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  1. Welcome. I hope you find the answers you seek.
  2. I had one here in Florida that was not visible where I live, but just 12 miles down the road was. Right now we are in the middle of a cloudy spell so there wasnt a chance!
  3. Oh my! I had not give that a thought. Deorbit it. To me that day will be as sad as watching the Enterprise burning up after JTK set it up for self destruct. It just didnt seem right!
  4. The day will come that they can not justify the expense of keeping it going. It has been a spectacular piece of equipment and I hate to think of the day it is shut down. It will just be another in a long line of machines that become obsolete even though they were great when needed. Unlike so many of those others, it was one of a kind!
  5. The Svbony set that I started with on my 8" OTA was ridiculously cheap. But on a clear morning at my daughters house in North Florida when I saw Jupiter and Saturn at their best for me, they were money well spent. If I had an unlimited budget, I would waste too much money!
  6. Taking the dogs out at 2am I saw my sky was decent. Grabbed the camera and tripod used ISO6400 at 25 secs. You can see how the lights from the fire department next door light up my place. Just seconds after taking this, an incredible meteor streaked right through the same area. If I had been 10 seconds slower setting up, I would have captured it too! After this I viewed the two gas giants, then some fuzzies around Scorpios and Sagittarius! A really nice morning.
  7. I know it's a simple word, but right now what I'm thinking is WOW!
  8. I think its actually not only insanity, but also addictive! There has to be something firing in our brains that makes us think "I've just got to get an image of that!"!
  9. Another incredible solar image!
  10. Was at a local museum/planetarium a year ago and saw a celestron 9.25 sitting beside a clearance table that said 50% off everything! They laughed and said "sorry, that's just a display!: All my arguing about it being AT THE CLEARANCE TABLE was to no avail!
  11. All three are incredible images! But there is something I cant explain in the first with the circular star trails with the stone wheels in the foreground!
  12. Nice image! It was amazing here in Fla at 4:30 my time. Io's shadow was transiting looking perfectly round to me. My first view of a transit that clear. Sadly, with my manual and jiggly mount I can just barely make it out in my single images.
  13. Very nice image! The only thing worse than the 3am alarm clock is a 2am one! Three days a week I get up then for work. Now my internal clock goes off just before 2am! Every day! But yes, when its clear it makes for good viewing!
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