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  1. C49 Rosette Ha + OIII

    Yes, I use SGP for the flip and control in general, it’s very good. Takes a while to understand and set up but once you get your head around it it’s easy. With team viewer you just install the software on each device then you can decide which one drives. It’s vary easy to use. I image on my drive and have sockets in the garage so home plugs give me a solid Ethernet connection, my Wi-fi isn’t strong enough outside. Sounds like you have some reading to do but it will be worth it. Good luck!
  2. C49 Rosette Ha + OIII

    Looks great Graham. I’m using 1200sec exposures and there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference. More integration would certainly help,I’m told aim for 9 hours, I only got 4 hours on Friday before it got too low. Plate solving is pure magic, I only came across it last year after moving from DSLR to ccd, and SGPro. It took a bit of research but wasn’t hard to set up. I saved the database locally in case I ever go off site, also don’t have to worry about internet connection. Saves loads of time and makes it easy to image over multiple sessions. I’m using team viewer now so I can monitor imaging from the lounge but always go out to watch the automated meridian flip - so cool 😄
  3. C49 Rosette Ha + OIII

    Thanks Graham. NB is still relatively new to me and I am experimenting. I processed Bi-colour initially which gave me the image below - this is a very quick process in Star tools. I then loaded the OIII stacked image again and allocated it to Blue, then layered it over the image below using Star Tools layers - which has some nifty layering options. I'm sure there will be a better was but I'm short of time at the moment and haven't had chance to do the research. The original image has much better definition, I lost something adding the OIII layer. Found this link for creating HST in Photoshop, I haven't tried it yet but maybe worth a look. http://bf-astro.com/hubblep.htm Hope this helps Jon
  4. M81 Bode and M82 Cigar

    8 x 300s each of RGB Standard process in Star Tools Thanks for looking Jon
  5. C49 Rosette Ha + OIII

    Four hours of Ha and OIII 20 minute exposures. Processed in Star Tools as Bi-colour and then added in the OIII again in layers. Thanks for looking Jon
  6. IC410 - Tadpoles

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and for the tip Nigel, I will try that. Jon
  7. IC410 - Tadpoles

    This is a bit of an experiment in progress. I managed to get out the night before last, which was pretty clear (-3c) but had a strong moon - so decided to try my Ha/OIII and see how they coped with the moon - quite well I think. This is a bicolour with Ha (8*20min) and OIII (7*20min) but I wanted to also try getting more of a HST look to it - 1st time I have tried. I initially processed using a standard Star Tools workflow but then went back and created a synthetic luminance layer before adding in the HA/OIII in the LRGB module. This gave me the standard gold/brown/yellow palette. I then processed the OIII separately using Star Tool and assigned it to Blue in the Colour module before using layers to add this on top of my originally finished image. It's not at all what I was aiming for but I quite like it and have learnt a lot about the Layers module - I have used Star Tools for a couple of years and never been into layers - that was a mistake! All feedback welcome.
  8. M33

    That's really nice, my M33's always come out too blue, maybe I'll add in some HA.
  9. Horsehead nebula from SE London

    Wow! Jon
  10. My go at M42 WIP (first redo added! lol ) + last redo!

    Very nice images, I agree the balance is somewhere between the two, the second is a little too dark for me but I'd be happy with both. Well done. Jon
  11. IC1805 Heart Ha/OIII

    Thanks Mars
  12. IC1805 Heart Ha/OIII

  13. IC1805 Heart Ha/OIII

    Thanks Chris, I think you've hit on a theme. Earlier on, I excitedly called my wife to come and see my latest deep sky image. Full of pride, and hoping she would say "wow that's amazing", she glanced at it and said "well at least the colours are Christmassy", and walked off. LOL
  14. IC1795 - The Fish head nebula 2 pane mosaic

    That's great Sara, never thought about focussing in on that area, will try that when I get chance. Jon
  15. IC1805 Heart Ha/OIII

    The clouds finally parted last night and I added 20 x 20min Ha to 8 x 20 OIII that I took a month ago. Just processed as Ha/OIII in Star Tools LRGB module to see what I got. I haven't worked out how to process properly, I think I need to use layers to hopefully get some blue showing as well, that's next.