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  1. Hi Agnes, IC 405 / IC 410 and their immediate surrounding ? I know I'm a bit late ! Dave.
  2. Hi Fedele, I used an EM200 Temma 2 for quite a few years and had no problems with slews. I also have a genuine power Takahashi power cable and it may have had a fuse in the cig socket but I never looked ( I have to say though that it's the cheapest piece of wiring I've ever seen ) As above, I've not heard of any problems with blowing fuses on any Temma control. The start pulse on the EM11 was almost 2 amps so that may be the problem you're being told about. The Temma 3 has a new board and due to the fact that the motors on the Temma 3 can use 24v, I doubt it's a straight swap as
  3. +1 https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/371337-sgl-2021-challenge-1-satellites/ Dave
  4. I've used SD, CF and XQD and never had a problem. The lowest temperature I know I've used a CF card at is -12* C. In that case the battery went flat early. The only time I've heard of a CF problem in the dark and cold was when a friend of mine somehow bent the pins at the bottom of the card slot one night. Don't do that, it's an expensive fix ! Dave.
  5. I don't know of any tutorials in PS to do SHO processing with that particular filter mainly because SII is cut off entirely ! What you can do in PS if you want the gold colour and blue colour is this - Image - adjustments - selective colour and in the red colour ( top one ) change the Magenta to -100 and increase the yellow to +100. Bang Gold Totally false but there you go. If you want the old look of false RGB then split the channels into R, G and B, delete the G, create a B copy and put it where the G went and reassemble into RGB. There are other ways too I'm sure. Annie's ac
  6. When you clip or crush the blacks what you are doing is turning everything from the dark end of the image into black. This includes dark grey detail unfortunately and is part of processing rather than acquisition. I can't particularly help as I'm not a PI user. There are one or two of us still left I believe If you look at the histogram for the M42 image you should see quite a bit of information hard up against the left margin so the streaky noise has been supressed and hidden. But at least I don't think you have a new problem with the camera. Dave.
  7. What I was meaning, in way too few words I'll admit, is that you don't have a new problem. The M42 image has a lot of black clipping and is therefor hiding the streaks that are evident in the Flame image. I downloaded your image last night and checked. The circular colour issue has been discussed on this forum before but I don't know where it is now. Good luck, Dave.
  8. I think if you stretch this image the same as the Flame image you'll see the same problems. Dave.
  9. As you've mentioned twice that the Canon camera doesn't have any problems would I be right in thinking the Canon has a Baader filter fitted ? If so, that would explain that. Why you're having trouble with your custom white balance I don't know. In the past I've used both a white card and a grey card but I think I set the exposure compensation to +2 when using the white card even though I don't know if that's strictly necessary. You are after all measuring the card temperature not the exposure. To see if the custom balance is working ok it may be an idea to try a few shots in jpeg and
  10. That's worked really well. It reminds me of slide film from years ago that gave strong full bodied colour in sun light. A bit like Fuji Velvia in fact. Thanks for the link too. Very interesting. Dave.
  11. Damn. Processing would have been a wonderfully warm alternative ! The lens stops down via the camera doesn't it ? As a Nikon user I haven't much clue on the operation of the 450D. I hope happy-kat sees this post. She will know, Dave.
  12. Hi Paul, If you need to know whether more subs are needed then have a look at a single unprocessed image first. If that's blown out then it's back outside for you but if it isn't blown out then it's a processing problem as you've blown it yourself. What is a fixed aperture Canon EF lens ? Is it broken ? Dave.
  13. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/350993-dithering-with-sky-adventurer-mini/ This thread appears to answer your question but appearances can be deceiving ! Dave.
  14. Oh nice one Martin I'm so glad to see this section again but hope it won't become too much work for you. Getting excited already, Dave.
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