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  1. Being on furlough from work has meant I've been able to put some effort in to some Raspberry Pi projects, but not astronomy related unfortunately as I had to retire due to some very large trees. Here's my Pi 4b 4gb with a fan hat & rf transmitter hat on top. I've been working on a project with 2 radio controlled sockets to control my darkroom enlarger and safelight from the Pi. I used Node Red which is a very simple and intuitive programming environment that works well for this type of thing. Here's my control dashboard that I can access from my phone when I am printing. The re
  2. Always looks like a giant fluffy pillow when this is done right, very nice.
  3. Very impressive, I've not visited the DSO imaging forum for a few years and you have certainly upped your game while I have been away. Beautiful image.
  4. Ahaha! More galaxies than you can throw a stick at! My kind of image
  5. Big Sur running on my new M1 Mac mini, really fast and the mini is barely breaking out the fans for anything I throw at it. Not running any astro apps though
  6. reserved pending confirmation from Mike. It's a shame, but not chance of continuing at my current location
  7. Hello, I have a few books to pass on to someone who will get some use from them. I'm not asking for any payment, just the cost of postage. If you want any of them you will just need to send me a Jiffy bag or similar with a postage label to cover the cost of return post & I will send back to you. You can purchase addressed postage labels that cover the cost of postage from the Royal Mail website. Zone System for Astro Imaging - this is a little dated in terms of it's PS references but was a huge help to me when I was learning image processing in just adopting the some methods of w
  8. Hello, Nope, never had a problem with this sort of thing. I used to bin all my RGB 2x2 and shoot a master flat using the Lum filter only at full resolution and then use Pixinsight to register it to the binned images. Sorry I can't be of more help. Would have to be a fairly bright red light shining directly on to the scope from somewhere to be a light leak.
  9. I used the 1.25" Cheshire back in the day when I was using my 6" RC.
  10. G'day Kirret, Stick to narrowand imaging with the modified DSLR, you can get a clip in Ha filter and extract the red channel of the image to get a pretty decent mono Hydrogen alpha image. How is the mount doing? Have you got it up & running now?
  11. let it lapse I'm afraid Lee, I've had to retire from the Astro imaging business due to several very large oak tress on National Rail property
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