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  1. Have a word with Ron at Moonlite. He's super helpful. I've used one of my Moonlites on at least three different scopes! Is your focuser one where you can mount the focal reducer inside the drawtube?
  2. Adapter flanges are available direct from Ron at Moonlite or via FirstLight Optics.
  3. Solar film would be grand. Is your dob a truss design? If so, be very careful as the sun can catch the exposed mirror and the focused light will do a LOT of damage very, very quickly. If it's a solid tube and you'll be fine.
  4. Zakalwe

    Securing Obs roof from inside

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/hardware-solutions-turnbuckle-hook-5-16-zinc-plated/22755 Thats what I use.
  5. Zakalwe

    M42- 600s single sub

    Wow! It shows the importance of a dark sky location. That's better than a multi-hour image from my location!
  6. Zakalwe

    DSLR OUT...........CCD IN.

    The 8L all the way. The sensor on the Atik is tiny, whereas the 8L uses a DSLR sensor (same as used in some older Nikon DSLRs if I recall correctly). Just check that the DIN cable fits snugly...it's a heavy old cable to have hanging off that port.
  7. Zakalwe

    13% Waning Crescent

    13 Percent Waning 4th November Full size, high res image here (big file warning!) 7 Pane Mosaic. ASI174MM on Celestron C11. Mesu 200 mount. Stacked in AS!3, stitched in Image Composite Editor and sharpened in IMPPG. Final processing in Photoshop
  8. Its the imaging equivalent of shining a torch down the tube and worrying about dust on the lens.
  9. Zakalwe

    Mountain instruments model 250

    Thats a beast of a mount and one heck of a freebie! There's a user group here that is active: https://groups.io/g/MI-250/ You should be able to get more information there.If the electronics are working then ther's no reason not to keep it. I certainly wouldn't be scrapping it!
  10. Zakalwe

    Sitech tracking drift

    Yeah, I had the same issue on a Mesu. Run PHD's Guiding Assistant and it will tell you the actual tracking error. From there it's a fairly simple calculation to work out how much to alter the Tick setting in the Sitech configuration program (Servoconfig). See this useful post:
  11. Zakalwe

    USB 3.0 Active Cable Length

    USB3 is very susceptible to cable length in my opinion. Active cables also have a USB hub in them, so you might run into issues exceeding the total amount of hubs in the system.
  12. Zakalwe

    Bi colour NGC 6888 revisited.

    Either or. Both are lovely examples.
  13. Zakalwe

    Bi colour NGC 6888 revisited.

    That's a cracking image!
  14. Zakalwe

    Hi tech focus master

    Yeah...I would have thought that that would do the job. It looks to be a bit cheaper than a Robofocus motor, but as you said you'd have to mess about with getting an adapter cable made up. <edit> Looks like an adapter cable is available for Altair. " Robofocus & Rigel USBnStep compatible connector pin out. Motor output is fully compatible with “Robofocus ©” pin out. Please contact Altair Astro for the special adapter cable. " https://www.altairastro.com/Pegasus-USB-Dual-Motor-Focus-Steppers-DC-Servo.html
  15. Zakalwe

    Hi tech focus master

    The Pegasus has the controller built in.

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