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  1. Well I’ll pop down to you and you can help me set the camera up...
  2. It had slipped my mind that it was today - it's been quite a day and my work phone hasn't stopped ringing. By chance I opened a web news page and saw the coverage. Memory now jogged. The sky outside brightened and the sun was out - it was clearly meant to be. Grabbed the Lunt, a camera tripod and EP and dashed outside. No good in the back garden so have to go out to the front - not ideal - hate making a spectacle. A neighbour asked what I was up to and told me I shouldn't point a telescope at the sun... Good advice but I quickly explained. Found a good spot but all a bit wobbly on the tripod. The biting wind not helping but just as I've got it lined up, the same neighbour decides to switch on his (previously out of sight) pressure washer to clean his camper van. Could see the huge amount of spray heading my way so quickly had to move everything and start again. Managed to see it from vantage point 2 and now its gone cloudy again. Maybe I'll get the camera ready for 2032!
  3. Great find. Thanks. Ordered the moon and Apollo books and used the discount code advertised on their website. Bargain!
  4. Anyone interested in a Pulsar full height dome? £1650. Originally installed by Pulsar in 2010. Will need to be collected from Wallingford.
  5. Redcat arrived yesterday. Feared the worst with the weather changing but very amazed that the sky suddenly cleared at 1am. Set everything up in record time and managed to get 4 subs before clouded out again. Not often you get first light on day one of ownership though. Sadly no time to run through the rest of the filters. Elephants Trunk, 4 x 10m, Baader Ha filter with Atik One. Stacked in DSS and adjusted the levels a bit. Andy
  6. Apologies for the delay but a great, big thanks to FLO for the cable. It looks to be very well made and I look forward to using it. As Alan said: I hope to be able to take some pictures very soon - as soon as I can shift this horrible cold that I seem to have had for weeks... Andy
  7. 2 pm's sent but only because I didn't read the instructions properly! Name and address in 2nd! It's been a long day...
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