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  1. mesu 200

    Did you manage to sort this out Harry?
  2. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Then it's working fine. From memory, the ASCOM driver reports it as a HEQ5.
  3. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    https://ascom-standards.org/Downloads/ScopeDrivers.htm Here you go....they have a skywatcher/Synta driver available. Download that and you should then have an option in the ASCOM drop down.
  4. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Hi Sarah...do you not need to download a driver from the ASCOM site? IIRC I think that I used a Celestron driver.
  5. mesu 200

    Yeah..Ive had that as well. My QHY guidecamera ASCOM driver seems to be a bit flaky and it sometimes disconnects. This can cause SGP to crash or freeze.
  6. Info about registax

    If you are stacking then try Autostakkert first. It's quicker, easier and produces far better results with colour data than Registax. http://www.autostakkert.com/ Registax hasn't been updated in over 5 years and it's very old hat now.
  7. mesu 200

    Im still on 0.91Zb which has been working fine since the infamous RA jumps. I hope that you get it sorted. I'm surprised to hear that SiTech were less than superb. it might be worth sticking a few posts on the Yahoo group, though it has been very quiet of late (no doubt more to do with the rubbish Yahoo Group system!)
  8. mesu 200

    In the SiTech program go to "Config" and hit "Change Config!". In the window that opens go to "Scope Info" and hit "Open Data Window". That'll open the necessary folder, just in case you've put it somewhere different.
  9. mesu 200

    If you get the firmware that Dan wrote for Sara Wager and me ( ttp://siderealtechnology.com/SiTechSetup091Zb.exe ) then that might help. It has extensive logging functionality. Go to the Config tab, Change Config, Ascom and Logging, and turn on "Log Debug Stuff", and "Log Tracking Info"
  10. mesu 200

    Which version are you using and have you enabled logging?
  11. mesu 200

    Try C:\ProgramData\SiTech\SiTechExe\ Whatever the problem is, I'd really recommend getting in touch with Dan Grey and the team at Sidereal. They are superb and very, very helpful.
  12. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    This is probably a daft question, but are you sure that you have the right side of the filters towards the objective? it's possible to get them the wrong way round if you haven't mounted the filterwheel correctly.
  13. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Itd be worth looking at the individual subs for each filter too.
  14. Diffraction spikes on an ED80

    Wow...how the heck did you manage to make this file half a gig in size???? I had a quick look....firstly very bright stars like those in M45 are a very tough test of any optics. You're going to get some sot of aberrations. it looks like the imaging train was altered during runs too...that might explain the green streaks. It's like the diffraction patterns are rotated between each filter. You can see this in the reflection aberration that's in the centre of the image...theres one for the green filter, one for the red and one for the lum filter. The patterns could be many things- perhaps the lens spacers are intruding into the light cone. A circular mask that reduces the objective apparent diameter by a couple of millimetres might sort that. The other thing might be slightly pinched optics caused by a too-tight lens cell, though I'd be checking simpler things first.
  15. Yes...it makes a massive difference on a SCT, especially if you are imaging or viewing at long focal lengths. Its even better when they are motorised as you can then achieve fine focus without the image bouncing all over the shop. Moonlites are very nice pieces of kit too. I've had many of them and they've always been superb.