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  1. Probably for the same reason this looks wrong? I think when it's shown in relation to the rest of Orion, it's not so jarring to the eye. Good start to the image. Looking forward to more.
  2. Cracking image!
  3. That's really nice. These ZWO cameras really seem to be a game changer.
  4. Thanks Olly Here's my take on it. A quick process with PI. Nice to have some data to play with.
  5. I've used one in the past with a Canon 7D and my SW150. Well worth having, will get those corner stars looking right. I didn't notice any unusual vignetting.
  6. You've piqued my interest. Might spin up a VM and have a look...
  7. Thanks for pointing me towards that software. That'll be worth a look if I need to revisit the platform I'm using. I think I looked at KStars a few years ago and it seems to have come on a long way.
  8. I'd love to use linux as the OS on mine but there isn't a great deal of astro software that'll run on it, compared to Windows. If you can let us know the specific problems you are having, I'm sure someone on here can help out. I've had a couple of issues with mine, the first was the anniversary patch. I had to download a specific installer to get it on, else it bleated about a lack of disk, despite there being plenty. The other problem was it overwriting the driver for the EQMOD adaptor. I found an MS tool that'll put drivers on a block list and not update them at every opportunity -
  9. I'm now using a Sumvision Cyclone Mini PC 2. It's a quad core Intel Atom with 2 GB RAM, 32 GB disk. Very cheap as a Windows 10 license is free for that spec machine. I've turned off all unnecessary services and it happily runs SG Pro and PHD2, Carte du Ciel with EQMOD. I just VNC to it to run the scope. It's worth having one of these - Headless Ghost. It makes sure the video drivers load and you don't get stuck with a tiny screen resolution.
  10. Nicely done
  11. That's superb!
  12. Cracking image. Well worth looking at full size. I'm looking forward to the day I can produce something bordering on that quality
  13. Hi Rodd. The data looks great but there are 2 things that stick out to me. Firstly, I think it's a bit heavy with the HDR - there are dark areas that shouldn't exist. The other is the pallete. I don't think the orange/blue works for this subject, it's a bit garish. Have a look at this one, it's got a more natural feel and is easier on the eye -
  14. Glad you sorted it, the proper image does look better. I try and avoid jpg these days, png looks better. Maybe worth reporting though?