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  1. Cheers James, For those that don't know, James is referring to the fact I always forget a vital piece of equipment when ever I go out. Yes, even my camera once ! It is in line with Holt so I used a touch of Orange reduction and it seems to have worked. It is nice down there and very quiet other than the deer and owls :) There was hardly a breath of wind in the trees so the reflections worked very well. Sequator goes from strength to strength. It looks cleaner than both StarStax and Startrails. Thanks Mark, I think some of the stars look brighter than they should because of the very thin cloud up there. I'll be at Kielder so I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Dave.
  2. I've returned from this Autumn's star party and have now done a little processing. Myself and a couple of other campers went down to the fishing ponds in the woods. The weather was ok Thursday and Friday although you can see a few thin high clouds in the images. As I can't see too well at the moment I think I've over done the processing, but it's hard for me to tell ! The Milky Way shot is the bottom pond and is 10 x 20 seconds, f 1.8 at ISO 1600. Processed to lift the shadows and sky. The stars are what I feel I've over done. The other straight image is the top pond and more or less the same settings but just 3 subs. Both run through Sequator and even though I only used 3 subs the noise still dropped significantly. The star trail shot is 120 x 30 seconds. This was also run through Sequator as it has a trails and motion feature. It worked out better than the other two main apps I used to use. Sequator doesn't brighten the image as it stacks ( if you don't want it to ) Dave Edit - forgot to say ,,, Nikon Z6 and Sigma 14mm lens
  3. Hi Mark, I don't know of a way to get the raw histogram in camera and as far as I'm aware most cameras are the same. The only way I can suggest you check for clipping is to run your camera at various ISOs and then check. 200 and 400 have been advised in the past and a few in the USA are using the 5300 at low ISO values ( 400 I seem to remember ) But whether it's in a very dark sky or not, I don't remember. I know that my camera is fairly universally recommended to be used at ISO 800 but I found 1600 was better in a dark sky. I found that out by experimenting for a couple of hours Dave.
  4. At ISO 1600 the Photographic Dynamic Range is near 7 stops. At ISO 3200 the PDR is near 6 stops and as the change is quite linear you can soon work out the rest. The read noise change from ISO 1600 and up is fairly flat so no real advantage to increase. One stop of PDR drop sounds significant but I doubt you'll see much difference in real life if you stack your subs. I've tested this on other cameras and the difference doesn't jump out at you. However. If you're using the screen's histogram then remember it is showing the Jpeg conversion histogram and not the Raw. Try a few settings, especially down with the Sony chip, and see what happens in your processing app. Dave.
  5. A similar argument could be put forward re the term " Full frame ". Common usage on this and every other Astro forum is wrong as " Full frame " has nothing to do with the size of chip. The word on the street is that particular ship has sailed and people like me need to get over it The term crop factor has also sailed so ... Dave.
  6. Agreed ! However I think this guy should be applauded for having the guts to apologise for his mistake and do it very quickly. How many other YouTubers do that ? Dave
  7. This might sound odd Alan but have a look at some microwavable heat pads that are designed for knees and elbows. Also the wrap round ones that are good for the lower back. They dissipate heat slowly over time and warm the whole body. If you get the lavender scented ones you can look a cool guy and smell gorgeous at the same time Dave.
  8. Lovely ! You've pulled out one really nice image from all the others. Very skilful. Dave
  9. I think your skill set is quite adequate thank you ! I like the stones and the tree in the middle finishes it off nicely. A good advert for your skies, Dave.
  10. OMG ! That's frightening. I didn't even register that ! Either word blindness or stupidity I imagine the view is incorrect anyway because of the cloning, Dave.
  11. http://nova.astrometry.net/upload Quite simple really. Give it a go, Dave
  12. This thread may give you an idea because it has two examples at the bottom. I do realise you need much more data so try and gather as much as you can. Dave.
  13. Now that just made the image look even better. I take it a rocker is a Dob mount ? The only thing I can suggest is you try and increase the exposure time until you can just start to see some trailing. Every little helps Next, try not to make the background so black. Dave.
  14. Hi Anthony. A quick request, could you give a bit more detail about what equipment you are using ? I can't necessarily help but someone may be using the same gear as you and it would be handy to know. A few setting may help too. Dave.
  15. I'll get over there and take a look. I got a Z6 myself and have to admit it's a peach to use doing Starscapes. I've not yet connected it to a scope. One thing that has really surprised me is how good the focus peaking is. I don't imagine it would help you though, Dave.
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