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  1. SamAndrew

    November 9, 2018: First M31 with APM 80mm

    Colour balance is off on the 2nd image, need to bring up the red values to match the green and blue then it will be spot on
  2. Interesting, I hadn't considered the Altair scopes; previous examples I'd seen had put me off but seems they've moved on a bit since then. My decision paralysis has now been solved, I've gone for Gnoms's Star 71 which should fit the bill nicely. Will see how I get on with that then come back to a longer focal length scope at a later date.
  3. Can't see the advantage of getting one over a regular SW 9x50 finder myself? although happy to be corrected.
  4. Recently moved out of central London to SW London and now have a more realistic opportunity to get out to some darker skies so I'm thinking of getting back into the imaging game with a mobile setup I can lug out to Surrey. Think I'm fairly settled on the Az eq5 GT mount. Planning to use my Nikon D750 initially (no plan to mod it) so would be limited to galaxies and star clusters before investing in a ZWO 1600mm at a slightly later date. Of all the scopes I've previously owned, I feel I always loved the equinox 80 the most, so my heart says go with another refactor but it's hard to dismiss the huge gap in price between the 130p-ds and Zenithstar 103. I've read through about 30 pages of the 130p-ds fan club thread so appreciate that it can produce some stunning results, where as there is very little on the web from the 103 yet, so I have to take the claims that it will do a decent job correcting a full frame sensor in good faith. Pros and cons: Balancing and keeping the 130 collimated will eat into the setup time and add to the setup frustration 130 will be more susceptible to wind (especially once dew shield is added) 130 is f4.5 vs f5.5 for the 103 (with corrector & reducers) 130 won't work with my D750 so will essentially be committed to getting the ZWO camera straight away (although the difference in price going about 1/2 of the way towards the camera and filters) I'm hoping in either case I can get away with one counter weight on the mount to make it fractionally easier to move and setup. ZS 103 seems to be untested and a bit risky ZS 103 focuser should be a bit better out of the box The one thing I've learnt in this hobby is there is no perfect setup. Which way would you go?
  5. SamAndrew

    Shocking Ebay but then.....

    I've noticed on some items, not astro stuff, that the seller will have multiple listings for the same thing at different prices, and then rotate the prices between items. The theory being that you might be thinking about buying something, so you add the cheapest item to you watch list, and then when you come back later to buy it, you don't think to research the price again as you know you already saved the cheapest one, but the seller has bumped the price up slightly and you might not notice.
  6. Promising results! Thinking about a similar setup myself to get back into imaging after a long hiatus. I don't think you'll find any doublet refractor that will deliver a flat field for a full frame camera, so you may be better off with the 1100D which will save you some weight as well.
  7. indeed i discoved this too, i wonder if some lubrication might help
  8. SamAndrew

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    haha the campervan thoughs have been going through my head as well.... now if only we can squeeze a dome in there as well.....
  9. SamAndrew

    SGL8 - The Aftermath - Post pics here....

    We found stuff to look at even with the clouds Loved the ducks ! And the simplicity of this sign
  10. SamAndrew

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Well considering the forecast, the weekend was a lot more fun and interesting than I had expected. It was great to finally meet and chat to other people who are into astrophotography and I've picked up a lot of processing tips and tricks that will mean I'll probably spend the next month reprocessing all my old data again. A big thanks to Lewis (Shibby) and John for their warm, welcoming and cider filled tent. Thanks Daz and anyone else who helped organise the event; it seems a shame to have to wait a whole year for the next one, any chance we could have 2 a year ? :grin: And to top it off we actually got an unexpected clear sky on Saturday
  11. If everything looks ok when you're just using a regular eyepiece then your collimation is probably fine. I think you've just been unlucky with the Meade barlow, it must just be a different length/spacing
  12. SamAndrew

    SGL 8 - I would like help with......

    -Sam - attaching the white dome polar scope cover to the bottom of my EQ6 in the dark - 60
  13. Just had first light with my Heritage 130P, It was a bit murky but still a good test I found the standard cheap single element sky-watcher 2x barlow worked with a range of different eyepieces although there wasn't much in-travel to spare, but it really is poor quality so I wouldn't recommend anyone buy that. The Tal 3x barlow hardly needed refocusing, so that worked very nicely.
  14. You spent more removing a tree than you did on the scope ! I wish I could remove the trees that are directly south of my observatory, but they're in my neighbours garden
  15. SamAndrew

    Best CCD setup to start with?

    there isn't that much choice below £2k for a mono CCD imaging setup

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