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  1. Oh yes, arriving Thursday. Looking forward to it as holidays are few and far between these days. The weather may not co-operate but I'm sure a few walks in the forest will ease the mind. I'll be doing my usual and that is looking for puddles to image the Milky Way in See you there ? Dave.
  2. Glad you've enjoyed it and thanks for coming back to say. There are a few ways I've tried to blend a background sky and a lightened foreground and the method he shows is, for me, the easiest and cleanest. Funnily enough the Neowise image wasn't done the same way and if you were to zoom right in then you can just detect the join ! Well, I can Dave.
  3. Ah thanks. No I haven't missed anything. You and I go about things differently. I will track a sky only shot to make a sky shot ( Home or camp site ) and for landscapes I do static tripod shots. I only carried a tracker up a big hill once and won't be repeating the experience any time soon. So, going back to the original question then I'd say as long as the lens you use is fairly well corrected then I doubt you'll have many problems. I've heard good things said about the Tokina 11-20 f 2.8 and the Samyang 12 f2 but I've used neither. Dave.
  4. Out of a matter of interest, and the fact I may be missing something, what program do you use for stacking with Astro landscape type images ? My stacked images are almost entirely static but I don't use 500. Normally around 350 and may be a little longer if pointed directly north ( South for you of course ) That may help with stacking too as the stars are in better shape. Dave.
  5. I've not imaged much recently with an APSC camera but I, and quite a few others, use 14mm lenses on FF. As happy-cat says, Sequator is the best App for Astro landscapes ( Windows ) or Starry landscape stacker ( Mac ). Sequator is quite good on very widefield sky shots with no landscape. I've stacked 20 widefield shots in Sequator and don't see any problems. Dave.
  6. Thanks Paul, It's easy enough to do if you remember to light from the side more than the front in most cases. Also do a few subs just of the light painting so they can all be blended together on the computer. This guy in Victoria in OZ does some nice light painting and he's done a pretty good video showing how to do it. There are apps other than Photoshop for doing this stuff if you don't have it - Dave.
  7. Thanks James and Andy, It was your latest image that spurred me on to post these, Andy. There aren't as many of us posting light painted photos as there were a short time ago and to be honest, I've only been doing them sporadically this year. Cheers, Dave.
  8. I haven't posted for a while but I have been out a few times. Here are four images, one taken of Neowise in July and the other three recently taken of random rocks ! The spot is Higger Tor which is on the Derbyshire / Yorkshire border near to Stanage Edge. As you can see, the Neowise night had quite a clear sky but the other three I couldn't even see the Milky Way through the orange sludge ! The aim point was " Just to the right of Jupiter and hope ". It's quite impressive what a modern digital camera can do to drag detail out of the murk. The last image was taken with an older secondhand Sony RX 100 to prove you can still get something from a point and shoot and you don't need a DSLR camera. It's a shame the sky wasn't very good. Nikon Z6 and an ancient 50mm manual lens. 10 x 8 seconds at f2,8 for the sky and 2 x 15 seconds at f5.6 for the light painting Nikon Z6 and 14mm Sigma lens. 20 x 20 seconds at f2.8 ISO 3200 for the sky and 6 x 10 seconds f5.6 ISO 800 for the light painting. Nikon Z6 14mm Sigma lens. 20 x 20 seconds at f1.8 ISO 1600 for the sky and 2 x 10 seconds at f4 ISO 1600 for the light painting. Finally the little Sony and no light painting. 10 x 15 seconds at f1.8 ISO 800 for the sky and a few 30 seconds f2.8 ISO 3200 for the rocks. I couldn't light paint this one as I didn't have a remote with me and the 2 second timer just wasn't long enough. You can still get the idea though. All stacking done via Sequator and blending done in Photoshop. Dave.
  9. Everything seems to be working quite well there. I've seen mixed reviews of the Sigma but yours seems ok. I hope you get out and do a few more soon. Looking forward to them, Dave.
  10. I would never have thought of doing that shot and I'm glad you did. Dave.
  11. I've noticed over the years that you have a bit of an eye for the beach shot ! This one is along the lines of a professional advertising brochure photo. Lovely, Dave.
  12. That's coming on a treat ! If you'd asked me if the 18 to 300 zoom was good enough to shoot the Milky Way I'd have probably said " Not really ". Shows what I know That camera is very good at picking up the Ha isn't it ? Do you fancy " Zooming right in " with the 35mm and see what you get or have you tried that already ? Dave.
  13. Another lovely shot Paul and I rather like the location and how you've lined it up. I looked the mill up on the internet and that far building looks really interesting however, I've not got up to Old Gang Smelting mill yet and that is definitely on my to do list after your last effort there. Keep them coming please, Dave.
  14. Hi Luce, I don't think you'll find my photos anywhere else as I don't post them to any photo sites I'm afraid. I've never sold any of my work either as it's a side of Astrophotography that I don't get involved with. I am however really happy and flattered that you like these photos so much and do apologise. Welcome to the forum and if this type of photography is new to you then hang around, ask questions and then take some of your favorite places. It's very easy when you try it out. Any further questions then don't hesitate to get back to me and I'll try and answer, Dave.
  15. Hi David, Thanks for not only keeping DSS alive but for continually improving it. I noticed Ivo Jager being quite complimentary about the program and he seems to know a thing or two about Astro software Cheers, Dave.
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