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  1. Just took a peek with my dob. Just where SOHO shows it, more easily seen with my eyes than getting it on my Canon SL1. Did manage to get it faint, so another one of the records.
  2. Good seeing spots again instead of just floaters! Hopefully I can get a chance to look after 1pm when I get off.
  3. That is an amazing image of the sky. The Aurora is just icing on the cake!
  4. It has taken me two years to get my neighbor, a fire station, two shield two of their three led's. The one the left is the worst and reflects off the building as well. I'm glad to hear you had good luck!
  5. Amazing! Thanks for posting the images. Every time I see such examples of the vast beauty of our universe I just dream of what might possibly be out there!
  6. Congrats! Didnt I tell you it was a great image!!?? Oh how I wish to do some real solar, but the budget says filter the dob.
  7. Wow, reading this really makes me cringe! One day this week we had 4°C and I thought it was bad! Yesterday was out working in the garden plot in short sleeves!
  8. I hope to witness it as well, but I'm 65. I also worry that if it's not accomplished by private ventures, it will be a decade or more.
  9. This evening Jupiter was visible in the glow of the evening sky, but Mercury and Saturn were below the trees on my horizon. I'll try again tomorrow.
  10. Very nice! Seems a lot of us were viewing it on the 7th!
  11. This was how it looked in Fla at that time.
  12. Amazing image! I was also viewing Luna at about this same exact time, the only difference being our time zones are different. I had high thin clouds to the North, but for almost an hour visibility was excellent! I was cool with our temps in the high 40's, but nothing like you!
  13. Wonderful reading how excited you are enjoying your venture into astronomy! At times it can be maddening, only to be so rewarding when everything falls into place!
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