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  1. You definitely need other hobbies if you're an astronomer!!
  2. Oh dear!! It isn't all green!!!
  3. Aarrgghh and hhhmmmmpppfffffffttt....... Alright for some.................................
  4. This is a bit more interesting but not holding my breath! Sunday is a long way off in weather terms...
  5. Goodnight all - I'm off to bed.
  6. Cooling both cameras and comparing, there is now little difference. With 100% cooling the sensor temperatures are -14.7°C and -15.3°C with ambient of +22°C, a delta T of just over 35°C.
  7. Been thinking of providing better cooling for these two cameras. I have some nice 80x80x25mm 12v fans that are quieter than those 40mm ones. One 80mm fan and some 3D printed ducting and the cooling could be a lot better.
  8. Oh well, if you don't want it....
  9. I think I probably have some of these 12v axial fans...
  10. The fans in these cameras are only 40x40x10mm ordinary Chinese fans - nothing special. Guess it's time for replacement - had it several years!
  11. Oh!!!! Spoke too soon. No sooner than the camera reached -20°C than it started warming up again. Checked the fan and it had stopped. Gave it a push with a bit of wire and it ran again. The camera casing is warm. Having got the fan going again the sensor temperature is going down.
  12. The camera cooling seems much better. Have it indoors with ambient temperature of 20+°C and getting just a bit less that -20°C so that's a temperature difference of 40°C.
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