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  1. I like that Paul. The colours are nice and the zoom movement is just the right speed. What does it sit in front of in the presentation ? Dave
  2. Would the z be referring to Z band in the sloan filter range ? That's more a question than an answer Dave.
  3. I love these challenges as there are so many excellent images produced. I keep getting little ideas of my own Well done to all, Dave.
  4. I think that zoom lens has produced a lovely shot. Did you use the SW in alt/az mode or full on GEM ? Jupiter is well controlled and I particularly like the reflections of it on the sea, Dave.
  5. Now that's a bright core ! A really nice shot and well processed. Dave.
  6. Lovely set there mate. My favourite is the first one with the scope. If I had to wait 6 months for the rain to stop I'd give up and study diving Dave.
  7. Thanks very much James, It was a lovely way to end the season and I enjoyed it, and the other location I found, very much. I believe I have a secret session coming up later in the year so I can't wait to get going again, Dave.
  8. I got Google maps out and lined up Kendal. Amazing ! Dave You put it better than me, Dave. Our Galaxy helps us imagers look good and the Lake District lends a hand. It was a wonderful night and a nice result. Thanks, Dave. Cheers Danny. I've always had my doubts about the 500 rule so never use it. Your little app shows that to be true. Blame Grant ( Yes, the Grant ) for getting me to use 30 seconds Dave.
  9. Thanks Alan. I used to think those big Fujis were really posh I used a Bronica 645 in portrait mode and placed the photos next to each other ! Not the same thing Dave.
  10. Hi, Sorry I've been so long but I went out this afternoon Here now. To answer your question, you are more correct in that the trailing is much reduced. Tooth_dr has done a good job of explaining in the earlier post. To show you the difference at 30 seconds with a 14mm lens I've done two tight and equal crops on the mosaic subs. One looking North and the other South. Note the North stars aren't trailed but the South ones are. Both subs were taken with the same exposure time. This doesn't have a big effect on my laptop screen with a 14mm lens but it will with a longer lens. Not a lot of people believe this ! Good job I had them close to focus ! Dave.
  11. Hi all, I went out on Saturday night as a last minute idea based on the weather forecast. Unfortunately the moon wanted to play too and was at 50% but hey ho. I notice Daniel-K on another thread say the same thing I was thinking that this is possibly it for the summer, moon or not. The shadows were quite noticeable on the ground and the contrast in the sky very low. I popped up to Glenridding, Ullswater, and found a nice spot. The experiment, from the title, was to make a mosaic from single 30 second exposures ( I can't think why I chose that time ! ) as when pointing North there would be no trailing but to the South there would. I think it worked out ok considering. Once again I've been prevented from getting the Pipe Nebula as it's in the glow of Kendal this time ! Well, I think it's Kendal because it's the only big light source in that direction ! Here we go - Nikon D750, Sigma 14mm lens @ f2.8, ISO 800, 7 x 30 seconds. Processed and assembled in Lightroom. It looks like the dawn is coming up
  12. I knew that tree would come in handy ! Nice find and shot, Dave
  13. Two bright planets, the Milky Way, Pipe Nebula and a view to die for. You've done it again, Dave.
  14. That's a cut above Danny. Well done mate. That tree might come in useful one day Dave.
  15. Oh thanks Pete. Well worth the effort of getting away from the city. I have a friend who has a theory of why there seems to be more light around and not less as you'd expect. As LED lights are so cheap to install and run, why would people only have one light when they can have two or three for less money ? I see his point I just had a look at Bedfordshire on Google maps and you are well and truly surrounded aren't you ! ? Dave.
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