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  1. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    If it's not one thing it's another - means leave it - tomorrow is another day!!
  2. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Now I have another problem - the Duet WiFi control board is reporting :- I'll look into that tomorrow in daylight - I can't see anything wrong ATM. 
  3. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    I've given up on brackets for now and added 40mm M5 screws in each of the four corners of the aluminium bed plate to space it away from the sheet of OSB I'm using as a base.
  4. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    I have a problem with the supports for the print bed when set at 120°C for printing ABS - they're softening and the bed is sinking I used PETG and that doesn't take the temperature. I'll try ABS or maybe Nylon
  5. Gina

    DIY newt with raspberry pi and camera

    FLO sell them - best place I've found
  6. Gina

    Lifting the Lid

    As an engineer, I can think of lots of things. I have an image in my mind of a twisted mess of fibreglass and iron Please take care.
  7. Gina

    Maplin sale

    Yes indeed! I used to love popping into Maplins and having a good look round. I have bought a lot of things from them over the years, from when they were just a home front room in deepest Essex to multiple stores throughout the land. How things change! First time I built my own desktop PC from parts I got everything from Maplin.
  8. Gina

    DIY newt with raspberry pi and camera

    ZWO have some pretty low cost cameras and they're very good.
  9. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Fume duct from other side.
  10. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    The finished ABS trumpet and new fume vent duct with fittings and hole in the wall into the broom cupboard in the kitchen.
  11. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Mostly printing fine and up to 75mm but a couple of blobs have appeared.
  12. Gina

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Now have ABS working on this printer and printing that flared cone thing in ABS. Up to 52mm and just over 30% filament used and alright so far.

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