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  1. Thanks... this was when the scope was on an AZ-EQ6... it's on a Mesu now
  2. Whilst waiting for tonights promised clear skies (as I write the clouds are forming) I thought I'd revisit some images of M33 and have a go at combining them using Photoshop layers etc and tips I've picked up on SGL.. . The original images were taken late October/ early November through an Esprit 150 with ASI1600 (11 hrs LRGBHa) and Nikon D750 (2hrs colour). I'm quite happy with the result and it gives the galaxy some context which it lacked in the ASI1600 image as it more than filled the frame. Thanks for looking Dave
  3. Laurin Dave

    NGC 1491 Wild Boar Nebula HaRGB new approach

    Blimey that sounds chilly! Good luck with it when it warms up. Dave
  4. Laurin Dave

    NGC 1491 Wild Boar Nebula HaRGB new approach

    Hi Goran.. Very nice, I prefer the nebula in the second and the stars from the first, maybe you could combine them. How's it going with the Mesu? Mine's not had much use so far owing to incessant cloud Dave
  5. Laurin Dave

    observatory essentials

    I have a DD1 desiccant dehumidifier from Dry it Out Ltd in my Pulsar dome... works a treat. I have it on continuous drain through a conduit .. the whisky is a good idea too!
  6. Laurin Dave

    LDN 1622

    Great images Rodd, as you say that it has cleaner data maybe it'd be worth trying the KAF8300 camera on the FSQ106. Dave
  7. Laurin Dave

    Mesu 200 Arrrives

    Excellent news Goran and good luck with your installation, if you hadn't thought about it already I'd carefully measure/mark up your kit before removing it off the EQ-8 so that it goes on the Mesu pretty close to balance. Looks pretty good on your dining table too! Dave
  8. Canon lenses have 44mm backfocus and the distance from the front face of the camera to the sensor is 6.5mm so the camera adapter plus spacer should total 44-6.5mm i.e. 37.5mm to obtain focus. Have you measured it? Looks like the zwo diagram for the 183 is incorrect in that you do need to use the 11mm female to female spacer as it shows in the diagram for the 1600. For what it worth I have the 1600mono and filter wheel and the appropriate version for Nikon lenses and it focuses fine. Dave
  9. Laurin Dave

    SGPro Autofocus help needed

    Indeed it does Ray! Forgot completely about it when setting up new equipment profiles for the Mesu so wasted the first clear night for a month with soft focus. Guiding performance was great though.. luckily, enough clear sky last night to set backlash and step size using the 4-6x HFR and it worked a treat. I'd been wondering why the first two points on the focus graph were flat ... Dave
  10. Laurin Dave

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Well here's another go using a mixture of Pixinsight and Photoshop. Followed Steve Richards advice in 'Dark Art or Magic Bullet' for adding the Ha and the colour saturation and layering techniques that Olly outlined earlier in the thread and this time avoided destroying all the colour with the sort of PI noise reduction the I'm used to doing on my own data! Looks a lot better to me. Learnt a fair bit from this exercise so once again thanks Olly for the opportunity to process some excellent data. Dave
  11. Laurin Dave

    Mesu 200 First Light - The Pleiades

    No worries Richard.. interesting stuff coming out.. the Atik forum gallery has some 16200 images with an Epsilon 160, probably worth a look Dave
  12. Laurin Dave

    Mesu 200 First Light - The Pleiades

    Thanks Goran.. hopefully it'll just work the next time out. Just waiting for the filters for the SX-46 now Happy New Year to all Dave
  13. Laurin Dave

    Mesu 200 First Light - The Pleiades

    Hi Tom I put a post Mesu 200 Arrives in 'mounts' a couple of weeks ago .. the issue I had was with the version of Sitech that is on their downloads page causing an error message with PHD calibration.. changed it to version 92eg (which you need to search for ... see my post) and it was fine and the guiding was better.. been cloudy since but hope to get some more runs in soon after the new year. Using SGPro, PHD2 and Sitech, only done offset inits so far. Dave
  14. Laurin Dave

    Mesu 200 First Light - The Pleiades

    Think I’ve confused folk.. the M45 session was guided and was the first one with the new Mesu. I was having Sitech/PHD issues, resolved with a software update, and after it was fixed I did 10 minutes unguided to get some PHD advice on guiding parameters. Since then it’s been wall to wall cloud where I am so no chance to investigate how to create and the benefits to pointing accuracy of a sky model. Dave
  15. Laurin Dave

    2018 album with new scopes and cameras

    Great images Goran, good luck with the Mesu.. you just need to master Windows pc and you’ll be fine .. dual rig for me too once all the bits arrive... just waiting for filters now so currently running off darks on the new camera Dave

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