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  1. maw lod qan

    And then, the clouds parted.

    As I watched the shadow progress across the Moon's surface, I regretted not having a second telescope just to watch in detail, the craters and mountains fall victim to the shadow, while I photographed with the other one.
  2. maw lod qan

    And then, the clouds parted.

  3. maw lod qan

    And then, the clouds parted.

    At about 9:00, I went out and saw clouds with occasional breaks, giving me a little hope to at least get a peek of the eclipse. Just before 10:30, I went out again and set up the camera. Watching through the breaks, I saw the semicircle of the Earth's shape begin to move onto the brilliant orb. Much to my surprise, behind me to the North, the line of clouds was ending. I stayed out till 1 am, took close to 1000 pictures, prime focus, doing my best to find the best balance of ISO and shutter speed.
  4. Very good capture. While watching the splendor, I saw a fast faint brief meteor also below it moving from the left to right. Made me wish I had set up a second camera for wide field too.
  5. maw lod qan

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    With three hours to go, I'm still hoping. Right now, it's TOTAL overcast. What worries me the most is we still have an East wind. If it would just turn from the North.
  6. maw lod qan

    They once again!

    Thanks for the excellent images and the information you share. I do enjoy learning about Luna from your threads.
  7. maw lod qan

    At last!

    Fantastic images.
  8. Currently raining in Florida, but cold front expected to move through fast then turn cold and clear. I've swapped work days, working today to have tomorrow off. My 4am to 1pm shift would have made me miss the most of it. Really looking forward to watching it tonight.
  9. maw lod qan

    Some people...

    Don't get me started!! I'm personally dealing with family things that make want to do like Gomez Addams, grab my head and scream out "Has the planet gone mad!!"
  10. maw lod qan

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Is that kitty, kitty? Or is that a fox? Nose looks a little long for a cat.
  11. maw lod qan

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    My simple 8" dob with my DIY dewzappers. Nor really much to look at, but boy do I have fun. And yes, the finder scope had not yet cleared up. This was this morning while I looked at Venus and Jupiter.
  12. Oh my, someone from my era. As much as I congratulate them on their lunar sucess. I worry when a country like China starts doing experiments for "all mankind." To follow wimvb, I see a bad moon rising!
  13. maw lod qan

    First lunar shot with a telescope

    Great photo. It's so good to have something so close to us that looks so incredible.
  14. maw lod qan

    Getting ready for the SBW Lunar eclipse.

    We're dealing with an "El Nino" weather system. Dip in the jets team brings us fronts sometimes every 4 days. Hopefully this one moves through fast.

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