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  1. Hello, Nope, never had a problem with this sort of thing. I used to bin all my RGB 2x2 and shoot a master flat using the Lum filter only at full resolution and then use Pixinsight to register it to the binned images. Sorry I can't be of more help. Would have to be a fairly bright red light shining directly on to the scope from somewhere to be a light leak.
  2. I used the 1.25" Cheshire back in the day when I was using my 6" RC.
  3. G'day Kirret, Stick to narrowand imaging with the modified DSLR, you can get a clip in Ha filter and extract the red channel of the image to get a pretty decent mono Hydrogen alpha image. How is the mount doing? Have you got it up & running now?
  4. let it lapse I'm afraid Lee, I've had to retire from the Astro imaging business due to several very large oak tress on National Rail property
  5. Sale is pending to Chaplin at the moment.
  6. Hello, The final item to go is my 6" RC - which I have owned since 2012 (so the shipping label tells me). Included is the OTA, which is in good condition, just a small scuff to the side of the tube, the mirrors are in excellent shape and it has always been stored with the caps on. Along with this are the following extras which I have added or upgraded from the original - Feather Touch Focuser (this is worth the money on it's own!!), titt plate (mounted between OTA and focuser to perfect collimation), upgraded mount bar to ADM Losmandy bar, Cheshire collimation eyepiece and Astrozap dew shield. These scopes are killer imaging set ups when running well, I can supply plenty of images taken with this OTA & Atik 460ex if you would like. I have the original box that the scope came in so we can arrange to ship to you. Asking price is £250 + cost of shipping. Please see pics below, thanks for looking. John.
  7. Hello, For sale is my AZEQ6 GT, it's around 5 years old and lived (under cover) on my outdoor pier for most of it's life. The chrome and weights show signs of corrosion due to this. The mount performs well, I only ever used it in EQ mode so have no idea about AZ mode. When imaging I found there to be some backlash in the Dec axis, but no more than in any other Skywatcher mount I have owned. This mount allowed me to image up to 15 min subs at 900mm focal length and under 0.5 arcsec/pixel when pier mounted, and 10 minutes on the standars tripod. Included are tripod, mount, weights, second saddle (unused), synscan handset & power cable, unused weight bar (for AZ mode?) and instruction manual. I have removed the Skywatcher supplied nuts for tightening down the mount once aligned and replaced with nuts and washer that are tightened with a spanner to maintain polar alignment. I should have the original Skywatcher ones somewhere if needed. It is available for (socially distant) collection only from Borough Green, just off Junction 2 of the M20. Please see pics below, asking price is £600 collected. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello, For sale is my Altair 8" Pier as advertised here https://www.altairastro.com/altair-skyshed-8-observatory-pier-with-anti-vibration-fins-441-p.asp It is in nice condition, with only marks on the pillar where the top plate bolts tighten and a small scuff to the side, which I have pictured. Included also is the EQ6 top plate to attach your mount. I had my AZEQ6 on this pier. Included are bolts to attach top secion, no fixings to attach to concrete surface are included. This is available for (socialy distant) collection only from Borough Green, just off the M20 Junction 2. There is no way this can be shipped it's heavy and big! Price is £200 collected. Thank you for looking, pics below.
  9. It’s been such a long time since I had a go but I may well take you up on this tomorrow. Great image by the way.
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