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  1. I roughly estimate I've done the lift about 70 times, so far without mishap, but I'm rolling the dice every time. Hopefully I will have retired and have a permenant Obvs before my number comes up... Still the lousy British weather helps my odds🎲🎲
  2. I totally agree with the Luminance is good viewpoint. I have a OSC camera and I cannot get close to the detail captured on 'equivalent' LRGB subs. That's why I am going the mono plus filters route in the hopefully not too distant future.
  3. Congratulations on your choice, I am sure you won't regret it. I bought a second hand flightcase (on wheels) to keep the Mesu safe when not in use and to make moving it around easier. Please make sure you give the operation of lifting it on and off your pier/tripod the respect it deserves. It is a very robust mount but definitely will not take kindly to being dropped from 1 metre on to the floor, and your foot will not take kindly to breaking it's fall either. Steve
  4. M51

    Very nice image, personally I do like the wide field view, somehow helps to give me the impression of how remote the galaxy is...
  5. I got 2 hrs good imaging in on Monday evening, called it a night at 23:00 because I had work next day. By the time I had packed everything away and climbed into bed it was 23:40, that's when I heard the rain lashing against the window. Sometimes, you can get lucky.......
  6. Thanks John, for trying to ID that tiny edge on galaxy, I managed 2 hrs total subs on M51 on Monday night with my Atik OSC 314, and the galaxy is just visible on my final processed image. It also makes me appreciate even more the effort that went into your M51. Steve
  7. My daughter bought me an Advent 7 port powered USB multi hub for Christmas, not exactly industrial quality. It didn't work initially with 10 metres of low quality extended USB cables but I now connect to the laptop with a Bluerigger powered USB cable and since then it has worked faultlessly. However, it's still early days.
  8. Very nice image indeed, very impressive detail. l love the edge on galaxy (I must have a thing for edge on spirals) just coming through to the bottom left of the companion galaxy, not found any info on it yet, but perhaps someone on SGL could enlighten me.
  9. They are all beautiful renditions, and there is slightly more to it than screen printing......
  10. Great job! Looks like another winter has passed without me getting a decent image of this nebula, you've done it proud.
  11. Yes, my guide graph went downhill in North Yorkshire from about 10:00 pm last night, shortly followed by high cloud. Up to that point I had a total RMS of 0.65" (Dec much better than RA), but I only spent about 20 minutes polar aligning. Still managed 90 minutes total subs on M101. I just love this 'smash and grab' approach to imaging in the UK....
  12. This is what my cables look like 99% of the time. About the only advantage of setting up and taking down each session......
  13. After a long layoff finally got to try out a BlueRigger cable with my powered multi USB hub tonight. Ran the mount, and 2 cameras for 2+ hours, never missed a beat and I get to monitor everything sitting in the kitchen! A satisfied customer
  14. Hi Tocster, welcome to SGL. I set up and take down a Mesu for every session but I am guessing you can get more clear nights in your part of the world in a month than I will see in a year! The Mesu is a chunky piece of equipment so you would have to take care lifting it on and off your pier/tripod each time but once it's in place I don't think it is any harder to align and get running than any other mount. I know Lucas Mesu has made a variant where the Dec and RA axis unbolt for ease of portability, if this had been available at the time I would have gone for this as I like to travel to a dark site for imaging. Good luck with whatever you choose. Steve
  15. A second Mesu on the way, now that's an endorsement.