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  1. The cell is 102mm. Carefully touched one of the spots with some Wonderfluid and it seems to have cleaned nicely. Thanks for the help, appreciate it.
  2. Wonder if anyone can help with this one? This one came with some bits and pieces that I was given. I haven't used it and wondered about selling it on. Just need some details. An achro with a 4" cell. Don't know the f value or the brand? Any ideas? Think it may be a Phenix? Also what sort of value would it have? £100? Thanks in advance. P.s. Anyone want a telescope?
  3. Anyone got one they don’t need? Thanks Andy
  4. Bought this used last year from SGL. Not needed and I've not used it. Can anyone else give it a good home? Just looking to get my money back - £32 Details here: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics-brand/william-optics-vixen-compatible-dovetail-plate.html
  5. Atik CCD bundle 314L+ Mono 314L+ Colour Mono low-medium usage. Colour barely used. Condition is very good. Boxed with original CDs and usb lead. Mono's box is a bit worn. This is the set point cooling model. https://www.atik-cameras.com/product/atik-314l-plus/ £1000
  6. A forgotten purchase just found in a box of filters. Used once or twice with an EOS 1000d but moved to CCD soon after purchase. Immaculate condition. £120 including tracked and insured P&P to UK
  7. Well I’ll pop down to you and you can help me set the camera up...
  8. It had slipped my mind that it was today - it's been quite a day and my work phone hasn't stopped ringing. By chance I opened a web news page and saw the coverage. Memory now jogged. The sky outside brightened and the sun was out - it was clearly meant to be. Grabbed the Lunt, a camera tripod and EP and dashed outside. No good in the back garden so have to go out to the front - not ideal - hate making a spectacle. A neighbour asked what I was up to and told me I shouldn't point a telescope at the sun... Good advice but I quickly explained. Found a good spot but all a bit wobbl
  9. Great find. Thanks. Ordered the moon and Apollo books and used the discount code advertised on their website. Bargain!
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