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  1. tomato

    Yet another M31

    Another version, more subtle colours, which I prefer. I’ve had enough of this image for now, will concentrate on getting out and taking some more subs on a new subject.
  2. tomato

    Yet another M31

    Thanks Peter, I am curious as to why the upper left limb appears superior in colour and detail to the lower right, all these subs were taken on the same night within an hour of each other. However I do have to say the range of settings in APP at the stacking stage did produce a variety of effects, not all of them consistent across the image.
  3. tomato

    Had enough

    It's only a suggestion, but I would get a moral boost by picking an object that you can image on for 3-4 hrs without the meridian flip and any other stuff that makes it more complex than it needs to be. Then you can process some data and produce an image, that is a real moral booster in my experience, even if it turns out to be less than perfect. I also set up and take down each session, and my Western hemisphere is blocked off by a porch and a 3 storey townhouse, so even if I did meridian flip I can only image on for about another 30 mins or so, then I'm imaging guttering. I have been back into this lark since 2014, and have not felt the need yet to get to grips with an integrated software package, my priority is always "Get some data!" Clear Skies Steve
  4. tomato

    Yet another M31

    Thank you, I agree the upper left is definitely better than the lower right.
  5. tomato

    Yet another M31

    This is a 3 panel mosaic, centre taken with an AA 102 APO, outer limbs with an Esprit 150, using a Mesu 200 and G2-8300 camera. All frames calibrated in APP and stitched together in APP, processed in APP and PS, Startools wouldn't load the files. I had a lot of problems with smoothing the joins and background, as you can see from the version I posted in the Help section, but I have spent some time playing with settings in APP and made some progress, but the joins are still there. Something weird has happened in the lower right, the diffuse edge is missing? Colours pushed too hard also, on reflection. All subs 300 secs, integration times as follows: L 4200s R 3000s G 3000 B 3000s Thanks for looking
  6. tomato

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    The Ha data has accentuated your original image very nicely indeed, right up there with the best I’ve seen. M33 is my next target, got more than a little frustrated trying to make my M31 mosaic work, at least I can get this one in a single frame. Steve
  7. Here is a 3 panel mosaic of M31. The central frame was taken with a 102 mm APO and G2-8300 camera, the outer frames with an Esprit 150, same camera. All frames integrated and stitched together in APP, I think they have been joined together in the correct locations. First problem was the other two panels to fill in the corners would not integrate in APP. Spurred on by PhotoGav's talk at Lucksall, I am giving it another go in APP, currently 3 hrs calculation time and counting..... As you can see, the joins are horribly visible. I used a routine from AstroBackyard to smooth out the background gradients which has helped a bit, but is there anything I can do to smooth the joins, particularly across the actual galaxy itself? I have done a bit of healing in PS at the 15-20 pixel level, but I am not a fan of this, too much like artistic airbrushing for my liking, but maybe that's my only option...…?
  8. tomato

    M31 very first attempt

    That’s a great first time M31, I find it a tricky subject to get the colours right. +1 for Startools wipe function, the noise reduction tool works wonders too.
  9. tomato

    Triangulum Galaxy (M33)

    Great result, hats off to you for imaging a faint object like this from London.
  10. tomato

    Elephants Trunk Nebula ( Take 2)

    Very nice, lots of detail for a relatively short integration time.
  11. tomato

    Hubble Problems

    I read that when the orbit finally decays, the primary mirror could survive re-entry, but it will need a little work if it lands in your back garden. Then again, it needed a little work when it was first launched.
  12. tomato

    My first Andromeda of the season

    Very nice, subtle colours which I think shows the dust lane detail at it’s best. I got 4 hrs of data on this subject on Saturday with an Esprit 150 and G2-8300, aiming for a 5 panel mosaic, but let’s just say it is currently a challenge for me to stitch them together without seeing the joins.
  13. tomato

    Weather - oh no!

    Scope Nights is saying Friday and Saturday a complete washout, Sunday clear all night. Bound to be true as we are packing up on Sunday morning.....
  14. tomato

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    First class, lovely vibrant colours and crisp detail, great processing job! It was indeed a great night on Saturday, I attempted a mosaic of M31, captured 4 hrs of data (a lot for me in one go), currently wrestling with them in APP....
  15. tomato

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    Hey, if we didn’t have the moon, there would have been no JFK inspirational speech and no Project Apollo, and I wouldn’t have missed that for anything. And what would the Fake Moon Landings conspiracy theorists do to pass the time?

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