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  1. Thanks Dave. I may have a report tomorrow... A final goodnight... Shutting down computer. Over and out.
  2. Have to be up early in the morning so I'm off the bed. Goodnight all and good luck to those continuing.
  3. CO for the week looks grim! Just 2 hours of green late Thursday night but even that is partly cloudy.
  4. A little more area of sky with stars here but the stars are not very bright and only the brightest are showing. No good for imaging.
  5. Just had a look outside and it's clear to the west but cloudy to the east - around 50% cloud cover.
  6. I have an immersion heater in the hot water tank so no problem with hot water - just the electric bill!!
  7. Yes, it is! Had a phone call earlier confirming he's coming tomorrow so remaining hopeful but there have been times in the past when he's dropped out at the last minute with an emergency!! I'll believe my Rayburn is fixed when it's fixed and working again!
  8. I have a busy day tomorrow too and have a man coming to fix my Rayburn early morning so want to be up and had breakfast by the time he arrives.
  9. Strangely the sky has almost cleared here too. Just a few cumulus clouds on the southern horizon. But as you say, Dave, it can all change by dark!
  10. Geof, My pier is fixed so don't have that problem, also most of my imaging rigs can be in any position and clear the roof when it closes. I have two telescopes that would need parking in a special position before closing the roof - MN190 and my Ha solar scope. I doubt I would run solar unattended and will not use the MN190 if there is any chance of rain and just do what I do at present, except that the motor can close the roof when I'm certain the scope is parked. I shall be able to control it from inside the observatory as well as remotely. I'd probably disable the automatic roof closing on detecting rain (I could just switch off the motor drive system).
  11. Weather doesn't look at all promising for nights this week. Doesn't stop me advancing my projects though - just no imaging.
  12. Haven't really thought. Maybe something I can print on my Giant 3D printer when I've got that working again. Even that is sometime in the future after I finish my ASC, ROR automation and a couple of other things.
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