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  1. Got around 6 hrs of data with the dual rig, super transparent atmosphere and the seeing not too bad as the target gained altitude. It was very breezy but the dome coped admirably in sheltering the scopes, only problem was I had to nudge it around manually because I fried the controller the night before
  2. Well done, it’s not easy when you buy a bundle of second hand electronics. Just a note of caution, in my haste to beat the rain showers last night I ran my dome drive system with the hold down clamps in place and now the controller is not powering up, a visit further investigation and repair is now required.
  3. If I have my sums correct, it is sobering to think Voyager 1 has so far only travelled 0.2% of a light year. Still, they may be the only enduring artefact of human civilisation, assuming they can outlast the earth, they only have to avoid major impacts for another 6 billion years...
  4. Hmm, it’s a tough one. Technology and the Internet has given us cheap(er) imaging kit, lots of online tools and a huge knowledge base and of course SGL. Is it OK to pick what we want and reject the rest?
  5. Well, I got 35 mins of imaging in on NGC 2903 (dual rig = 70 mins of data) tonight in between the squally showers. The wind was rattling the shed door throughout, but the scopes were snug in the dome (aperture on the leeward side) and guiding at 0.5 arc sec per pixel. With the rig now looking like the sail on a Mirror dinghy, I’m glad I went with the dome option.
  6. Just one more, take a look at this....
  7. How about a pneumatic actuator that squeezes the focuser to the OTA at the end of the rotation and before re-focus? This is why we have mounts with lots of extra load capacity I notice folks are getting ready to use their kit which was the original theme of this (very long) thread, so I'll stop hi-jacking it after this post.
  8. A ring gear bonded to the focuser body and motor with pinion and encoder attached to the OTA? The trouble is the assembly would have to be reasonably free to rotate and that would introduce sloppiness into the optical train. Not good.
  9. So would I but the units commercially available for big focusers have big price tags to match. I suppose it’s all about the mass that has to be rotated, and the precision required, but the latter could be relaxed a bit provided a refocus was done after the rotation.
  10. First class, I just love those galaxy clusters, the term ‘faint fuzzies’ doesn’t do them justice in my opinion.
  11. Just awesome, and here’s me thinking a 6 panel mosaic of M31 is two panels too far.
  12. Yes, I certainly prefer your second process, better colour balance, on my screen ver 1 has a very slight green cast to the background. Great work
  13. tomato

    MESU 200

    The GTD friction mount looks interesting, another new mount to add to the list.
  14. tomato

    MESU 200

    Poor customer service from Lucas? When I was deciding on a high end mount there was a thread on SGL where a batch of Mesus had been fitted with the wrong encoders. Lucas came over to the UK and personally replaced the units on every mount affected. That sounds like pretty good after sales service to me.
  15. Mighty fine images, NGC 7331 and M33 are the stand outs for me, but galaxies are my favourite DSOs. Great that you are getting the benefit of the darker sky, I find it does make you want to go for ever longer integration times, and that’s another frustration in the UK.
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