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  1. Then do what Alan suggested. Seriously. I would err on the lower side but until you test you won't know and I, for one, can't tell you. As a fore instance. Loads of ISO invariant cameras ( Mainly Nikon ) are shot at 200 or above. Do you know why ? It's because some Nikons don't play well at ISO 100 and you wouldn't know that without testing. Nothing to do with read noise, DR or anything else. I know you use a Canon so that was just an illustration of getting the wrong ideas. Dave
  2. I think you are looking at the image details in isolation. By that I mean that you don't know why the image you posted the link to was shot at ISO 800. It could be he doesn't know the best settings either and was just copying someone else on the internet who in turn copied someone else ....... I've helped out at a few imaging courses over the last year or two and I can tell you most people use the ISO value that let's them see a picture on their rear screen. Nothing more nothing less. I also think you wouldn't be able to tell what ISO was used just by looking at the image ! If he'd used ISO 400 or 1600 you'd never know. I'd do what Alan ( Alien ) has suggested. If you're imaging in a very dark place you might be pleasantly surprised but if you image under light pollution you'll wonder what all the fuss was Dave.
  3. Does Annie's put the stars it removes into the memory or just delete them ? You may be able to use the Paste command, if you use Photoshop or similar, to put them back. If it doesn't then you could try layering the starless and processed image over the original image and change the blend to lighten. That should enable the stars to shine through again. Just play around. I bought Straton because it does what I wanted it to do very well and it will also make a separate star layer if you want it to. ( I haven't used it for a while so don't ask me anything technical ) Dave.
  4. Wow ! Thanks for the votes everyone What a lovely image by James. Hard won too if you have to walk about breathless and cold up there. Well done to Moonboy. One of the most attractive Moon images I've ever seen. Simply stunning, Dave
  5. At least you now know the site is working so yes, it may be at your end. As to why you're having trouble, I don't know. Sorry, Dave. I've just clicked on the saved app and it loads up ( I already have Straton so I didn't finish the setup )
  6. I've just been on the site and it works fine. I downloaded the app and all seems well. Do you realise that the app just downloads when you press on the download link ? It doesn't redirect to another page. Dave
  7. davew

    A new t-shirt has arrived

    What a cracking T shirt and image ... wear with pride, Dave.
  8. davew

    D3400 for AP

    Well done, dashboard passed me by completely ! I read a post from last year that said it didn't work but the main dashboard app says it does in fact have limited functionality. Which bits did you get to work ? I wonder why the big players can't get it to work ? Dave. Edit. I've been on the google apps review pages and there are people saying everything works ! I know someone who's going to be very pleased about this
  9. davew

    D3400 for AP

    Sorry to bring you bad news mate. The 3300 actually had the connection but it got removed in the 3400 ! I've used a 3300 and a 3400 for ordinary starscapes and it works well enough. Gives pretty good results to be honest and the kit lens can be made to work ok too. Dave.
  10. davew

    D3400 for AP

    How do you get either of those apps to control the D3400 ? Dave.
  11. If it's one of the old " Adaptall " lenses then I think it's the nature of the beast. CA reduction in either PS or lightroom is an option but it won't cure the rest of the flaring. For its age I think they were a reasonable lens. I had one Dave
  12. davew

    D3400 for AP

    Unfortunately the 3000 series of Nikon cameras were aimed at the phone camera market and therefor don't have many of the features you'd expect. To further compound your misery the 3400 lost the remote cord connection too ! However, if you have a smart phone with an IR " Blast " then you can use this little app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dslr.camera.ir.remote.full&hl=en It does have to sit slightly in front of the camera but that in itself isn't a great issue. The smaller Nikon cameras that seem to tick all the boxes are the 5000 series from the D5300. All the more expensive ones, including the 7000 series, work very well too. The D3400 is suitable for Starscapes and I could find a use for it but it wouldn't be my first choice for what you want. Dave.
  13. You've made a really good job of that. It all fits together quite nicely, Dave.
  14. I was just about to ask if you had tried the lens wide open or even f4. I can use mine wide open so long as the chip isn't too big Was the lens sagging on the adaptor ? Dave
  15. davew

    Atik 460ex with canon 50mm lens??

    I had a look here the other day - If my calculations are correct Dave's imaging at around 21 pp so that's even worse than the Atik and a 50mm lens. Great shame about the telephone cable but you get the idea. It's a good job he didn't see this thread before he started In fact he's talking about trying a 20mm lens !! I have a 17" laptop and it looks just fine full screen. It's even ok zoomed in as much as the image allows on the forum. Most of the stars actually look round which is better than some of mine Dave.

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