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  1. We've got another tropical system coming in off the gulf! I'd love to set the camera up but not taking the chance of it getting wet.
  2. I second that recommendation! Got one for my wide field meteor shots, works like a champ on my Canon SL1.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Was out with the mongrels at 2am this morning and thought for a moment I glimpsed a very faint one that would definitely have been an Orionid. With the bright moon, hard to be sure I had really seen it.
  4. I put in for time off for this event. With me only working 3 days a week, I used a couple extra vacation days to extend it all the way to the 17th/18th hoping for clear skies for the Leonids.
  5. Nice, really nice! When I see it up close, I am always totally blown away by the incredible carnage it has endured.
  6. An amazing image. Joining this forum and being able to see all the images the members post was one of the best things I've done.
  7. It's interesting reading the accounts of your cold weather. I would have to talk with someone who could remember the date better than me being I was less than 10, but the early to mid 60, was some of our freezes that wiped out all the citrus in the area around Orlando. It was never replanted, the industry moved more to the South.
  8. Everything combined together might lead to you having periods of not looking into the skies above us, but you haven't lost your touch! Excellent image again! When I dream of Saturn, its images like that I see in my dreams.
  9. There's nothing in the dark that's not there in the daylight, even the sun. You just cant see it.
  10. Over here, it seems senseless crime is on the rise, but I personally think it's the population growing and the more rapid reporting of things happening due to our new electronic savvy world.
  11. Thanks, you give me hope! I had wondered if my 8" would be enough with my simple Canon. Now to just get good enough at star hopping to locate the right place in the sky.
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