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  1. A great mount at a great price and don't be put off by the reasons the vendor has put for wanting something different.. It'll work perfectly as others will attest to. Dave
  2. The owner says so in his ad I think.... This mount ticks all the boxes for me apart from two... No homing, initial pointing needs a blind solve.... They are using it remotely and I assume want these functions.. That doesn't mean they cant be used remotely, I saw a few being used remotely on my holiday in the Haute Alpes
  3. That's looking rather nice.. won't be long now till first light, how exciting
  4. Did you sort this out? Wonder if this was caused by internal reflections.. Had something similar and sorted it out with some flocking
  5. Very nice, what equipment did you use? I’ve used Pixinsight for mosaics, other applications I’m aware of that will do it are APP and Registar.. not done many but one of the key things to do is to minimise any gradients on the individual panels before combining.. Dave
  6. Not sure but the screws labelled B secure the focus adjuster to the body..
  7. That’s very nice Alan.. wondering whether your low black level is causing you to lose some of the Nebulosity. Maybe a closer crop and less clipping would show more? Dave
  8. That’s fabulous Steve.. well done .. nice star colour
  9. You can download it from Sourceforge and install it as a PI module.. won’t work on Macs more than about 7 years old
  10. Just read Craig Starks note.. my reading is that the f ratio myth would be a myth if it were not for read noise.. in my recent experience taking Ha at the same time through Esprit 150 SX-46 and Esprit 100 asi1600 the Esprit 100 stacks are better,(which is a trifle annoying.. added together though they are even better) even though the Esprit 150sx-46 gets 1.5 times more photons per pixel.. read noise though is 9 vs 1.7 on the asi1600.. on LRGB the 150 combo is streets ahead..
  11. Excellent Gav.. I look forward to great things from you on 11 November Mercury transit Dave
  12. It won’t work on Macs from before 2012 or thereabouts.. so if that’s what you’ve got that’s the reason..
  13. Agree Rodd .. shows the importance of getting the right pixel size for your scope.. or of binning . If you'd binned the camera on the 5" I expect the result would be much closer.. Dave
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