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  1. I assume we'll see the same as last year, the new cameras came out ahead of Black Friday and the rest of the range saw a discount; I'd predict the price will be £2,500 with a wheel and filters.
  2. Yep I doubled checked, I was guiding at 4.07"pp so 0.05pixels = 0.2". The question is how accurately can phd meause the star centroid at 4.07"pp. With better guide resolution, the level of precision will be better.
  3. Have done some initial tests with mine. Hope to have it up and running fully in the next couple of months ready for the autumn. I think this guide graph is certainly hitting the limit of resolution you can get through a 50mm guider. Next test will be guiding at a longer focal length. I did have to adjust the RA ticks per revolution as it was drifting in one direction slowly.
  4. The tracking error won't be smooth, you'll may get parts of the worm gear that will track reasonably well for a few minutes, then you might see several arc seconds movement over a much shorter period of time. I had a couple of nights with my EQ6-R without guiding and I was managing 60 second subs with about 1/3rd being rejected at about 1" per pixel resolution. These produced nice images but they wouldn't stand up to pixel peeping. Ultimately your guide exposure length is how long your mount will track for unguided - e.g. 2 to 3 seconds for the eq6 r
  5. First night out in a while, been so busy with work, and with the limited darkness i've been giving it a miss these last few weeks, but finally got to test my new mount Mesu 200e with the Quattro 8s on, literally just got it started, WOW
  6. Mines has been running reliably on the Pi4. Found the source of my water ingress - had stripped away a bit of the silicone sealant when screwing the top on; we've had a significant amount of rain the last few days and quite a bit was getting in. I've added a fan - I printed a little intake chamber with a mesh to stop bugs getting in, and then a an exhaust port on the side to stop rain getting in and again a mesh to stop the bugs getting in. Fan is on 24/7 - not sure how long it will last, may need to add some feedback to only turn it on based on the enclosure temp.
  7. Pegasus Pocket Powerbox is a good reasonably priced power hub with environmental data and variable dew control and an application to control it all.
  8. This is definitely on the inside, seems the water is getting in somehow but there isn't enough airflow for it to clear, on top of the overheating I've decided to add a 40x40mm fan. I'll cut a hole in the bottom and add a vent on the side with a small shield to deflect the rain.
  9. Very heavy rain yesterday - noticed the dome fogged up today which was surprising - i would have thought with all the heat inside it would clear itself easily. Maybe it needs some ventiliation holes in the bottom for the moisture to escape.
  10. Pier is ready to be tested. Paint is a little rough, could use another coat. I changed the bracing a bit - decided to add a spine undeneat the angled sheet to increase stifness. Seems to have done the trick. Very keen to test the guiding but i haven't got a suitable guide camera at home at the moment - should have that sorted next weekend. Test fitted the Esprit 100 and a Quattro 8s. Balances with a single counterweight and the whole thing was stable - got another 2 weights on the way, so i won't have to have it hanging off the end like it is at the moment. Material ordered for the new observatory to house it - just finalising the design; will probably start a new thread on that soon
  11. Think today is the first time it has actually seen the Sun as my garden in NW facing so it's been in the shade or under clouds the whole time. Sun just peaked around the corner, reflection doesn't look too bad. Will see how warm the CPU gets by mid afternoon. Also saw some stars last night, think I need to turn the exposure up a bit for the stars and accept over exposed clouds - the problem with Bortle 8 skies!
  12. Here it is, first pic was the initial setup, not very neat with the sealant around the dome, but it gets the job done Camera is mounted on a printed standoff that has been superglued into position. Everything else just sits in the enclosure, it shouldn't go anywhere! Temp sensor is recording the internal temp, not the external temp. In the second pic I've changed the step down board to one that can be soldered directly to the power cable.
  13. Question - the CPU tempt got up to 60+ degrees yesterday on my pi4, and it wasn't a particularly warm day, has temperature been a concern for anyone else? at what point would you start to worry?
  14. Had mine up and running the last two days - seems to be working well, maybe a few little bugs to look. Will add a pic later but I've used the same enclosure Gina has used on her camera. I've taken it inside as it's raining today and I want to test the waterproofing before i leave it outside. Also have the issue of the Pi power LED and my 12v to 5v converter LED reflecting on the inside of the dome so I'll tape over those.
  15. Thanks this helped, tried running copypic.sh and it was just an issue with permissions as I'd missed a step. Day video is now working. Currently running on a pi4; will give my Zero a go, but think I may go with the 4 as I want to try and add some image analysis to work out if the sky is cloudy and then send a safety message to my observatory to trigger a shutdown. I've got an enclosure, dome and power supply sorted; the sooner I can get this together the sooner I can liberate my ASI 120MC from my current all sky camera and use it for another project
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