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  1. Yes indeed! Deep wells certainly help. Use low gain to maximise, but you know that!
  2. Looks very good to me Dave. And Alnitak seems well controlled with only a 6mn filter.
  3. INDI just gets better and better. Unfortunately, the mount limits Dave to Windoze.
  4. Just found this thread and planning to do something similar. The venting thing is interesting as I have had lots of trouble trying to seal ASCs. Followed your link but it didn't seem to lead to a buy-able product. Could you give me more info, please? How much and where to buy.
  5. INDI as in KStars/Ekos/INDI. The Pi runs the indiserver and INDI drivers.
  6. These domes produce negligible distortion. I too have tried cheaper ones in the past and had that problem.
  7. Indeed I have and this has proved very reliable. Mr "Astroberry" is a member here and very helpful.
  8. I'm wondering if I can use the timing belt to drive the going train. That would save some space.
  9. Printing the arms. This shows the arms fitted on the print bed in the slicer.
  10. Assembly. Showing "push pin" and pallet detail.
  11. New 72t timing pulley fitted belt just fine. Combined escape wheel with 72t timing pulley. Showing that timing belt just clears "push pins".
  12. The 72t timing pulley teeth are slightly out by 1.5% by my calculation using high power magnifier.
  13. I think driving the escape wheel with the timing belt should be quite feasible. That will mean only a lightweight gear train will be needed to drive the hands.
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