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  1. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Camera works fine and using the different OS has cured the short exposure problem I can now get down to 32µs exposure so I shall be able to use the camera in daytime (when it stops raining!). I have been trying to install the INDI drivers to drive the GPIO pins but getting errors which I have reported on the INDI forum where the author hangs out.
  2. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    I have succeeded in installing Ubuntu Mate on the RPi microSD card and set it up. Installed INDI and other stuff and have SSH access from my Linux Mint desktop. Now about to test the camera imaging then I can go on to installing the Astroberry drivers to use as a template to create what I want.
  3. Could anybody use some spare cloud

    I'm not moving from this green and pleasant land We have to put up with the rain to get this beautiful countryside. But no, I don't like this dreadful, dull, dreary and depressing Devon weather. It seems to be getting duller and duller ATM - will need lights on soon even in this south facing room with two windows, including a nice big picture window. I've needed the light on in the kitchen whenever I've been out there today. Probably getting near the time to get the SAD light out to improve my mood!! As for the offer of more cloud, no thank you, we have more than enough of our own.
  4. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Been reading up on INDI and getting there - I think I may be able to work this out There is a switch option of "one of many" ie. like "radio buttons" so that would form the control for the lens control motors. viz. All A B C. So that's one point determined
  5. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Been inspecting the code for the PiFace INDI driver and found the stepper driver code is to suit the ULN2003 type stepper driver whereas the Astroberry Focuser is for the A4988 type driver. If I were to use the ULN2003 stepper driver for all the steppers I might run out of RPi GPIO pins. So it isn't just a matter of using the PiFace INDI drivers as that package won't do what I want. OTOH I reckon that by comparing the code for the two systems I should be able to add extra controls to the Astroberry Board INDI driver. Eventually I shall know what I'm doing
  6. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    The Astroberry Project has be superseded by PiFace and the PiFace Board has 8 relays so the INDI driver for this could be used as is. Though best to change the labels.
  7. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Looking now at what control lines I shall need from the RPi if I go for full remote control - thinking it might be best to go straight for it. I suspect that if I go for just set it up and hope it doesn't change, I'll regret it. Basically :- Lens Cover - OPEN/CLOSE Dew Heater ON/OFF Camera Cooler - ON/OFF Select Motor A Select Motor B Select Motor C Hmmm... Astroberry Board has 4 controls. OK so 4, 5, & 6. only need 2 bits but overall there are still 5 control bits required. So this will need either two Astroberry Board drivers or one with the code modified. This will need looking into. In fact there are several of my imaging systems that could do with modified or new INDI drivers and I could do with conquering this. (If I can get my aging head round it!).
  8. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Makes little difference which stepper driver to use, both cost about a pound (even cheaper from China). Same with the 28BYJ-48 motors, only a pound each. The A4988 drivers are easier to connect and program but then the motors need the bipolar mod (just careful use of drill). This gives me an idea for the control. Astroberry Board driver for the functions outlined above and the Astroberry Focuser for actual focussing. The diagram below shows the basic connections for the A4988 driver module. The Astroberry Focuser driver uses SLEEP, STEP and DIR. These could be connect to all three driver modules and the ENABLE used to determine which motor(s) to drive. I'll sort out the logic for driver selection shortly.
  9. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Control could be :- 0 = A 1 = B 2 = C 3 = All OR 0 = All 1 = A 2 = B 3 = C
  10. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Now I need to drive the motors. I might lash up an Arduino for testing - but not tonight It would be useful to provides two modes - all turned together for focussing and separately for differential focus at 120 degrees. It seems quite possible that once set up the focus may not change. If this were so I would not need to faff about with driver code. For testing on the guttering I could run a USB cable to an Arduino at the ASC (if I can find a long enough one). I might reduce the supply voltage for testing so that I can run the Arduino directly off the main supply (Arduino max is 12v and I normally run at 13.8v) though if I use USB that can provide the Arduino power. For a simple setup I could use the ULN2003 drivers and run the motor power off the 5.1v supply for the RPi using unmodified 5v stepper motors.
  11. Leonids...

    And here.
  12. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Well, it's assembled - rather tricky to get the screws in while compressing the springs.
  13. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    Just printed the six gears I think the design seems alright now. Should have the mechanicals done soon. Then I need to decide on which stepper drivers to use but it will probably be A4988. After that I have the software code to sort out. Nicest would be to program the RPi to drive the stepper motors but I have used simpler arrangements for focussing in the past just using an Arduino and a single control wire. But no wires at all beats one wire
  14. All Sky Camera Mark 7

    The motor plate didn't work out so I've redesigned it and now printing it. The motor mounting stopped the gear rotating!