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  1. D-Bot 3D Printer

    That wire retaining chain looks ingenious
  2. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    This printer has a number of minor faults though seems to print well enough. The print bed is not really well supported - it still wobbles a bit. It could do with having the same arrangement as my Mini printer with a rectangular framework with wheels running on the four uprights. It also could do with the pulleys replacing with better ones as I think they are the main cause of the noise. I may consider rebuilding it after I've finished the Giant printer. I have a number of pieces of 500mm long V-Slot extrusion which I can use. I might also change to CoreXY for simpler construction.
  3. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Had to reduce speeds a bit to 30mm/s and 100mm/s. Also, increased temperatures. Seems to be printing alright now after 8 attempts
  4. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Increased the bed temperature and it's sticking fine now. First layer speed of 40mm/s subsequent layers at 120mm/s. It is NOT quiet!! But it's working
  5. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Had it printing but filament not sticking to bed - didn't seem hot enough. Should be 100°C but it wasn't that hot to the touch so the thermistor calibration must be out.
  6. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Fixed the bed levelling - fault in the grid code.
  7. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    I was hoping changing to the Duet control board would make the printing motion quieter but it hasn't X and Y movements are about the same but the Z is distinctly worse. Strange because the Mini is very quiet. There are one or two differences - the Mini uses CoreXY whereas the Titan is Cartesian with separate drives for the X and Y and hence more pulleys. Also the pulleys on the Mini are bigger. It may be worth changing the Titan to CoreXY but I don't know if it will make all that much difference and it would be a fair amount of work. Also, I'm planning to move the printer out of the living room into the workshop when I've set it up with a camera so the noise will be a lot less important - as long as it prints well.
  8. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Z homing worked but it didn't do the bed levelling routine. Setting up a 3D printer always seems to need sorting out at every step however many times you've done it before and copied code and instructions from previous setups!!! Nearly there I think but I don't know how many other things are wrong.
  9. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Found it M558 P4 H7 F600 T6000 I1 ; Set Z probe type to unmodulated and the dive height + speeds I1 needed to specify that the probe goes low on detection.
  10. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Z homing didn't work properly It raised the bed and the Z probe endstop light came on but it didn't stop until the bed hit the nozzle. Then it was a case of "Emergency STOP"! I seem to remember having this problem before - I'll check...
  11. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Filament loaded and warming up ready for the first print with the Duet WiFi control board.
  12. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    XYZ motors now working correctly though the Z seems very noisy - much noisier than before. Both heaters and thermistors working. Extruder motor turning in the right direction. Z probe working. I think that's all the pre-printing tests completed so I guess I could try a print.
  13. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Ha ha. Not only are some going the wrong way but I got X and Y mixed up. I was thing the top motor was X but it's Y Silly ass! I'll power down and switch off and swap the plug over.
  14. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Having moved the 5v power link fro internal to external, it works Now testing. Web interface works so I'm controlling from that. Enabled ATX power control and turned PSU on. Hotend fan started up noisily That's connected to an "Always ON" connector so it's on all the time the ATX PSU is powered up. Tested X and Y endstops and they're alright. Now to test the motors - some are bound to go the wrong way
  15. "GinaRep Titan" 3D Printer

    Connector for +5v-SB and PS-ON wired up to PSU and plugged in. Connector for hotend fan wired up and plugged in too. I still need to mount the Duet board but I think the wiring is all done now.