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  1. I have an Altair 102 mm APO with the 1.0x Planostar flattener, this had to be within 1mm of the specified spacing to get a flat field across the KAF-8300 CCD. Outside of that tolerance the stars in the corners were not good at all.
  2. Please Help Me Upgrade My Mount...

    I’m a bit late into this thread, but here is my two pennarth: I have had a Mesu 200 since 2014, I am a firm believer in the mount being key to an imaging set up, and I didn’t want to buy another, so after briefly considering a second hand Paramount, I went with the Mesu, and definitely no regrets 3 years on. It’s lifted and carried to every session, put away in a flight case, taken to remote sites and it’s never missed a beat. There have been some well publicised issues with the Sitech controller from time to time, (mine, however, has been trouble free to date) but the after sales support looks to be first class from Sidereal Technology, and they are used by high end manufacturers and a sizeable amateur astronomer base alike. When you consider the hours logged on Olly’s original Mesu, I feel relaxed about the mechanical longevity here in the UK. Mine is ridiculously under loaded at the moment (102 mm frac) but I plan to put a 12” F8 RC on it when I retire, and it’s good to know I don’t need to consider a mount upgrade when the time comes.
  3. IC 342 Another go at the Hidden Galaxy

    17 hours....wow, is there a law of diminishing returns with increasing integration time or can you never have enough? I must at least try to get to double figures.
  4. IC 342 Another go at the Hidden Galaxy

    Thanks for the comments. I am not sure if it is because we are viewing this through the plane of our own galaxy, but it seems a lot harder to get a decent image of this one compared to M101, for example.
  5. 4 hours of integration time in LRGB, over 2 nights, first night the moon was up and washing out the contrast, but I still got more detail in the galaxy by using these subs, even though it has made for a very noisy background. This is a indeed a challenging subject, hope to get some more time on it now the Moon is on the wane, then I can dump the inferior frames. Thanks for looking. LRGB 12 x 300s each, Altair 102 mm APO, G2-8300, Mesu 200. Calibrated and stacked in APP, processed in StarTools and PS, I need a copy of DAOMB?
  6. One for the Apollo fans

    Yup, the high speed footage from the base of the pad is something to behold. I was most impressed when Jeff Bezos spent some of his pocket money to recover the F-1 engines from the bottom of the Atlantic.
  7. One for the Apollo fans

    Totally Brilliant, the 'moon landings never happened' conspiracy theorists should be made to watch it from start to finish.
  8. Telrad finder

    +1 for the Telrad, although like Olly I often forget to turn it off after the initial star alignment. Still going strong after 3 years on the original batteries, but will keep an eye on the corrosion issue.
  9. This hobby always springs surprises, my experience is almost the opposite! I couldn’t get along with DSS calibrating and stacking LRGB subs, but I went with the 30 day trial on APP, followed Mabula’s and Sara’s tutorials, and had enough success to convince me to purchase the software. I guess like all such packages it seems sensitive to the quality of the subs, LRGB results obtained on clear, dark nights are vastly superior to others, and in my experience, no amount of light pollution removal or background calibration can make up for this. However, this could still be my less than expert use of the software. I don’t know if this is significant but because I set up and take down every time, I take flats after every session. Mabula looks to be very helpful on the user’s forum so that’s worth a look. Hope you can get it sorted, Clear Skies
  10. Lovely image Steve, this has inspired me to have a go at this when I hopefully get my new Ha filter for Christmas. To date I have only managed a crude LRGB image but have still been blown away with how much detail can be achieved digitally in a 20 minute exposure compared to my Kodachrome efforts from nearly thirty years ago. Then I’ll need to get to grips with the processing, looking forward to your new book!👍
  11. Ngc 7331 - Ngc 7814 in Pegasus

    Wonderful images!
  12. blast from the past

    A chess game programmed into 1 k RAM on the ZX81, now you need a gig or two just to switch it on......
  13. Worst Astro Image Ever? - SOLVED!

    Hey, the Horsehead is clearly identifiable in the image, it therefore passes the fundamental first test of any astro image in my view.
  14. Perseus Galaxy Cluster

    Totally Brilliant, I just love images like this. I should put this on my office wall and point it out to my boss when I want him to get a bit of perspective on a problem...