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  1. Altair Astro 115 Triplet

    Thanks Olly...they certainly are nice scopes. I wouldn't be shifting it on if it was not for picking up Daz's Esprit 120. I'm happy to take sensible offers on this scope...I want to get it moved on and it's better that it is being put to use rather than sitting here gathering dust.
  2. Probably hypergolic igniters. Maybe they are using hypergolic fuesl- certainly the early US ICBMs used Aerozine and dinitrogen tetroxide in, for example, the Titan.
  3. The F-1 engines were a marvel of engineering for their time. They used a multitude of valves and pipework to build a starting routine that today would be replaced and simplified with electronics and sensors. I highly recommend this book if you want to dig into some of the fascinating details behind this engine: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0387096299/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This article has some great insight into the design choices that were made at the time. NASA re-commissioned one of the stored F-1's gas generators in 2013 and took the opportunity to 3D scan the rest of the engine in great detail. https://arstechnica.com/science/2013/04/how-nasa-brought-the-monstrous-f-1-moon-rocket-back-to-life/2/
  4. Celestron X-Cel x3 Barlow

    Celestron X-Cel x3 barlow Like new, in box. £69, new. I'm looking for £45 delivered.
  5. Altair Astro 115 Triplet

    Altair Astro 115mm Triplet (first series- serial number 048.) Good condition- one small mark (a couple of millimetres) on the tube and the usual wear marks on the focuser drawtube. Comes in it's carry case and is fitted with CNC tube rings and an 11" ADM Losmandy dovetail (£68 new). This is a heavy item so I would prefer collection from North Lancashire. I can meet you somewhere local- we can negotiate on that to save travelling. I'm looking for £1050 which I think is a fair price. Bank transfer or cash preferred. Olly Penrice reviewed this model of scope. His review is attached. Please note the review mentions a field flattener- this sale does not include any FF or reducer. Review Altair 115-805 ED Triplet APO Astronomy Now Magazine 2011 (compressed)(1).pdf
  6. Qhy 10 image problem.

    Those are hot pixels. The drift between the frames means they appear to "walk" in the image. Change your stacking algorithm to a Kappa Sigma (you'll need more frames- 15 or 16 from memory) and the algorithm will reject them as outliers in the data.
  7. What a mess!

    @martin_h Joking about mobiles aside, I'm glad to hear that the damage was limited to a couple of cables. That could have been a lot, lot worse.
  8. Solar Sunglasses question

    Why have you ignored the only responses that you have had to your initial request, all of which said that you can't do such a thing?
  9. What a mess!

  10. AR2674 Animation 09-09-17

    Nice work. Try ImPPG....it works really well for stabilising animations and batch processing.
  11. Lobster Claw Mosaic

    I knew that this was going to be good when I saw the topic appear! Beautiful work John
  12. new mesu, strange star-cross

    0.91z is the one that sorts out the "jumping" issue. I also use a USB GPS dongle and NMeatTime2 software to synchronise the PC clock before starting SiTech.exe. Sometimes the PC clock can be out by a second, especially if it hasn't been started for a while. http://siderealtechnology.com/SiTechSetup091Zb.exe I've been thinking about that particular problem and I am now convinced that the jumping issue is solely down to the SiTech controller on the mount. The reason why I say this is because I bought a new obsy PC when I was trying to diagnose the problem. It's possible that it's down to whatever timing crystal keeps the time on the SiTech board. On a side note, I see that another user is reporting " occasional large excursions of a several arc secs " on the Yahoo Mesu group. Thats two new reports of this issue in the last 6 weeks with this system. I don't think that it is part of the OPs situation though and I don't want to hijack his thread. My original thread is here if anyone wants to read about the problem or comment
  13. No takers? Is the price too high?
  14. Noctilucent Clouds??

    ^^Very much this. There's no mistaking NLCs and you will recognize them immediately once you see them. Here's a short video that I made a couple of years ago. The NLCs are very different from the lower altitude clouds NLC June 2015 by Stephen Jennette, on Flickr