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  1. It's only a guess but suspect it was the Chinese....
  2. True, the right angle plug on Davey-T's photo looks less chunky than the one on 14", could an ultra low profile plug be the answer, assuming one can be sourced? Meade knockers? I remember reading an article on a big Meade vs Celestron shootout in S & T back in the early 90's just before I left astronomy alone for 20+ years. Who won out in the end?
  3. Or if you can, undo the female connection off the panel, pull the wires through and solder on an extentionsion and plug. Will look a bit messy though, you would think Meade would have the alternative plug wired in parallel, if this was fitted as a solution? Maybe just easier to grind the clearance on the fork....
  4. +1 for the belt mod. It improves the tracking and the slews are definitely quieter, important if the neighbour's dog is excitable.
  5. I use exactly the same logic I get for bags/shoes/etc purchases, it was a good price so it has SAVED us money
  6. There have been developments, PM sent
  7. Notty, very sorry to hear this, and on a selfish note I'm gutted. I am about 18 months away from retiring and moving back to the West Midlands, and this is exactly what I will be looking for, and at an amazing price by the way. Unfortunately I don't think I can persuade the Financial Director to make the investment now and put it into storage. Best of luck with the sale.
  8. Just been helping out starting to image with a HEQ5pro and Skywatcher 8" F5 Newtonian. It took a better 30 min image of M27 (with the same camera) than my scope and mount which cost 5 times as much! (Don't tell the wife)
  9. Correct, swayed by the cooling specs, integrated filter wheel and ~£1100 delta compared to a QSI 683. Just need it to be delivered....
  10. I deliberated for weeks choosing a CCD camera, finally made a decision partly based on the understanding there was a stock of them in the UK. It now transpires it is on a (very) slow truck from the Czech Republic, far too hasty a decision....
  11. "Winter is coming" Any SGL members in Game of Thrones?
  12. A great thread, from my experience of imaging: 1. Guiding, the single biggest breakthrough towards acquiring a half decent result. 2. A proper dark sky, on LRGB it's like spending a four figure sum on equipment.
  13. I had an Astro camera, DSLR with various cables flattener etc as hand luggage from Gatwick to Marseille with Easy Jet last September, no problems then.
  14. I recently sold my Atik 314 OSC camera to my brother, by his own admission a novice planetary imager and completely new to DSO imaging. I delivered the camera and we spent the best part of a day installing EQMOD for his HEQ5 and setting up his planetary IS camera for pulse guiding with PHD2, all in daylight. A lovely clear night last night in Shropshire and after a bit of trouble star aligning through Stellarium and EQMOD, and a long USB lead dropping the guide camera signal, he obtained this 10 x 150 sec image of the Dumbbell Nebula. The moral of the story is it certainly pays to set up and run as much as you can at your leisure in daylight, it would have been really frustrating to lose the entire night to climbing up the imaging learning curve. And, as a bonus, the imaging session went so well that at the end I was able to get my first look at Saturn through the eyepiece since getting back into the hobby, simply stunning!
  15. I started out on OSC simply because I wanted to start imaging and a second hand colour CCD came up on the classifieds before a colour one. I have enjoyed using it and particularly like the fact I can get a 'complete' image no matter how short my imaging session. However IMHO a OSC camera will struggle to deliver as 'good' an image as mono + filters due to the sensitivity reduction. I should get my mono camera and filters next week, it remains to be seen if the extra complexity (i.e. frustration) of achieving a complete image under U.K. skies will out weigh the improved quality of the end result, but the fun is in the trying!