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  1. I don't think it can be the same issue for me, I have quite a large amount of dec backlash (on purpose). That's said, I plan to reduce that significantly this week.
  2. Excellent info Will have a read at those and then reach out.
  3. Good suggestion, done Have attached a screenshot of the output from guiding assistant, other than huge dec backlash I don't see anything interesting.
  4. Thanks Carole, it is definitely a good suggestion but not quite the sort of thing I'm after. I totally accept this is a weird request for information, it's probably something I'll have to run down myself.
  5. Hi All, Over the last while I've been considering a slight change in career direction. Currently I work for a global IP camera manufacturer, in the last decade I've gone from a Mechanical Engineering role, to Project Management and now I am an Engineering Manager & Engineering lead for all camera development. I really do enjoy the job I do & work with a great group of people. I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to expand my role in new and interesting areas. I am passionate about my job and my desire for a change is not a reflection on the job I have today. What has really sparked this off is the realisation that if I can get so much enjoyment from a job that is loosely related to one of my hobbies (photography), how much more satisfaction could I get from something that is actually making a contribution to Astronomy, something that has fascinated me for many years. The Engineering side of astronomy is something I have no real information on. For example, is it driven by private companies who are contracted by larger Astronomy organisations or do either of these make contributions by themselves? My plan was that, rather than start talking to recruitment agencies who would inundate me with non-astro jobs and promises of large salaries, I would reach out directly to astronomy related companies who might be interested in someone with my skillset. The purpose of this topic was to see if anyone had any thoughts on the sort of companies / organisations that I should contact, or even just general feedback on my thought process. Thanks in advance, Pete
  6. Updating PHD2 seems like a good idea, I hadn't noticed the flat portion of the line. I can grab the PHD2 debug logs are replot with some time after to see what it later does. It certainly could be a software glitch, the issue with that is it's unlikely I'll be able to fix it!
  7. I will have to give that a try, one slight issue will be that this often happens when I'm not watching it so I only actually see it from time to time. Don't think it could be a loose cable, the comms are single Rx & Tx so a loose connection would knock out RA & Dec. This does seem reasonable, just need it to stop raining long enough to have a look It could potentially be explained by a slight slip in the dec but it's hard to explain why this would be happening as it doesn't happy when I extremely unbalance the OTA. I don't think this can be explained by a neutrally balanced OTA, it's too consistent. It drifts off then snaps back. As you say, it's not very high so I would expect this would happen more readily pointing towards zenith (which it didnt as that where my nights imaging began)
  8. That's interesting, I have my cabling bundled in a loom with spiral wrap. The plus side is that I have RA and Dec as separate pieces so I can look specifically at one piece. Not totally convinced this is the issue but I don't have another ideas
  9. As title, Most nights I get a spot of weird guiding error, normally I only notice it once but it may happen again when I'm in bed. Basically the Dec drifts off really far and then after maybe 5mins it seems to just snap back to what it should be. The attached image shows the event in PHD and the scope position. Looking at this position I doubt it is related to balance, which is set to be camera heavy. Anyone ever seen this before? My mount was stripped down during the summer, belt-modded and regreased; no problems with the worm were observed (I did ask the chap to check). This blip has been present for a couple of years so it isn't related to the rework. Keen to hear any thoughts. Pete
  10. Looks like everything is fixed When I got home I refitted the scope and tested the dec to see if I could provoke the slip, even with the OTA being VERY unbalanced I couldn't make it slip. I loosened the belt tension a little and the strange sound went away also. Once that was complete I removed the dec motor, put thread-lock on the grub screws and refitted it. The borescope makes fitting the motor an absolute gift. The OTA is still on and I just need to re-attach the cabling over the weekend. which should only take a few mins because it's all tie wrapped together. Thanks for all the help in diagnosing folks
  11. Hi All, Got the mount rebuilt this morning and backlash adjusted. Noticed when I run the dec at full speed I getting a periodic noise, it seems to coincide with the belt moving axially on the pulley (Video attached). It's not moving by very much so probably isn't a problem but I can't figure out what's causing it. I don't get the same movement or noise on the RA. Any thoughts? Going to test the slipping tonight and if all is well I'm going to pop the dec motor back out and thread-lock the grub screws. Potentially it could be this rubbing (and therefore vibration) that caused the screw to loosen. 190905_081817.mp4
  12. Motor back in, less than 5 mins. I think I've found the solution to getting the belt on the motor... for me it was to remember I bought a cheap (maybe 6quid) usb bore-scope off Ebay a while ago. It took 3 or 4 mins to figure out the best angle for the camera and maybe 30secs to hook the belt over the motor!
  13. It's not heavily unbalanced, even the weight of a dew shield was enough to knock it off. Strangely it worked before so I get the feeling something came loose or it is temperature related (cooler temp, tolerances increase)
  14. This seems strange, I can't understand how adding belts at the drive end would eliminate backlash at the payload end; but that's a topic for another day If the mount was unbalanced slightly, what would you expect the behaviour to be? I presume it wouldn't be that the motor would turn but the OTA would not?
  15. Slightly off topic but do I not need to have some imbalance to account for the backlash in the worm drive?
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