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  1. Mine hasn't got a hole in it. Maybe because it's an early version.
  2. Ah yes, 3D printers, very useful but a whole new "can o' worms"
  3. I've definitely got far too many projects but most are just shelved.
  4. I'm afraid I stay well away from anything that stings (or bites).
  5. Might get back to my ASC soon. I tend to swap around with my projects, doing a bit on one then getting tired of it and going on to another. Guess I have a "grasshopper mind"
  6. I shall be interested to see the night sky (if you have any left this side of the solstice - just 3 nights left here before we lose astronomical darkness altogether).
  7. Been racking my brain to try to remember what I've used in the past. Wondering if I've mentioned it in any of my threads but I don't recall doing so. Thank you for the information.
  8. I don't remember seeing anything like that with mine but it's been some time since I've used it.
  9. I serviced the stock focuser on my MN190 as it was shot when I bought it secondhand. That was several years ago and it's been fine since. I use remote focussing with a stepper motor and timing belt drive. The focuser is a simple single speed Crawford. I needed to replace all the bearings and generally clean it up. I think there's a thread detailing what I did somewhere on here.
  10. Thanks from me too - I hadn't realised the importance of this. Maybe my future images will be better for taking this into account.
  11. That's not bad considering your equipment The moon has just risen over yonder hill here. A lovely deep orange colour.
  12. I've found it to be a great scope - my flagship - though the Esprit 80ED Pro is also truly magnificent for a frac with shorter FL.
  13. Yes, that is a good price and probably well worth it for what you get and the saving of effort. I'm finding that applies to a number of things.
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