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  1. Midnight_lightning

    ELiminating poor subs with PI Blink and Subframe Selector

    Thanks Wiu-Wiu, sounds like doing some pre-processing first will avoid needlessly discarding some subs.
  2. Hi, I'm new to PixInsight and have ben reading up about the above but have a few questions. At least one tutorial suggests running calibration before using these tools. I use Astro Pixel Processor for pre-processing and have options to export subs after Calibration, the first step in the process, and also after Normalisation which is the last step before Registration. Should I use the calibrated or normalised subs? Second question, I don't know how calibration/normalisation works. If each sub is processed independently of the others I'm comfortable but I suspect each sub must be standardised (averaged) against the other subs at some point(s) in the process. If this is the case then surely putting bad subs into pre-processing must adversely affect the good subs through this standardisation. In which case i'm thinking that Blinky and SS should be used prior to pre-processing? I would be grateful for advice on when to use Blinky/SS and also what to look for. I want to drop the worst frames, without being overwhelmed by science are there any simple rules/things to look for to acive this. FWHM and Noise seem to be key to me, can I just drop frames with outliers in these criteria? Thanks Jon
  3. Midnight_lightning

    PixInsight - HT shows Blue spike

    I had done Channel Combine before DBE, will try again doing as you say.
  4. Midnight_lightning

    PixInsight - HT shows Blue spike

    I haven't noticed any issues using tar Tools but haven't anything to compare it with in PI as yet. I'm just wondering if M31 itself might have a blue bias - perhaps the histogram is ok?
  5. Midnight_lightning

    PI Windows Stuck under Tool Bar?

    Thanks AKB, that's what I needed, I hadn't noticed the scroll bar appear.
  6. Midnight_lightning

    PixInsight - HT shows Blue spike

    Hi, Just purchased PI after brief trial and am processing M31. I have 300s lights: Red- 8 Blue - 11 Green -12 When I go to stretch I notice the blue channel appears stronger - see image. Prior to this I did the following. Channel Combine of RGB stacks (pre-processed in APP) Dynamic Crop DBE Noise reduction with Multiscale linear transform I reversing the stretch, splitting the RGB, and applying linear fit but then I got a similar result in HT but with the Red signal spike. Any thoughts, is the blue spike a problem, if so where did it arise and how do I treat it? Thanks Jon
  7. Midnight_lightning

    PI Windows Stuck under Tool Bar?

    EDIT. Ignore this I just found a minimise button top right of screen - cant see how to delete the post. Hi, I recently started using PI and keep getting windows, mainly the Real Time Preview, stuck under the tool bar at the top of the screen. So I lose access to be able to move/minimise the window. Can anyone tell me how to a) avoid this and b) how to close/minimise the window when it happens? Thanks Jon
  8. Midnight_lightning

    APP - Median vs Average - how many frames to decide

    Thanks, my Calibration with Average/Sigma/Kappa 2.5/Iterations 2 just finished and I am still seeing meteor trials so will try Median now. EDIT. However just looking at the Calibration Settings, these Outlier settings appear to relate to the creation of the Master Calibration files rather that the Lights so I'm still confused
  9. Hi, In APP Calibration it is recommended to use Median below about 20 frames and Average for 20 frames and above. Does anyone know whether this refers to total number of lights or for each colour channel? e.g. If I am stacking 10 frames each of LRGB - 40 frames in Total do I use Median or Average combine? Cant find an answer to this anywhere on the APP site. Thanks Jon
  10. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    I think you had it right first time
  11. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    It's not perfect but I have produced my first image in PI, massive thanks to Harry for his Newbie videos which I have followed today - I reckon I've spent 15 hours non-stop today, partly due to earlier issues which I suspect was user error - not sure what I did but perhaps loaded a wrong image into RGB combination. I also had problems in DBE where the DBE box was greyed out, I manged to un-grey it eventually but does anyone know how I did it because I don't ? I'm quite happy with this as my first effort, and quite honestly using PI so far has been very enjoyable, not as daunting as I expected. I will redo this next week and add in Lum and Ha
  12. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    Harry, they are great, and having downloaded the trial this morning I watched all the Novice ones again, this time running my M31 data through them. I did have an issue which I cant explain, don't know if you could help? Image below. EDIT- JUST TRYING AGAIN AND LOOKING BETTER, MAYBE USER ERROR - WILL POST TOMORROW IF I SOLVE IT My M31 RGB showed a red bias when combined, I tried the Linear Fit but it didn't make any noticeable difference. So I processed through to Colour Calibration hoping something would fix it but it didn't. I have processed this data in Star Tools without issue so am not sure where I went wrong? The videos are great though, meant I could quickly start getting to grips with PI. Jon
  13. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    I use library Darks and Bias but take Flats/Dark Flats for each session. So for my 3 sessions on M31 I have one set of Darks/Bias but three dedicated sets of Flats/DF's for each filter. With APP I just load them all up and it uses the correct calibration frames for each session. I usually take Flats next day using SGP and have never considered the focus position, I just use whatever the last focus position was from the night before for all filters. Is this an issue, given focus changes with temperature I'm not sure how I would decide what specific focus to use for each set flats ? I set up each night in the same place but there will be minor positioning differences including potential for very minor camera rotation.
  14. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    Firstly, thank you all for responding, the information provided is very useful. I watched all of Harry's videos yesterday and found it looks more straight forward to use than I had feared, although definitely a learning curve to go through. Importantly, I can see how I can immediately follow the tutorials whilst incrementally learning the package and will take out the 45 day trial initially. I particularly like the Stretch and combine facilities which are areas where I struggle and appear relatively straight forwards. I can also follow Harry's workflow initially which is very useful information. I haven't looked at Steppenwolf or light vortex yet but will do over the weekend. From what I saw in the tutorials it appears that the APP Calibration is more sophisticated/comprehensive than PI but I could be wrong. I couldn't see any multi-session facilities in PI, is it possible to load all the Darks, flats, lights, bias, dark flats from several nights and have PI work out which calibration files to use for which lights from different sessions? It's not a show stopper for me as I expect I will still use APP for calibration if I start using PI for Post-processing. For anyone reading this who is starting out in AP or only using single shot/LRGB I highly recommend Star Tools. It is extremely easy to use, you can leave most things at default settings and get good results most of the time but it is also very powerful and deep if you want to go into the complexities. My only gripe with ST is that support for HST / HaLRGB processing isn't great - although can be done. Beginners will really benefit from ST as you will have a very steep learning curve just learning to collect data. ST will allow you to get good results with minimal effort, just at a time when you will really need it. Thanks again. Jon
  15. Midnight_lightning

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    Hi, I'm now in my 3rd year of astro-photography and have done pretty well initially using DSS, Star Tools, PSE for LRGB imaging. I am currently using APP for stacking/registering, which I really like, and Affinity Photo to replace PSE, much better in my view but has more limited tutorials specific to astro. However, more recently I am doing more HST and HaLRGB, and am struggling with post processing. I am using APP for stacking registering and am very happy to stick with this, it is very good. I do a bit of post-processing in Star Tools (Stretch, LP, Decon, colour) on each channel and then move to Affinity to merge the channels and fully post-process. I'm not sure this is the best approach, I find Star Tools great for LRGB but lacking for HST etc. I could probably do it all in Affinity given time but it's a steep learning curve and I am wondering if PI is the way forwards? I have been put off PI in the past by a, perceived at least, steep learning curve and difficulty to master, I'm not very good at remembering complex processes and settings especially when I only get to use them infrequently. Any help, advice, thoughts will be gratefully received, especially with what PI could help me with. I particularly seem to struggle with developing and merging channels without introducing a lot of noise, and then getting the colours I want and am not sure whether PI would help with this or if I would still be needing Affinity photo for a lot of work? Ideally I would like to be using Affinity for minor tweaking. Thanks Jon

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