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  1. SUCCESS!! I now have Astroberry Server working on my RPi 4B and my new 294 camera working, I have my triple imaging rig on the floor for easy connection to RPi. Connected to Astroberry Server running on RPi 4B with ASI 294MM-Pro camera connected to a USB3 port. This is with KStars/Ekos running on my Linux Mint tower and using SSD to connect to Astroberry Server on the RPi 4B. Many many thanks to @RadekK and others who have helped.
  2. In the past I have used KStars/Ekos on my Linux Mint tower machine and just indiserver and the INDI drivers on the RPi. Connecting over Ethernet and accessing via SSH to each RPi card (multiple imaging rig) using separate instances of KStars/Ekos for each imaging camera. Can I work in a similar way with the RPi4B running Astroberry Server as control for my ASI294MM-Pro camera and mount, Astroberry Focuser, etc. with 2 other RPi boards for my other cameras (triple rig) or is there a better way?
  3. Tried accessing Astroberry Server from Firefox and it worked. Connected over Ethernet.
  4. Yes, just done that and now have a mountable rootfs. Tried in RPi 4B with HDMI to monitor but gets so far and stops. Showed RPi banner for a while but wouldn't respond to kb or mouse.
  5. Ah!!! Found this That would explain why it wouldn't download on my Linux Mint machine. .It seems to say it works on Linux but all I can find to download are .exe files
  6. I still can't get Rufus to download. Seems to need you to be a company.
  7. Rhetorical question :- Has anyone actually got v2.0.3 working?
  8. Trying again today. Have formatted the SD card and tried using Ubuntu Disk Image Writer to write to the card. This seemed to work fine at the time showing the partitions and format type but when I tried to read the card the boot partition was fine (as before) but rootfs came up with the same error saying it couldn't be mounted.
  9. Can't seem to get that to download. It just wants to download the manual.
  10. Yes, I have. Also tried another new RPi 3B+. Etcher checks validity of card image against source too. However, I've just checked the card for partitions and their content and got this :- So it seems you're right!! Thanks.
  11. I have a problem @RadekK which I hope you can help with. I have downloaded Astroberry Server, carefully checked the sha256sum and written the image to a 32GB micro SD card with etcher. Having discovered I had wrong adapters for the RPi 4B and had to order new bits, I put the card in a new RPI 3B+ and powered up. LEDs lit normally and green one flashed as usual then went off. Tried to find server in Firefox on my main Linux Mint machine and nothing found so I connected the monitor to the HDMI port on the RPi and restarted. The boot sequence failed. Here's a screen pic from my phone.
  12. Yes indeed! Deep wells certainly help. Use low gain to maximise, but you know that!
  13. Looks very good to me Dave. And Alnitak seems well controlled with only a 6mn filter.
  14. INDI just gets better and better. Unfortunately, the mount limits Dave to Windoze.
  15. Just found this thread and planning to do something similar. The venting thing is interesting as I have had lots of trouble trying to seal ASCs. Followed your link but it didn't seem to lead to a buy-able product. Could you give me more info, please? How much and where to buy.
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