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  1. I prefer to believe there is really no such thing as science fiction. As a young child I grew up dreaming of the Space Plane they talked about, only to see it come and go. Buck Rogers and the Thunder Birds, look what E. Musk is doing now. Most of us wont be around, but what will change in the coming decades would probably make all of us dreamers and believers smile. And yes, keep traveling you two incredible machines!!
  2. At first I worried the high thin clouds would win. But thankfully they moved through quickly. Early on it was very early on with the sky being dark, but the timing worked out that the actual moment was after sun rise. I couldn't see Mars in the finder scope. But, the camera could. Lucky for me, even though the single images aren't the greatest, you can see Mars about to disappear behind the Moon. I still get a great thrill seeing things like this. A big thank you to the members here on the SGL for another heads up for this.
  3. Thanks! Very nice. I do love close ups of Luna. I dream of what it would be like to live there, craters scattered around your estate, mountains in the near distance. Well, maybe my next life.
  4. With your resilience and fortitude, I believe you should all belong to the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and Ladies too! I'm not sure if you all exhibit true determination or a little bit of craziness.
  5. Sadly, no. This is the same argument that is going on in the rural area where I live. People move out here and then complain about the growth. I hate to think of Earth someday being so populated that it's like the planet on Star Wars which is entirely covered with city. World wide cell phone and internet! We've come so far since we had 'party lines' and only 2 or three fuzzy channels on a round television.
  6. Very nice image of what is a difficult planet for me. I noticed the section with all the time, location information. Is that skyview with the houses, Trenton Fl.? You might be my oldest daughters neighbor! She also lives in Trenton.
  7. Interesting reading, thanks for posting the links!
  8. Absolutely incredible! I also hate to think of the HST being retired one day.
  9. I mostly sit. The chair I made is adjustable so I can even sit when viewing straight up with my 8" dob. Though I do have to use a single step stool to get up on the chair when it's all the way up. I'm much more comfortable when seated.
  10. Been reading about this image last night and today. Taken 30 years ago today, 3.7 billion miles from the sun. If it doesn't make you do so serious thinking, I dont know what will! Every man woman and child along with every creature that ever existed, lived there.
  11. Okay, now I see where I misread. Makes much more sense to me now.
  12. Thanks! I do enjoy reading the information describing these incredible objects. As a think how lucky the observers in China were to witness such a sight, I keep thinking Betelgeuse just might be our chance.
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