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  1. Solar definitely seems a better option than night time imaging. I've done white solar imaging in the past and have a Baader film filter but selling some kit and buying a narrowband scope is looking like a good option. With my latest higher resolution astro camera I should be able to get better images.
  2. And still no imaging! It's now galaxy season so once we get a few clear nights I expect to sort out an imaging rig for that. Meanwhile I'm concentrating on other projects so not terribly bothered
  3. I haven't managed to do any astro imaging this year and now all the targets I was hoping to capture with my widefield rig are out of view What with rain, clouds and fog it's been totally useless. If we ever get a few clear nights I'll set up for galaxies. Even in the last couple of days with nice sunny weather by day there have been clouds at night even if just high thin cloud it's useless for imaging. I'm certainly not surprised that anyone is loathe to buy expensive equipment!
  4. I have several SMC Takumar lenses and earlier models and they're brilliant for NB imaging.
  5. I think it's mostly personal choice - I like PixInsight and consider it excellent value for money but I wouldn't give it 10 out of 10 as I don't like its nomenclature. Very capable and extensive software though Can do everything in one package (if you want to).
  6. When I was using an OAG I had to shorten the stalk to get focus.
  7. I wondered about adding a flip-over dome cover but my dome (100mm diameter) seems to stay pretty clean. Mind you it has been washed by rain pretty frequently lately!!
  8. Yes, if it's not too bright.
  9. I'll try that - thank you
  10. I think you have a valid point Paul - prison isn't appropriate. Community service and a stinging fine would be better.
  11. The cloud is at ground level here!!
  12. Clear weather???? We'll see!! Thanks from me too
  13. The upgrade is in resolution - nearly twice in each axis. The other improvement is in read noise which lets you increase the gain though the does mean shorter exposures except for very faint DSOs. Yes, admittedly a lot more data to handle.
  14. I think I can increase it to 4000 ticks with new gears. With all this wet and cloudy/foggy weather at night I'm wondering if I'll be using this rig this winter after all. The nebula season is almost over Auto-focus on the Esprit scope rig works fine
  15. I have "upgraded" from Atik 460EX mono to ASI1600MM-Cool and very pleased with the results And yes, continuing to use 1.25" filters, no problem.