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  1. I left the mount powered up with the thought that the warmth generated would keep it dry inside. How I'm wondering whether to turn it off and rely on the dehumidifier to keep it dry.
  2. Just checked the forecasts again and all that green for tonight has disappeared from CO and the Met Office forecast now shows just one hour clear around midnight!! So I guess that's it for tonight!
  3. Had a look at the RPi and there's wet in places. Evidently needs better rain proofing!! If that's possible. Better idea would be to avoid subjecting the imaging rig to rain, sleet or hail!!! Errrr!!
  4. Just back indoors and it's raining again.
  5. I have a problem. Had a look at KStars and saw the pointing was way past the meridian so I tried to slew and go round the other way. Nothing. Found nothing was working so dressed up and went out to the observatory to investigate. Things looked normal except for the wet floor and some wet on the rig. Tried switching the imager off and on again but no drive green LED. Now brought the control unit (with RPi etc.) indoors to fault-find. Put the dehumidifier on to dry the scope room and wet off the outside of the mount cover and rest of the imaging rig. Whether I get anything ready for later tonight remains to be seen...
  6. Just had a look outside - quite a lot of clear sky but not to the west so I guess there's more rain, sleet or hail on the way. I want photons!!! Through my lens!
  7. Might get a couple of hours a bit later...
  8. The showers or thunderstorms are going on longer it seems.
  9. Looked out just now and the stars were out again but now it's raining. I'll see what it's like after 8pm.
  10. Rain seems to have stopped. There was a lot of wind with that little storm!! Forecast says it should be better later.
  11. I'll wait and see what it does. Had a polythene cover over the rig and mount so rig kept dry.
  12. Had an emergency dash out and close roof!! Sudden thunderstorm with sleet and a few seconds powercut indoors. Very strong wind with it too.
  13. Running... Imaging Orion in OIII. KStars FITS Viewer autostretch.
  14. Observatory roof is now open after over a week of lock-down!!
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