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  1. It's such a small item that shipping to USA would be reasonable, so I'm happy to do that.
  2. Price reduced to £200 delivered. These sell for £330 new!
  3. Will be listing on AB&S later if nobody is interested here.
  4. Hello, Astrodon OIII filter for sale, 5nm version. It has been stored in its case when not in use and in a filterwheel when mounted for action. Glass is immaculate, no marks or scratches, just a few specs of dust. Selling on as it's not seen any use for a long while. These filters speak for themselves in terms of quality. I'm asking £220 delivered. Advertised here first, before I list on AB&S. Thanks, John.
  5. Yes, I think you’re making a good decision ??
  6. johnrt

    NGC 3184

    I have to agree, the weather has forced me away from any colour images for about 12 months now, but there is a lot to be appreciated in a monochrome image.
  7. johnrt

    M 51

    Excellent image, love the little video of the asteroid, do you have any way to identify it? Is this taken with the f/4 Newt in your signature?
  8. johnrt

    NGC 3184

    Yes, I might try some colour, really will depend on the weather though & how that monster star in the fov and the 3/4 just outside react. They really are spoiling the show on this lovely little spiral! I must have got lucky Dave, there were a few blobs floating about earlier in the evening but they all passed north of me, clear here all night! Thanks for the comments everyone! John.
  9. This perfect little spiral galaxy lives in Ursa Major, it's a nice size and brightness to capture too. The only difficulty is the area is littered with some really bright stars that played havoc with my background, I think I've managed to deal with the most of it! A nice little imaging run after another bout of weeks upon weeks of cloud - 47 x 10 minute subs with the 6" RC & Atik 460ex in SGPro. Calibrated & combined in Pixinsight and processed in CS5. Thank you for looking, I hope you like!
  10. You have a much better-balanced background in image no. 2 which has revealed a huge amount of dust and gas lost to the background in the first image. Excellent progress for 12 months I'd say!
  11. Splendid Sara, as always. 30 hours would take me about 30 years to capture based on 2017 & 2018 so far!
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