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  1. Firstly, total respect to you for imaging this object under a Bortle 7/8 sky! I agree 100% that the application of Calibration frames (darks/flats/bias) will make a tremendous difference to this image, making further processing much easier.
  2. tomato

    How to get into imaging?

    +1 for “Making Every Photon Count”, the first bit of kit you should buy before embarking on the Astrophotography journey. If you wish to progress to using a telescope and taking extended exposures, then buying a telescope mount first is a sound move as you can easily mount your DSLR on it and start to take extended unguided exposures which will give you some impressive constellation images. It’s just my opinion, but I have been very impressed with the Skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount, it performs well above it’s price bracket, second hand units can be had for £400-£500, and come up quite regularly. True, that’s a substantial outlay, but it would serve you well for many years as your skills and equipment collection builds. That’s a great image of Orion, by the way, nicely framed and focussed, you should have seen my first attempts with a SLR.....
  3. Wonderful image, for someone wrestling with the processing software packages, that's a great result. +1 for APP, I too have found it excellent for calibration and it seems to work miracles combining data taken on different set ups, and making mosaics, again using data from different sources. I am also increasingly using the image processing functions, with some degree of success when compared to Startools. I don't have PI. Steve
  4. I wonder how many cases there are every year of people suffering permanent eye damage through looking at the sun directly with either bins or a telescope? I presume instances would go up around the time of a solar eclipse but it never seems to make the news.
  5. My first scope (at 14) was a Prinz 2.5” refractor which came with a sun filter of dark glass that screwed into the eyepieces. I viewed sunspots through this many times before I knew better, how scary was that? PS I now work in Health and Safety lol...
  6. tomato

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    Yes, I’ve always imaged in that way, as I always want to have something to show my friends and family, rather than lots of unfinished projects. It just means that I am currently resigned to having total integration times measured minutes rather than hours.
  7. tomato

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    Just imagine night after night of clear skies, there would be none of this elation being expressed here at seeing some stars
  8. tomato

    M33, HST Style

    Checkout the 54 panel mosaic of the central regions of M33, one of the latest HST images released by NASA. It’s grainy appearance reminds me of one of my 2 hr OSC images of this object, the difference being that when you zoom into mine you see noise, with Hubble, you see stars.
  9. tomato

    What`s your favourite constellation?

    For me it has to be Fornax, a humble constellation, until the HST delivered the Extreme Deep Field Image from within it’s boundaries. Sure, I know any part of the sky would reveal something similar, but this is the little patch of sky where we have gone really, really deep.
  10. Clear skies as I write in North Yorkshire but the wind is constantly rattling the back gate which I know from previous experience is enough to foul up the guide graph.
  11. tomato

    M81 with an Altair RC10

    I like both of them, more dust lane structure in the first one, but I love the colours in the second. Great 'close up' images of this target.
  12. I got a Spyder5 to calibrate my monitor, does that count?
  13. tomato

    Mesu/Sitech PXP model

    Great post. Will give this a go when I finally get the Mesu in a permanent Observatory.
  14. tomato

    Resurrect the Space Shuttle ???

    Yes please, I would love to witness 5 Rocketdyne F-1 engines at full chat.
  15. That’s a really neat solution, reduces set up time, and puts the scope in the optimum location, and no tripod legs to trip over. My gut feeling would tell me you might get some flexture when you compare the pipe diameter to traditional pier pipe diameters, but if it’s solid, then job done!

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