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  1. Scopes in an obsy. If I get dew, I leave the roof back for the sun to dry things off, before rolling it back. We've been having a few late cold snaps, these cooler mornings what's giving me fits.
  2. Glad you got the chance to view Luna!! My hopes yesterday were ruined by clouds pouring in from the Gulf of Mexico. Then as beautiful the moon was this morning at 2am, I had to work. Soon it will be an evening target and my chance will come.
  3. Excellent design! For several years I drew house plans and I find your OBSY quite well thought through. I really like the way only the area you are viewing is open, preventing unwanted light from the surrounding area.
  4. Thanks! This happening has surprised me. Dealt with it using DIY dew zappers on my cameras and even the finder scope. If I have to, I'll go that route too.
  5. Recently in the early mornings my secondary on my 8" dob has fogged, stopping any viewing. Would a extension tube like I've seen on SC's help stop this or am I going to have to go the wrap route.
  6. That's a great idea. Over the years I've seen so many family photos get lost or faded beyond recognition. Memories lost forever. And in the new digital world, one terrible mishap could erase everything. I find it amazing you could have it done so inexpensively!
  7. I like your images. So far I've only managed to glimpse the GRS, but not image it with my 8" dob.
  8. No coffee!! Why do you think they had a cow jumping over the moon? Needed the cream for their coffee!
  9. Sadly I'll admit we've been slow learners, but I'm thankful for it because in the mid 60's, the 5 cent return on soda bottles was a God Send! But now getting serious. We're talking the first trip to the moon!! So perhaps we can be a bit forgiving, as long as they promise to go back and start cleaning up. But from what I understand, Mt. Everest is much worse. And you can walk to get there.
  10. I viewed Jupiter this morning with my 8" dob. Though what I saw was nowhere as impressive as your image, it is still a sight that thrills me. Another incredible image Sir.
  11. It never fails. Every time I watch that and see the reaction of people when they see and experience something for first time it takes my breath away! I like to believe as a species, we have a hunger for knowledge. Even if we don't realize it.
  12. Just a single image with my 8" reflector. Canon SL1 prime focus. I seem to always forget that at night I have my camera screen set to red, and can't see the info during the day. So I only took a handful of photos, not able to adjust the ISO and speed easily.
  13. Just to add to my grey matter, I do enjoy reading up on the reasons for some of the names given. Our native Americans called last month's moon "the hunger moon" due to it being deep winter and food so difficult to find. This month's was "the worm moon" from the signs of worm trails in the newly thawed ground. History is something very important, but so often overlooked.
  14. Seems all big businesses are getting this way. Where I've been working for the past 8 years integrity is a word used a lot. But when it comes down to the final issue ($), it's just a word.
  15. For the very brief moment it appeared through the clouds, which have been around for almost four days, the 'S****R" Moon last night was incredible. This morning at 3am, with what is probably our last cold front to the South, the view of Luna was spectacular as well. Regardless of the name or description they attach to it, a full moon is impressive.
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