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  1. I've got 3 of these, started off with one for my EQ6, that's been going fine in the obsy without issue for over a year now. Then I got a second one for my pegasus pocket power box and a 3rd for the actuators on my obsy doors.
  2. Havent seen this with SGP unfortunately (or fortunately for me ? ) you'd expect the ascom drivers to work with any program so it must be an issue speciffic to Maxim. Can you trobuleshoot with a different program?
  3. Could be a dodgy usb lead, I'd try another to rule that out. Regarding the quoted cooling, I read it as -35 for short single exposures? and only -30 if doing continuous exposure, but it's not very clearly written. Tried to take some darks in the cupboard under the stairs but after about 20 minutes the camera temperature started to rise so I was only getting a delta of about 25 degrees. I suspect poor airflow as I was attempting to block any stray light out with a sheet. I had first light a couple of evenings ago and all went well. Set tempt to -10 which was 13 below ambient and
  4. I have two of these as I was planning a dual rig, but plans have since changed so I'm going to let one go. Will come with the standard 9x50 finder but no eye piece I have the original packaging so postage is possible at additional cost. Collection prefered from SW London Pictures to follow. £340
  5. Unfortunately it's a pita to take the filter wheel off as the carousel has to be removed on the 36mm version, and has to be removed on the 2" version as well if you plan to use all 6 bolts. I tested in broad daylight and there was a light leak, so I will be doing my flats in the garage in order to get the cooler down a bit lower. At 100% power mine is drawing 3.2 A and cooling 33 degrees below ambient temp while shooting continuous long exposures.
  6. Yep mine came with the dust cap on the camera, but it's m54, and the scope side spacer finishes with an m48 thread once fitted, so it's completely useless, I've had to rob a cap off something else.
  7. Some of the price hikes that I've spotted are a bit staggering; 33% on the Quattro newts for example, but they're also out of stock for 2-3 months, so I guess they can charge what they like
  8. Any advice on getting perfect balance? even with the motors disengaged on the Mk2 there seems to be quite a lot of stiction in the system, if you give it a push it doesn't move far before coming to a halt, it doesn't spin freely like I would expect with the motors disengaged. not sure if this is normal or an issue with my mount, but it seems to be the same in both axis. My method has been to give the mount a push in both directions and see how quickly it stops, and adjust it till it's about the same in both directions.
  9. Will do. Planning to use it with my Altair 130 initially, and pair that with my 163M on the Esprit 100 which will give the two scopes very similar field of view.
  10. Wasn't expecting my camera until the end of the month but just had the shipping notification, so hopefully it turns up tomorrow Filter wheel has already arrived, and I've gone for a set of the Optolong LRGB filters to start with; the narrowband filters can wait till later in the year when there is more data on the Antlia filters.
  11. Assume they are mechanically the same, it's just a choice on size of the FoV vs size of the objects you're imaging, either is fine. £500 is a big difference for not a lot more apature. Do you find you want more FoV or a longer focal length when using the ed80? or is it just about right. I'd use that to steer your decision.
  12. indeed, go small to start with 70 - 80 mm refractor on a decent mount is the way to start and learn what's out there.
  13. What are you focusing on during the day? the focus position should be further out when focusing at infinity so you might be ok.
  14. They did get back to me yesterday so all sorted. Nina has been downloaded now though so I'm going to give that a try anyway, good to have a backup.
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