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  1. Myself and @Tomatobro set up on the front drive tonight with the portable rig to try and image Comet Neowise. It was always going to be tight but alas the scope was imaging roof tiles instead of the comet. Being out front was certainly Sidewalk Astronomer territory, passers by asking what we were doing, cars slowing to have look.
  2. tomato


    Wow, now that’s quality data.
  3. Thanks, I just realised what @carastro wrote in her response, her reaction was just like my observatory floor.
  4. There was a wooden subfloor constructed over the concrete plinth, and the mats were laid on this wooden floor. There is a dehumidifier running inside the dome. They have shrunk a little recently, but will still need trimming.
  5. Agreed, the 150 is leaning on an EQ6R, but it will take it if well balanced and no wind. The 120 is a better choice for that mount. The point I was making is that the whole Esprit range are very good refractors, I have seen no reports that one aperture size is particularly better than another, from a quality perspective.
  6. I think the MN190 is a very capable imaging scope, my brother ( @Tomatobro on SGL) images with one on an EQ6-R Pro and Atik 383, here is an example image. Housing it in a wind protected observatory is a good idea, it is a bit of a sail.
  7. Yes, I used to think platesolving was a bit of nice to have, but it gets you centred on the target in no time which means more precious subs captured!
  8. You need as many eyes as your avatar for that collection!
  9. +1 for the Esprit 150, and I agree you can’t go far wrong with the 120. Having said that Petexl’s images are outstanding, fairly modest integration times and from a Bortle 4 or worse sky if I have identified the location correctly.
  10. Great close in view of this iconic edge on galaxy. Another image which defies the limits of what is considered to be possible from the UK.
  11. Hi, That sounds like a great setup, Esprit 100 and CEM40 are well above entry level kit, in my opinion. Are you planning to run it all from a laptop? You don’t have to, but it may be easier controlling the camera this way. I believe free control software is available for your camera, hopefully the DSLR experts will pitch in. Re-reading your post, you may already have this. Enjoy your next steps into AP
  12. How does it compare to a filter wheel and a full set of 2” wide and narrow band filters, as I presume these would all be surplus to requirements if you have a suitable OSC camera?
  13. Very impressive, you can't beat access to the right tools for the job.
  14. This is my ‘plastic chain’ for the shutter drive, I don’t think it will break any time soon...
  15. The fan removes the heat generated by the Peltier cooler so you will get some cooling even if the fan isn’t running, just not as much. Should be a straightforward job to replace the fan, just ensure it is the same spec.
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