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  1. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Thank you Grant.
  2. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Hi @Grant, I didn't book food when I originally booked our pitch, how do I book some meals now? Cheers, Ian
  3. 2nd time this has happened now

    Do you have recovery options set? If you get a spell of cloud and you lose the guide star SGP can be set to attempt recovery every X minutes for a certain length of time, otherwise it will quit the sequence immediately I think. You can also use SGP's notification system to send you an alert when there's a problem. Cheers Ian
  4. SGL 2017 SP - Pitch Plan

    Thanks for this Grant.
  5. Hi Alan, If it's working for you then feel free to ignore me 😃 But if you're getting a very flat bottom you may want to try increasing your step size slightly. I read somewhere that it's best to aim for a flat bottom, but with just two points, this gives you more data points on the slopes and gives a more accurate result. Cheers Ian
  6. SGPro changing the pricing model

    Hi Daz, I was always surprised at how cheap it was, IMO it's better than Maxim at a fraction of the price. If it keeps them in business and allows them to add more great features then I'm happy to pay a reasonable annual upgrade fee. It's changed the way I image (currently 40 hours into a project) and I really hope they're around for many years to come. Cheers Ian
  7. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    @Grantany idea when we'll be able to see a pitch allocation map? Cheers, Ian
  8. SGP Autofocus Questions

  9. SGP Autofocus Questions

  10. SGP Autofocus Questions

    Hi Alan, SGP uses some clever algorithms to perform autofocus where you're imaging, so saving the need to slew away to find a star of a certain magnitude and then having to re-centre the image to continue. It samples all stars above a set size from the whole frame of the focus run images and calculates focus using these. It's brilliant and once set up it just works. Cheers, Ian
  11. I use the Baader LRGB filters and none of them are exactly parfocal on either of my scopes, enough that I can see the stars are larger after a filter change. I went the autofocus route and now have Lakeside focus on both scopes. You can set up filter offsets in your capture programs, focus with a mask using the L filter and then when you change filters it applies the offset and you have perfect focus for that filter. Not a cheap solution, but now I can forget about re-focussing and just let autofocus keep the setup in perfect focus all night.
  12. Registar the only option ?

    Astro Pixel Processor will definitely do it and a load of other very clever stuff too. I've been tempted to buy Registar in the past but always viewed it as a bit of a one trick pony. https://www.astropixelprocessor.com/registration-normalization-integration-using-ddc-lnc-mbb/ I'm on the trial version atm, but will be buying it at the end of the month.
  13. Finally getting around to putting a pier in

    You have a PM sir.
  14. Underwhelmed with SGP - freezes and hangs.

    IMHO, by running Symantec AntiVirus you're asking for trouble. That POS hooks itself into everything and interferes with everything silently in the background.
  15. AZ-EQ6-GT Strip down - committed now !!

    I'll be watching your progress, lots of pics please. I plan to do mine in the summer