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  1. Is there not an option in the Sequencer settings to issue a park command when the sequence finishes? I haven't had the rebooting issues. I can Park and unpark at will (using SiTech) and SGP will still issue slew or track commands.
  2. Sounds messy!šŸ˜† Many years ago when I used to stick bit of metal together we had long bars of cutting soap. A rub of that stuff on cutting edges was fling and it really stopped the chips from adhering to the cutting edge. Strangely I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Great stuff though.
  3. A bar of cutting soap is what you makes blades go through ally like a knife through butter. Tallow or even some soft candle wax works well too. Keep checking for adherence tot he cutting edge nothing kills the cutting tool as quickly and it wrecks the cut surface.
  4. Is it the bit that jams? If so, that's usually caused by not using enough lubricant. Ally tends to bind to the cutting surface- the cure is to used sharp bits and lots of cutting soap.
  5. With a bit on ingenuity to make some clamps you could probably do that on a table saw with two cuts. There'd be a bit of undercut, but it'd work. I wonder how a dovetail router bit and a router table would manage......I'd be willing to wager that it'd be doable as long as you can find a bit with the right angle.
  6. A woodworking table saw will easily cut that thickness of ally, especially if it has a carbide blade. Set the blade at an angle to form the dovetail sides and use plenty of tallow as lubricant. The bolting holes will be easy wiith handheld tools. No milling machine needed at all.
  7. You can also buy ankle weights for not much money off Amazon
  8. It'd probably be also sensible to use a mount that can carry that sort of load. The standard EQ5 is only rated for 9Kg so it probably was overloaded with a "heavy refractor".
  9. I "borrowed" it from Smartcooky over on Apollohoax...
  10. Mere details......
  11. Of course it's's an eclipse image that I took....
  12. Dammit man....we need more information! How many tonnes of concrete are under the bird table?
  13. I had the same problem when i had Synscan. It turned out that the laptop wasn't powering the USB-to-serial adapter enough. I used a powered USB hub and it worked after that.
  14. A picture tells a thousand words. Even a finger painting by an idiot (me) in Photoshop Each telescope has had their respective mount top levelled. The ones at the pole and equator are at right-angles to each other. The one at 45 degree latitude is between these two extremes. The only common thing is that all telescopes are polar aligned, so their Right Ascension axes are all parallel and are pointing at the NCP. Remind me again why levelling a tripod is necessary? Levelling a tripod ONLY places it tangentially to the surface Earth, which itself is tilted at an angle. The only thing that is necessary is to have the RA axis pointing at the celestial pole. Everything else is irrelevant.