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  1. Think I’ll stay on 3.1 until I can get NINA sorted, my laptops have had several recent Windows updates and SGP has come through unscathed.
  2. Cold nights will sap your camera batteries really quickly. It might pay to run the camera off the mains if you have a power supply and can do this safely, otherwise as you say, keep some spares handy.
  3. Well done for grabbing Andromeda if that was just a random point at the sky. The great thing about widefield imaging is modern kit is so sensitive you can point it just about anywhere and you will capture something. The tracking looks pretty good, and nice colour capture. The star adventurer is a great piece of kit, just need to sort out your focusing.
  4. Don’t tempt me, I was close to copying and pasting a bit of the galaxy to fill the hole, but I do have some principles
  5. I think you might have less frustration in the UK if you are 100% visual. Tonight, for example, there were always patches of clear sky visible between the clouds, but if, like me, you were after 6 straight hours of imaging on one target, forget it. When I get too decrepit to change the kit around I might well spend some of the kid’s inheritance and relocate some of it to a better location, but for now I’ll stick with the UK.
  6. +1 for this approach, if the cameras aren’t on the scopes in the protected observatory, then they are in dedicated metal or plastic foam filled cases inside the house. They aren’t cheap to replace and IMHO it’s worth spending a few quid to store them properly.
  7. If I ever get the darn thing finished, I intend to post it alongside a ~4 hr version taken with the RASA 8 and QHY 268c and see what folks make of the comparison...
  8. You can mount 2” filters directly in the RASA’s optical window threaded holder, it’s a bit of faff, but means you could use the dual band filter with your 2600, if the holder doesn’t arrive.
  9. I was going to go for the L-extreme until @gorann posted that he had ordered the IDAS NBX dual narrowband filter for his RASA 8 for the reasons you describe, this filter coping better with the band shift and transmission loss that occurs at low f ratios. His filter was delivered today, so look out for his first light post.
  10. IDAS it is then, no doubt you will post a first light before I even do any broadband imaging with the 268c.
  11. A bit off topic but I guess you are going with the IDAS as the slightly wider bandpass is better suited to the F2 optics of the RASA? They are the same price so I should choose the one which is optimum for the scope.
  12. Great, an Optolong L eXtreme dual band is on my shopping list for the RASA and QHY268c, you never know I might get to use them someday...
  13. Great result, the hybrid is undoubtedly better but I would be very pleased to get the OSC image. Oh, so you do get clouds in your part of the world, with your recent rate of output I was beginning to wonder...
  14. Spot on, I find as with most of the interests I have had, just having a bit of a dabble is never going to be enough. Many years ago I got into tropical aquaria, and ended up having an Octopus as a pet! Apologies mods, about as off topic as you can get.
  15. Another cracking result. OSC may be the poor relation to mono + filters, but it’s getting richer with every shot you post.
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