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  1. Ah yes, I thought I'd heard of using a red hot needle. You'd need a steady hand though!!
  2. Clear and seeing are the main factors for me. As I mainly do DSO NB imaging, the moon is not so important but I have another factor to take into account - proportion of the year when the objects I want to image are in view. There is also the question of number of astronomically dark hours in the night (currently approaching zero!). Evening social functions would account for less than 1 in 7 but it's amazing how many seem to coincide with a clear night!
  3. OUCH!!! Indeed ! It's true about letting the blood out and relieving the pressure. No additional pain either but needs a lot of courage
  4. I love Brian Cox's great enthusiasm and he presents well too And I agree you do make a lovely couple
  5. Laser surgery is probably a good idea if you're young but as we get older our eyes lose the ability to focus at varying distances and after laser surgery you still want reading glasses in older life as I understand it.
  6. Watching it = very interesting
  7. My eyes are just not suitable for observing hence I do imaging. I have pronounced astigmatism as well as short sight. Wearing glasses for observing is awkward but without I can't get focus because the focal length of my eyes is different at one angle from another at right-angles. That is what astigmatism is. Guess I have oval eyeballs!
  8. I'm using Marlin 1.1.1 with my Titan printer. Some rearrangement of sections and code specified a bit differently from RC8 plus several new bits.
  9. Yes, that's my thinking too.
  10. I shall be interested in how you get on with PETG filament. I've looked at it's properties, particularly compared with ABS which is my current favourite filament. The lack of fumes is certainly a plus point and means you don't need a fume enclosure. OTOH with the amount of filament I get through cost is a factor. Also, the ability to use acetone for solvent welding ABS is something I find very useful for making awkward or very large objects. I'm always on the lookout for different filaments though.
  11. That's interesting Dave, I'm finding the same with Bowden feed and going back to a direct extruder on my Titan printer.
  12. Yes, that's what I do now and no longer get leaks
  13. Being able to swap nozzles quickly would be great The problem seems to be keeping high pressure molten filament where it belongs! I've used a 1.2mm nozzle for printing - rough and ready but much faster printing.
  14. I think I may be doing the reverse with my large printer (Titan). I'm having a lot of trouble with the Bowden feed The ESD Titan extruder is very small and light though there is still the stepper motor adding mass of course. OTOH ESD have a new smaller motor they're offering as an option with their Titan extruder with 400 steps per rev instead of 200.
  15. Like GuLinux above, I use an RPi 3 and INDI with KStars/Ekos on Linux box indoors.