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  1. Since I got back into the heavens above, I've watched the Leonids with great interest and expectations. 11/17 is, I can't believe it's happening again, my birthday. Last year was disappointing. I hope to at least once in my life to be able look into the sky and see two or three meteors at the same moment. Better yet, catch them in an image. It's hard to imagine a 1000 a minute like the '66 storm.
  2. maw lod qan

    Build A Model Solar System missing magazine problems

    I would really enjoy seeing a photo of a completed set if anyone has one. I think of the docking pilot turning the model in the movie 'Pitch black'. One of our solar system would be awesome.
  3. maw lod qan

    Lunar/Saturn conjunction

    An incredible sight here in central Florida. Had to fight with a light breeze, high clouds moving in and out plus contrails, but worth the fight. Looked at Mars a few minutes, but concentrated my time in Luna and Saturn. Took photos with 8" Orion, Canon camera using eyepiece projection. Won't look at them in the computer till tomorrow. Cameras out clicking away hoping for a Taurid or two.
  4. I hope one day I can take photos like those.
  5. maw lod qan

    November New Moon Spotting

    Finally, a clear night. 6%. I'm amazed at how high above the horizon the moon is. At least 20 degrees, perhaps 30. I struggle to get the angles in my mind to give so little illumination but be up so high. Makes me wonder about my location on the surface of the Earth in relationship to the location of the sun and moon. But in the end, it doesn't really matter that much. It'll be going in when I'm no longer looking up in awe.
  6. maw lod qan

    November New Moon Spotting

    Too new here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Pretty sunset, but no moon.
  7. maw lod qan

    November New Moon Spotting

    Thanks for the heads up. Good for me I'm off Wed and Thursday so I can stay up past my bedtime.
  8. I had high hopes for a good showing last year, but was rewarded with a slow night. Hopefully this year's peak will be better. When I read about the storm '66, I dream of seeing 1000 meteors a minute. Would make a very fitting birthday present.
  9. maw lod qan

    New laser pen misuse report

    Every month or so we have some caught shining a laser pointer at an aircraft. 9 times out of 10 they do it to a LEO helicopter. Needless to say, alcohol was a contributing factor.
  10. I've never taken Lunar for granted. Every morning, even those where I drive to town for work, the last thing I do if she is visible, is shield my eyes from the lights in the parking lot and look at her with the eyes only a lover would understand. The past few mornings, 2:30 to 3:00. I've been out working with the Lunar 100. Until now, I've never looked at the moon with a focus. Thanks Doc, she is truly a world to be admired and closely inspected.
  11. maw lod qan

    Seeing floaters worse with higher mag.

    Thanks. Feel a little bit better. When I move my head around I see them, but nothing like this morning when using the telescope.
  12. maw lod qan

    Once in a Blue Moon

    Very nice image. I got out for an hour or so, two hours after sunrise. Enjoyed looking at Luna, like always.
  13. I got out for a hour to give the moon a shot after daylight. As I changed eyepieces, starting with 23mm on down to a 4mm, mainly to get a look at how viewing gets worse with higher magnification at times of poor conditions. I finally slipped a 2X Barlow in with the 4mm. I couldn't believe how much worse my floaters were visible. I've noticed them getting worse, but this really made them more noticeable. Anyone else experience this?
  14. maw lod qan

    A Theft, Check Your Insurance

    It's so depressing that acts that normal people have effect their lives today are consider, not that terrible to the LEO's. Believe me, I feel their pain at putting their lives on the line everyday, but that's what they signed up to do. It seems here in the States they're looking for the next BIG incident and have forgotten that a major theft is a big thing for working people. Every day on the news we see some one who's finally caught committing a major offense, who had many prior arrests and numerous outstanding warrants for their arrest. Sorry. I'm putting my soapbox away.
  15. maw lod qan

    An Incredible Region

    Incredible!! I'm impressed by the clarity and details visible. What equipment are you using?

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