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  1. Zakalwe

    Qhy8l last night

    Lens cover still on? (Ive been there and done that!)
  2. Zakalwe

    Solar action 3rd June Ha

    Normal Filament by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr Inverted Filament by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr Hedge Prom Inverted Pseudo Colour by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr Hedge Prom by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr AR 2712 Inverted Pseudo Colour by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr All taken with a Quark Chromosphere on Esprit 120 and an ASI174 mono.
  3. You've probably answered your own questions. If it was working before you adjusted it and now it's not, then the inference is that the adjustments that you made are the probable cause of the problem.
  4. Zakalwe

    Which Lunt solarscope?

    All the DS images in my Flickr solar album were taken with a 50mmDS on 60mm PT Lunt scope. I agree that it is less than the perfect solution of a 60mm DS on a 60mm scope, however I wouldn't go so far as to claim it is a waste of money. I'd love to do a side-by-side comparison to see what the impact of losing the 10mm of aperture actually is. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjAQpKfG A 50mm Etalon is a lot cheaper than a 60mm. I bought mine second hand and it was 50% of the price of a new 50mm Etalon. The increase in detail over the single-stack 60mm is mightily impressive IIRC. the Etalon on the 50mm is a larger diameter than the Etalon on the 60. However, the bandwidth is not as tight (<.75 Angstroms compared to .70 Angstroms) which means that the 60mm will always show more detail. Again, I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison to compare and contrast.
  5. Zakalwe

    self levelling compound?

    A couple of millimetres is irrelevant. The process of polar aligning the mount will put the RA axis in the correct position. Stick the mount on, polar align it and the job is a good 'un
  6. Zakalwe

    OGEM open source mount

    Looks interesting, but I'd be concerned about a friction drive being open to the elements like that. Friction drives require mating surfaces that are very hard. I'm not sure that a piece of grit would be welcome between those surfaces.
  7. Zakalwe

    Lunt USA

    Beautiful setup!
  8. Baader Solar Film, yes Baader glass filters absolutely no!
  9. Zakalwe

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    That's lovely!
  10. Zakalwe

    Solar Imaging Without Tracking?

    Oh I know it won't hurt. But I can't see how "turning the red channel up"* would ever deliver more detail than a mono camera with the same sensor in the same conditions. *I presume that you mean increasing the gain?
  11. Zakalwe

    Solar Imaging Without Tracking?

    I cannot see how that is possible @xtreemchaos, as the light coming into the camera is the same frequency. Yes, if using a telescope to image the moon you can use a red filter to cut out the blue frequencies (these are most disturbed by the seeing) to help "cut through" the seeing, but on a hydrogen-alpha scope the scope itself strips out all of these frequencies before the light hits the camera. It's, AFAIK, impossible for a colour sensor to get more detail than a mono sensor* as the green and blue pixels will be doing nothing other than adding read noise into the final image. Even if you separated the channels and only used the R channel then the mono would still win hands down as it is collecting data across all pixels, whereas the colour sensor is only collecting data in one of four pixels. *Naturally assuming that the sensor are the same type, just one is mono the other colour. If your mono camera is using a completely different sensor to your colour then all bets are off.
  12. What makes you think that there's a problem with the optics? Have you tried a star test?
  13. Zakalwe

    Strange "double stars" with OAG

    Is the pick-off prism silvered or clear? it might be an internal reflection in the prism. Perhaps blackening the rear of the prism would help?
  14. Zakalwe

    Whats wrong with my stars?

    My tuppence worth* The stars in the top left, top right and lower left are elongated as if they are rotating. That could be coma and the spacings might need a slight tweak. There is some aberration in the brighter stars diffraction patterns, but it's fairly minimal. Like you said, it's probably the focuser tube. Personally, I think that you're getting into the realms of "pixel-peeping". A tweak of RC-Astro's "Star Shrink" (or the equivalent Annies Actions/Carbonis Actions) would probably solve most of it. Or even a mild cropping of the image. *I am far from being an expert, so take this with a large helping of salt
  15. Zakalwe

    Solar Imaging Without Tracking?

    Have a look through this thread. it has answers and more to similar questions:

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