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  1. I have the cage assembled with camera, EFW and lens and now looking for all the USB cables etc. that will fit in. I think the focus stepper motor wires will want extending.
  2. A couple of photos. I still have to connect the camera power lead.
  3. With a usable control system for both focuser and rotator, I am now installing the boards in the box and wiring up. Photo or two to follow.
  4. Without accessing the INDI library source this is as far as I can go. I guess at this stage it might make more sense to build my own INDI driver from scratch rather than modifying present drivers. I can at least use the present Rotator driver as long as I'm careful not to use the unwanted controls.
  5. The GUI controls are not in the current .cpp files so they must be in the focuser class.
  6. Now to see if I can get rid of the unwanted controls from the GUI...
  7. Think I've sussed it Put the format back to "%0.0f" and step size to 5 and it works. IUFillNumber(&FocusAbsPosN[0],"FOCUS_ABSOLUTE_POSITION","Degrees","%0.0f",0,MAX_STEPS,5,0);
  8. I'm gradually discovering more about the IUFillNumber control. This defines the whole line in the GUI viz. This is the code that produced this control in the GUI IUFillNumber(&FocusAbsPosN[0],"FOCUS_ABSOLUTE_POSITION","Degrees","%02d",0,MAX_STEPS,2,0); The format code "%02d" determines the format of the middle box and has no control over the number format in the up/down box. I presume the format for that is set in the code for the class this is inherited from. That is a whole new "ball game" as they say! I guess I can put up with the 3 decimal places but if I were to publish this as a working system I would want it right. Seems the step size for the up/down box has to be greater than one - a value of one changes the appearance to a plain text box - I presume this is intended. I have used 2 above but I think I'll use 5 as steps of 5 degrees makes sense for the rotation. If finer control is wanted, the number in the box can be changed directly.
  9. Tried this code :- IUFillNumber(&FocusAbsPosN[0],"FOCUS_ABSOLUTE_POSITION","Degrees","%02d",0,MAX_STEPS,2,0); Produced this result :-
  10. I suppose I could use fifths of a degree as the step size in the control. Pity I couldn't manage an 18:1 gear ratio as that would be 0.1 degrees/step. OTOH since I have oodles of torque with full-stepping I could change to half-stepping and use 0.1 degree resolution. Hmm... Don't like that - one degree resolution would be fine and ideal really. I've tried again to register for the INDI forum but the registration still isn't working. I wonder if anyone on here is a member and could mention it in the forum
  11. Doesn't work Compiles but controls are wrong. This is my code line IUFillNumber(&FocusAbsPosN[0],"FOCUS_ABSOLUTE_POSITION","Degrees","%u",0,MAX_STEPS,1,0);
  12. One thing I've noticed - I can change the format to %u - an unsigned decimal number instead of the floating point format. Thought... I wonder if that affects the type of control.
  13. Found the definition of IUFillNumber - the up/down box etc. This is the code line for the focuser - which has MAX_STEPS set to 10000, so step size is 100 ticks. IUFillNumber(&FocusAbsPosN[0],"FOCUS_ABSOLUTE_POSITION","Ticks","%0.0f",0,MAX_STEPS,(int)MAX_STEPS/100,0); For the focuser the MAX_STEPS is 180 and I set the step value to 1, which ought to work but doesn't! The control reverts to just a text box.
  14. I have found the piece of code that handles the up/down control, just need to sort out what works. I'm gradually learning how the INDI protocol works I'm gradually sorting stuff out at the code level but I think I need to read up on the overall structure and which controls and functions are in which classes. A lot of stuff is inherited in the focuser code that I've been using as a template. I've ordered a couple of books about RPi coding - one intermediate and one advanced.