro settings and the Plate solve screen next time you run it. ATB Dave
  10. Hi Steve.. if it says below horizon limit then I'd suggest that you check that the mount is pointing the right way ie when you do a plate solve is it facing east or west... Dave
  11. Another marvellous image Goran.. just been admiring it over on Astrobin at full res.. Dave..
  12. How are you calibrating your flats and lights. Are you using matched flat darks and darks with no dark optimisation ? If not this may well be the issue .. as suggested by @Uranium235 try using a different flat to calibrate the red.. other than dust bunnies does it remove the vignetting? Also try flattening the flats ie flatten the red flat with the green and Blue flats etc.. again other than the dust do they produce a flat image ..
  13. Been doing a bit of a re-work improving the background and adding a bit more emphasis to the the HII regions, to avoid them ending up bright red I also added a bit of the Ha to the Blue and Green channels.. Here it is.. Thanks for looking Dave
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