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  1. I read your posts and realize how lucky I am to live in the country with lots of space. I hope you can get things sorted so you can still enjoy viewing or imaging the night sky.
  2. I hoped the weather would be clear for last nights peak, but just before sunset another round of thunderstorms developed. Got up at 1am, thinking Jupiter and Saturn would be closer to the zenith only to find leftover high scattered clouds. I went in and out, finally deciding to sit around 5am, hoping for a Perseid. The Moon was quite bright but to my surprise I saw 10 or 15 meteors, a few quite bright with a nice trail. I think if it had been clear and no Moon, this would have been the best shower I watched in the past couple years.
  3. The solution is so simple. I cant believe it took someone simple minded like me to see it. From now on, the is only one ethnic group on Earth. We are all "Supernova Earthlings", well except for the few aliens who live amongst us.
  4. I hope to get out tomorrow evening. Have to nap first though, another work day so I get up at 2am. If I'm lucky, maybe I can get out just before midnight.
  5. Really nice looking setup! Now that you have it all packed up and ready, I'll PM you my mailing address, and will happily cover postage!!
  6. Right now, we have some serious issues at home! All common sense has vanished into one of those immense thingies that even light cant escape from! We're changing that term too!
  7. Mine is an LED floodlight on the end of my next door neighbor, the fire department! It comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. Talked to them, got two out of three shielded, but this one is the worst of them. They claim they need it for safety.
  8. So over cast right now you can barely see the Moon. Yesterday they were getting close.
  9. I have seen "heads on" meteors, and imaged a few, but never as bright as what you described. Hope you find out what it was.
  10. This morning at 4am, I could make out a dark area a little off center of the planet with my 8"dob. But strangely, not the polar ice cap. It had me wondering if it shrinks noticeably during the summer season for that hemisphere. It is good seeing Mars getting larger in the eyepiece.
  11. Very nice image! I get a thrill every time I sit and look long enough to just make out the wispy outer spirals. To think how far away it is and that I'm seeing it. Youve collected some really old photons there!
  12. The morning viewing was very good this morning. It was still with only a few high thin clouds near the zenith, which is where the Moon and Mars was at. To the West, there was a distant low cloud bank that quickly took Jupiter. I turned to it first, a the main equatorial bands along with the 4 big moons clearly visible even with it so kow. The Cassini division along with what I believe was the ring shadow was showing. But it could have been some surface banding. Mars a very distinct red, a little surface detail showing along with the polar cap. It seems to be a bit smaller. Is Mars going into its summer period? The Moon was clear enough to make out the three Apollo craters with averted vision. Why couldnt I have one of these nights back when Neowise was at its best?
  13. Incredible images and information. Shows the dedication you have to what most consider just a hobby!
  14. Finally able to get out this morning with decent skies. Jupiter and Saturn are very low on the Western horizon. The Moon on one side of the zenith, Mars the other. Then rising up above the Eastern horizon Venus. To get Jupiter and Saturn up high enough for good viewing, I might have to go out early, nap some, the go out again for Mars.
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