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  1. In excellent condition - I'm not much of a visual astronomer, so it's not getting any use. Pictures to follow. Looking for £75 including UK postage. Thanks Sam
  2. No issues with my Esprit 100, I'm very happy with how it performs. Not sure how many people owned it before me or how old it is however. Happens to premium scopes as well, see this thread and Olly's comments about 2 x FSQ 106 that had this issue.
  3. Selling this absolutley perfect condition 0.75 Reducer as I've had a change of plans. Optics are lovely and clean. Including an m68a-m63i adaptor that goes on the telescope side to change it to a 68m male thread. Also including an M63a-M48a adaptor for the camera side. However this has a 12.5mm m48 extension stuck in it pretty tight and it is showing a few marks from where I have attempted and failed to remove it. Still servicable and hopefully of use to the next owner. I think it could be removed but not without damaging the 12.5mm etension. RRP on the Reduser is £359 and the t
  4. Belt mod would improve things a bit, but not essential to get started. 80ED would be begging for a focuser upgrade pretty quickly.
  5. I wasn't born when you guys were buying your first scopes but I think the length of my list is pretty impressive over the last 10 years Interestingly I sold my Skywatcher 180 Mak for the same reason. Haven't owned a Tak yet, will get there eventually. As I'm mostly an imager I haven't even looked through my Esprit 100 or Altair 130. Must try them visually before I let either of those go.
  6. Yep I think the mount is sufficient, you'll get round stars, they might not be quite as tight as the Esprit can manage, but you can always upgrade the mount in the future if needed.
  7. I think the Sky Watcher price increases are in line with inflation, they've just chosen to do ten years worth of inflation rises in one hit I paid £549 for a Quattro 10S in 2011. It is now £729. 33% increase 2.5% inflation for ten years = £702. So not far off.
  8. I've got 3 of these, started off with one for my EQ6, that's been going fine in the obsy without issue for over a year now. Then I got a second one for my pegasus pocket power box and a 3rd for the actuators on my obsy doors.
  9. Havent seen this with SGP unfortunately (or fortunately for me ? ) you'd expect the ascom drivers to work with any program so it must be an issue speciffic to Maxim. Can you trobuleshoot with a different program?
  10. Could be a dodgy usb lead, I'd try another to rule that out. Regarding the quoted cooling, I read it as -35 for short single exposures? and only -30 if doing continuous exposure, but it's not very clearly written. Tried to take some darks in the cupboard under the stairs but after about 20 minutes the camera temperature started to rise so I was only getting a delta of about 25 degrees. I suspect poor airflow as I was attempting to block any stray light out with a sheet. I had first light a couple of evenings ago and all went well. Set tempt to -10 which was 13 below ambient and
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