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  1. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    They only had one amplifier PCB left Oh well, the Giant printer can wait - lots of other things to do anyway. Ordered the PCB and 3 undrilled sensors.
  2. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Yes, I think I'll order some extra sensors when I order next. I plan to upgrade both my Concorde and Giant printers with piezo sensors. And yes, I was thinking I might as well get undrilled ones. I managed with crimping the tiny wires alright as it happens. I have a use for two of the now redundant inductive proximity sensors - endstops/limit sensors for automating my roll-off-roof.
  3. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Found the problem - wire off sensor - so have soldered it back on and the homing and mesh grid compensation worked fine manually. Now trying a print again.
  4. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Well, I guess I can't expect anything to be simple! Needs more poke from the nozzle and/or less from elsewhere. I have the sensitivity pot turned up quite high so it seems the vibration from the X drive could be the problem. That may improve when I rebuild in a nice rigid plywood box.
  5. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Hmmm... Thought I'd test repeatability. FAIL!!
  6. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    After a lot of testing and adjusting of the sensitivity, it's working! Produced my first print since removing the inductive Z probe and relying on the Precision Piezo and the print is fine. Now I shall be able to convert my other printers which will be especially helpful when changing hotends - yes, the bigger printers have interchangeable hotends.
  7. I'm changing my 3D printer Z probes for piezoelectric sensors and will have spare inductive proximity sensors and just thought - these will make ideal limit sensors (endstops) for my ROR open and closed positions. Nice to recycle stuff!
  8. Gina

    "GinaRep Concorde" 3D Printer

    I am now thinking of replacing the inductive Z probe with the Precision Piezo sensor that works by probing with the nozzle. This will give more accurate and repeatable results, avoid all the setting up required for inductive probes and avoid Z probe setting up when changing hotends (Concorde has interchangeable hotends).
  9. Gina

    What did the postman bring?

    Hope you've got plenty of patience because you'll need it and then some!! Good luck and enjoy
  10. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Been reading the Duet Z probe/endstop information. Although the Precision Piezo is mentioned it doesn't say which connector to use. Since Mode 8 is being used (according to Julian and Dave) and it says Mode 8 is similar to Mode 5 and that Mode 5 uses the Z Probe connector I deduce that the 4 pin Z Probe connector is the one.
  11. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    It's currently set so that increase in pressure triggers it. Pressure on the nozzle puts pressure on the sensor with this geometry. I think it's just a matter of reducing the sensitivity setting. Any movement of the print head causes triggering, lifting the bed only caused triggering once before the bed touched the nozzle. I've tried reversing the sensor connector and it made no difference but I've also turned the pot slightly clockwise to reduce the sensitivity and it now only triggers when the bed touches the nozzle. It still triggers with any XY movement but that doesn't matter, I gather, as probe triggering is ignored except when probing. Only testing ATM, with bench PSU and watching the LEDs on the PCB. Tomorrow I'll check out the Duet settings and connect the PCB output to the Z endstop on the Duet and remove the inductive probe. Then I can do the final setup and adjust the sensitivity if needed. I also need to attach the amplifier PCB to the X carriage.
  12. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    It works but I think I may need to turn the sensitivity down as it triggers rather too easily.
  13. Gina

    This looks like fun!

    So called Super Moon tonight they were saying! Saw it through thin cloud earlier.
  14. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Still thinking about how to arrange the piezoelectric sensor. With the X carriage above, the main plate (which is PETG) bends very slightly if I push on the nozzle. I should be able to use this movement to compress the sensor. When I rebuild this printer as I plan to do for better rigidity, I shall use plates front and back of the X rail so a connection between top of front plate to top of back plate would compress.
  15. Gina

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    I'm considering putting the sensor in the X carriage plate. With the sensor in the slot in the printed spacer, I only have to tap the table to trigger it. I couldn't manage to take a photo and tap the table at the same time and catch the response. (Take no notice of the colours of the wires in the 3 pin plug - it's just a handy wired connector for testing - in this case red is ground and orange is +ve.)

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