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  1. SamAndrew

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Nice image - darker one is my choice, although it's very subtle!
  2. Always a good plan to try things in advance, I think everyone has lost time with new kit. Only thing I'd say is, reaching focus on trees is not the same as focusing at infinity, you may find it may not work on the night, there is a reason they make the shorter tube version, the 150p-DS. Good luck
  3. I'm very sceptical of the need to "upgrade" the grease. Fine to change it if you're stripping it down, but the idea that you need "better" grease in such a low speed, low temperature application doesn't seem to be backed up by any evidence.
  4. SamAndrew

    New Setup - A few from Tuesday evening

    And here's the Soul nebula. First proper crack at an SHO image. I had 2 hours of OIII but the transparency was poor so I've only stacked 50 mins worth. So far I hadn't been using flats, but the OIII needs to be stretched so hard the uneven illumination shows up. So I've just taken my first set of flats for each filter; not perfect, but it'll do. I've used PI's ABE tool which has unsurprisingly left a dark halo around the nebula. Will put in more effort when I have more data Happy for now. Ha 12x5mins OIII 10x5mins SII 10x5mins
  5. Had the new camera for about a month now; I'm still in the "kid in a candy shop" phase so I keep jumping around to try different targets. I've managed about 15 hours of data spread over 18 different targets over the past 5 weeks. With the addition of a DeepSkyDad auto focuser last week, my rig is now "complete" (still need to do some fetlling with cable management) Tuesday night session was the first decent one in about 3.5 weeks. I can only image to the west of the meridian due to Light pollution from Kingston town centre which is only about 300m away. Thankfully to the west I'm looking straight across Bushy Park, so that direction is much better. My garden faces north west so south is blocked by the house, so I don't get a lot of time on each target. Started off with NGC 7822 and added a bit of Ha data there to take that up to 70 minutes - lost a lot of subs to passing clouds. Then on to the Soul nebula and added an hour of SII and an hour of OIII to the 2 hours of Ha and OIII data I already have - still working on creating my first combined narrow band image so that will follow later. As the Soul began to sink lower I moved across to sh2-205 and NGC 1491, gave up pretty quickly on sh2-205 as that will need a lot of data! so I've got 50 minuets on NGC 1491. Moved over to IC 443 to grab an hour of Ha there - think this is my favourite one of the evening - could have been a bit better framed, this stack is the best 45 mins. M42 had finally cleared the neighbours house so I jumped down to grab 30 minutes there before it disappeared behind trees. Turned the gain down to 0 and managed 5 minute subs with only a slight bit of clipping. Jumped up to the Rosette and managed to get 30 minutes of Ha while that one was still in view as well. It was about 2.30 am at this point and conditions began to deteriorate so I shot about 20 minutes of lum on NGC 2403 and then called it a night. So everything attached is just a simple stack on the 5 minutes subs with about 2 hours of darks and a simple stretch. Will process all of them a bit harder once I've got some more data, but knowing the British weather, that might be months!
  6. SamAndrew

    Sky-Watcher Skymax 180

    Bump - Had a few enquires about postage, I'm now prepared to offer postage as I do have some suitable packaging.
  7. SamAndrew

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    Only just recovered from Tuesday night; I setup at 6pm and was up till 3am . Lost a couple of hours to intermittent clouds, but still the best night in weeks. Now I need a week of cloudy skies to get a chance to process the data - that shouldn't be a problem.
  8. If you can post a pic that has been taken through the scope that will give us a better idea how bad the issue is.
  9. Can you upload a pic to give us a better idea? I'd expect the corners to be a little distorted using a full frame camera with a scope like this. It's possible the spacing between the camera and flattener isn't quite right when using the MC11 adaptor.
  10. The Heq5 or AZ EQ5 GT are both up to the task, if it's a mobile setup then I personally would steer clear of an NEQ6 size mount as it's 10kg heavier.
  11. SamAndrew

    NGC 1333 - high resolution New Year's delight

    Lovely image; I love the red emission regions and the warm orangey feel to the stars. Interesting comparing the subtle processing differences to Steve's version.
  12. SamAndrew

    Help with guide cam choices

    I've used ASI 120mm mini and qhy5 and both are perfectly capable. For what they are, they are both already very expensive when you consider you can buy webcams for a few quid. I'm not aware of any benefits if you spend even more.
  13. SamAndrew

    Bewitched Witch...

    One of my favourite objects. What a stunner, well done
  14. SamAndrew

    Tell us your sky quality

    The ATLAS 2015 data is a bit coarse, it says Bortle 7, I'd say I'm 7/8 depending which direction I'm looking. Bit depressing that there's no Bortle Class 1 in England!
  15. SamAndrew

    What an idiot

    Faffed around for ages with a new auto focuser, and finally discovered the settings window was opening off the screen because that's where I'd placed it when I was connected to a monitor earlier in the day. I then managed to knock & interrupt the mount power supply on my first sub Not too frustrated as I always expect teething trouble with new kit.

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