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  1. Breath taking image, you just cannot beat a good Signal to Noise Ratio. I'm starting to look at dark sky locations for when I retire, that, along with a permenant observatory, will be the best investment I make in deep sky imaging.
  2. Down time

    I guess that's one plus for imaging, there is something else to do on cloudy nights, just need to make sure I use every rare opportunity to capture some data.
  3. My thanks...

    And a big thank you for organising clear periods on the one night (Saturday), that I was able to attend, that was really special!
  4. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    My first SGL star party for myself and my brother, could only make Saturday night and really enjoyed it. Thanks to all who put in such a great deal of work to make events like this happen. Got the gear to work in the field and managed some 12 min subs on M33 but missed out on the blue channel so added in some historic data from my back yard. Now back home and a bit tired but a quick calibration and process on APP and Startools. Hope you get some clear sky tonight and nobody gets blown away tomorrow. Ps would the campsite owners consider lopping off some of the trees to the South of Buzzard? Steve
  5. SGL 2017 Weather Watch

    How come nobody has responded to this brilliant post, would it be tempting fate? Ooops, I've gone and done it.
  6. PC Monitor

    Great thread, I have the same question!
  7. I was thinking of buying a Skywatcher Auto focuser, assuming it can be fitted to my Altair Astro 102 mm APO refractor.... Steve
  8. Elephant's Trunk : LRGB - reworked

    A nice image and yes, I think the second version is better. This was the first nebula I imaged with a OSC camera and I was amazed how different it looked compared to the narrowband images you more often see of this object. So many stars! Steve
  9. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Hey, you should tell him it's all visual at the end of the day. If all the images posted were a table of zeros and ones, I don't think they get quite the same reaction? Imagers just have a lot of paraphernalia and faff before the photons hit the retina, but they are still all coming from the same place. And I say that as a keen imager, first and foremost.
  10. NGC3077, M81's less flashy neigbour

    Thanks for that, I'll give it a try.
  11. NGC3077, M81's less flashy neigbour

    Sure thing, tilting the laptop screen can sometimes be better than an hour's worth of processing
  12. Soul Destroying - A night in the life

    Total respect to persevere and achieve results like these after the gremlins set in. After that much hassle I usually switch it all off and get the bins out.
  13. M33 LRGB

    Wonderful image, great level of detail and colour.
  14. NGC3077, M81's less flashy neigbour

    Thanks for the comments. I posted the photo from my laptop and the background didn't look too bad, but it's horrendous on the iPad! Colour balance looks out too. Something else I need, a decent fixed monitor...
  15. I hope I'm not the first person to do this, but on Monday night I was looking for an easy object to image in the North as far away from Mooney McMoonface as possible. Settled on M81/M82 or so I thought and started a run. It was only after looking at the first 5 min sub that I noticed the Cigar galaxy was not very cigar shaped. I soon realised I had framed NGC 3077 alongside M81, HST/ESA tells me it is part of the same group and is undergoing very active star formation, but not with quite the same fireworks display as M82. Still, its another amazing island universe, some 13 million light years away from us, home to millions of stars, no doubt countless planetary systems and who knows what else? 40 mins of LRGB, 102mm AA APO, Mesu 200, G2-8300, Darks and Flats calibration in APP, processed in Startools and PS. Thanks for looking, see you at Lucksall!