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  1. I am close to completing an observatory in my garage that will measure 8'x8'x6' and would like a dehumidifier to keep everything dry. The Obsy will be well sealed and the garage is well ventilated so it shouldn't need anything very powerful. I am looking for something that will work at low temperatures (from around 1C to 5C) and be cheap to run. I have seen various small desiccant ones advertised that sound ideal but they have very mixed reviews. Be great to hear from anyone that has one that works.
  2. I’m looking for a sturdy Pier for an EQ6R with a heavy 135mm refractor on it. ideally something like the Astro-Engineering one with fins running top to bottom. Will also need the EQ6R adapter, although I can get this separately.
  3. This is in as new condition, I purchased it for use with an Esprit Pro 80 and Nikon DSLR but it is suitable for use in many situations Originally purchased from FLO who state on their site "The Japanese-made IDAS D1 LPS is in our opinion the BEST Light Pollution Suppression filter for astro photography with DSLR, colour and mono CCD cameras. " https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/idas-d1-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html The filter is in as new condition, I only used the DSLR camera briefly so it has had very little use during which time it was safely installed inside the telescope. Collection by arrangement, postage at cost. £99 (c. £169 new)
  4. This is in as new condition, I purchased it for an Esprit Pro 80 but it is designed for any scope around that size. It has two legs and just sits on the front of the scope when in use. Collection by arrangement, postage at cost. £10
  5. The OAG is the one shown here https://www.sxccd.com/sx-usb-filter-wheel The condition is excellent. There are no threads, it connects directly to the SX EFW with screws on one side and with various adapters on the other side - typically T M42 or M48. This one comes with the M48 female connector but others are widely available at a modest price. It is much better in my opinion than the QHY one I just bought because you can adjust the mirror height externally without removing the camera. Collection by arrangement, postage at cost. £95
  6. Hi Dave, apologies for the slow reply, just seen your message. The OAG is the one shown here https://www.sxccd.com/sx-usb-filter-wheel There are no threads, it connects directly to the SX EFW with screws on one side and with various adapters on the other side - typically T M42 or M48 Its much better than the QHY one I just bought because you can adjust the mirror height externally without removing the camera. Hope this helps. Jon
  7. Narrow Band Filters also sold. Remaining items are: Bahtinov Mask - Perfect for Esprit 80 and similar sized Refractors SX OAG Autofocuser Bracket and Adapter for a Sharp Sky focuser to fit on Esprit 80 (Just the adapter and bracket)
  8. Just looking at the remaining items and I think the SX814 was over-priced so I have reduced this to £999 (Cost over £2200 new). This is a superb camera in new condition, supplied in its original case. (a bargain at less than half-price). The CCD chip (Sony ICX814ALG EXview) has high QE and very low noise - Darks are not necessary with this camera. Hardware binning (1x1, 2x2, 4x4) is built in and easy to use. It is a high resolution camera with a pixel size of 3.69um making it suitable for a wide range of telescopes including fast short focus scopes and Hyper-star systems. The camera comes fitted with the optional additional cooler to further improve the Peltier cooling and I run it at -20c without issue. Dry Argon filled chamber prevents fogging. Highly effective anti-blooming. Back focus 17mm (+/-1mm) Light weight (c 450gm) It has a 3 port on-board USB hub which allows the EFW, guide camera etc to be run directly from the camera which significantly reduces cable management issues and the risk of cable snags. Stacking with Flats / Dark Flats (Flat Darks depending on your view point ) is straight forwards - none of the issues that some cameras have with amp-glow, banding etc A superb camera at a bargain price - some images taken with it below.
  9. Just another Update that the following items have been sold so far: Esprit 80 - Sold SX EFW - Sold Light Panels - Sold LRGB Filters - Sold All other items are still available.
  10. Just an Update that the following items have been sold so far: SX EFW - Sold Light Panels - Sold LRGB Filters - Sold All other items are still available.
  11. I used them with my Esprit 80, I don’t know the make but there are two panels (14cm x 20cm). They come with a battery box and transformer that takes 8 x AA (not supplied). The flats taken with these were used for all my images – some are here https://www.astrobin.com/users/midnight_lightning/
  12. UPDATE – SX814 CCD now reduced to £999 Less than Half Price for a superb camera!!! ESPRIT 80 ED Pro / SX814 Astrophotography Complete Set Up (Just add Mount and Guide Camera). This is a rare opportunity to purchase an almost complete imaging set up without having to mess around with having adapters made, getting spacing right and risking getting a bad scope etc. Just add a mount and guide camera and you are ready to go. This is a reluctant sale, I have recently purchased a new scope, camera and mount and had originally intended to keep my existing equipment. I now realise that I don't have the space to store/use it and can't use two set ups at the same time. The following items are available: Esprit ED 80 Pro (400mm) – FPL53 APO - £864 (SOLD) · Tuned by Tommy at Teleskop Austria - Current value of tuning alone is 389 Euros) – Strehl 0.95 (Close to 0.98) · Quality Hard Travel Case included · Adapters · Finder Scope · Diagonal · Esprit Dedicated Flattener - £75 (Sold) · SX814 Cooled CCD - Sold · SX 7 position Electronic Filter Wheel - £199 (SOLD!) · SX OAG - £99 · Baader Broadband Filters LRGB (1.25" mounted) - £149 (SOLD) · Baader Narrowband Filters (1.25" mounted) Ha OIII SII - £169 (Sold) · Bahtinov Mask (Perfect size for Esprit 80) - £10 · Light Panel (x2) for Flats - £10 - SOLD · Mounting bracket and adapter for a Sharpsky Focuser - £10. Collection in person preferred, postage for smaller items at cost (signed/Insured). Full details, lots more pictures and Test Results are in my drop box on the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7gy7z1zs6a8ylwh/AACLOW3CJNdZLw3Cx5lahkyOa?dl=0 I purchased all this equipment new and it is all still in new or almost new condition. I am fastidious about looking after my stuff, everything is back in its box when not in use, I never leave optical equipment uncovered, even for a minute, for dust to get in etc. The equipment is kept set up in a humidity-controlled cabinet and I simply carry the whole thing outside for imaging (I used it on an HEQ5 which has already been sold). I encourage potential buyers to come and view the items (socially distanced of course!) Details SKYWATCHER - ESPRIT 80 ED Pro Apochromat Triplet (F5) · Esprit 80mm (Aperture) / 400mm Focal Length - 3 Element Objective with Ohara FPL-53 ED Element · Various Adapters · Finder Scope · Diagonal I paid extra to get this tuned from new by Tommy at Teleskop Austria. This was “proper” tuning rather than the quick checks sometimes referred to as tuning. Tommy checks everything, strips the telescope down and adjusts the lenses in the cell to get the best images possible out of them. I will provide test results below – Tommy mentioned that whilst he scored the lens at 0.95 it is actually very close to being Strehl 0.98 and is an ”Excellent” lens. I have never actually used the Esprit for visual observing so the diagonal is new and unused. I prefer to use OAG for guiding but the Esprit also comes with a finder scope which can be used with a guide camera. I used the Esprit with a SharpSky focuser motor which I highly recommend. I am using the motor and controller on my new scope so these are not in the sale. However, I also have the Sharpsky flexible connector and motor mounting bracket for sale which would allow the purchaser to buy a new motor/controller from Sharpsky and not have to worry about mounting issues. The Esprit is also capable of full frame photography and I have used it very successfully with my unmodified Nikon D750. Some of my images are on Astrobin at the link below. The Heart and Soul image was taken with Esprit and D750, all others were with the Esprit/SX814. Please don’t judge the equipment by my processing skills, I am still learning – I am happy to supply subs if required. https://www.astrobin.com/users/midnight_lightning/ ESPRIT TUNING AND TEST RESULTS This is the content of the email I received from Tommy explaining the tuning work undertaken as part of the original purchase: “I am ready with your Esprit right now, it bears No 42 in my list! What has been done on it: - replacemant of buffer O-ring in front of lenses - test for focuser pointing to lens center - collimation of the lens cell to point to focuser - collimation of lenses themselves in the cell, it was only a little tweak here - lubrication of Captains Wheel and sliding surfaces - tightening the Teflon strips inside focuser for optimal friction - interferometric measurement of the Esprit, using two interferograms for better surface sampling, and averaging - star and halotest on the sky We have a very symmetric and round lens, it measures 95% Strehl without any terms deactivated (532nm test wavelength). So this can be called excellent, and the more because the halo test shows a very smooth and clean structureless halo. This is not the case every time, so congrats if you choose that scope There is a shallow ring zone you can see on the interferometric report and in the startest, that costs about 3% Strehl, otherwise we would have about 98%. So this is really very small and has virtually no effect. Attached are the interferometric report and original interferograms, so you could send that to anybody capable to calculate it for independent proof. And the star and halotest, so you can see what to expect. Take a look on all that, any questions are welcome! The distance ring has been added to your order. Your Esprit will now be sealed, the collimation screws fixed, and a tape put around the lens cell to avoid dew and water getting there. The original Esprits use a textile strap that sucks water, we don't like that “ SX814. This is a superb camera for this scope and delivers excellent images. It is light weight, low noise and easily cools to -20C with the additional cooling fan which was purchased as an optional extra. · CCD pixels: 3388 x 2712 pixel array. Each pixel is 3.69 x 3.69uM square · Image Scale with 400mm = 1.9 · FOV=107x86 arcminutes with Esprit 80 · Camera size: 75mm diameter x 70mm long · Weights :400gm, 0.9lb The SX814 has three USB outputs on the back which allows the EFW and Guide camera to be connected with short leads which is a massive help with cable management. SX EFW (7 position) and OAG. I only purchased this recently, before deciding to undertake a significant upgrade, and it has only been used perhaps five or six times. This is my second EFW with this set-up. I made the mistake of originally buying a 5 position wheel and then got into Narrow Band imaging. I HIGHLY recommend the 7 position wheel. Another advantage of this wheel is it runs from USB - no power supply unit needed. BAADER FILTERS The sale includes 7 Baader filters - all in excellent condition. · Luminance · Red · Green · Blue · Hydrogen Alpha · Sulphur II · Oxygen III Also advertised on other sites.
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