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  1. I've tried this. You need an extension tube, I'm pretty sure over I needed 50 mm with my QHY5-II. Edit - I use an Altair Astro 60 mm guide scope. Much better in my opinion. Lighter, less chance of flexure, better optics.
  2. I upgraded my ED80 with a Moonlite focuser and a Lakeside motor. It's a massive improvement on the stock focuser.
  3. I was just looking at the same graphs. The ASI1600 graph is relative - that camera has a peak QE of around 60% (according to ZWOs manual), so at 656 nm, you have about 77% of 60%, so around 46.
  4. I can honestly say I've not yet seen a image from one of these CMOS cameras that holds up against a CCD image. Zoom in and the noise really starts to show, even on the longer integration images. I'm also curious about the lack of the need for guiding. Even with good polar alignment, surely periodic error creeps in? Fine if you've got a permanent setup and can PEC train but not so much use for those of us on tripods? Happy to be corrected if I've got the wrong end of the stick.
  5. That's ok if you have a permanent setup. I'm running off battery, so another power hungry device would be unwelcome and I wouldn't 100% trust wifi to get my files synced with the cloud.
  6. JPG is a lossy format and you'll be throwing away image quality. Try PNG instead. The files are bigger but not as big as a tif.
  7. I bought one a while back. Definitely makes life easier.
  8. I think the subtle processing works well on this target. Thumbs up from me.
  9. Nicely done. Sharp detail and good colours.
  10. I've got a HEQ5 with the belt mod that has been carrying my ED80 and imaging train. I'm able to get 20 min guided subs from it. Not sure I'd push it any further than that though.
  11. That's a richly detailed and colour image, nicely done. I'm also curious about the focal length/colour thing. Is it just the crop of the image lends itself to better blues or is there something physical about scopes I'm not aware of?
  12. That's cracking. There's something definitely wraith/nightgaunt/nazgul -like about that dust.
  13. Probably for the same reason this looks wrong? I think when it's shown in relation to the rest of Orion, it's not so jarring to the eye. Good start to the image. Looking forward to more.
  14. Cracking image!