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  1. Hi all Hope that you had a great Christmas I have a number of photography bits and pieces for those of you with Canon 40D digital camera s. They are as follows Canon remote switch cable release £15 Meike power pack grip £25 Seagull angle finder £15 All are in good condition Thanks for looking Cheers Bob
  2. Hi all just to put this thread to bed, heres another image that i took of the moon a few years back.....with a seagull flying thru the moon. cheers bob
  3. hi guys and gals as promised, here are some of my other efforts. if commenting, please make it about the image, rather than about just the planes....this is afterall the Lunar imaging section. appreciated muchos bob
  4. Thanks guys and gals will post more moon and plane images asap cheers Bob
  5. On the day that airbus announced that it was stopping production of its giant a380 double decker airliner, i snapped this image of a british airways a380 transitting the moon on its way back to heathrow. i took the shot from ashton court esatate, in south bristol. ive been lucky with this spot before, so bored, i thought id give it a go. regulars may remember me from a couple of years ago, but i no longer do any DSO imaging. anyway this image was taken using a canon 40d fitted with a sigma 120-400mm lens. hope you like and all coments welcome. cheers bob
  6. hi noel sorry for the late reply. i actually have someone lined up......but dont lose faith as he is tentative about buying because he lives in cambridge! hope u dont mind and will keep u informed. cheers bob
  7. good afternoon all i have a rarely used Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount for sale in white finish for sale. complete with handset and counterweights; for collection only from the bristol area. will post some photos just as soon as i can. i'm asking £500 for it. kind regards bob
  8. heres another that i took on the same day.......not quite the same impact but hey ho! cheers bob
  9. have just emailed the easyjet publicity dept..........lets hope they like it! cheers bob
  10. appreciated muchos guys.....i lost my magazines and could not find the address online! thanks bob
  11. good morning everyone please would it be possible for someone to message me the photo gallery email address of Astronomy Now magazine.....i would be most grateful, as i have an image that i would like to send them. cheers bob
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