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  1. VDB 15, QHY 367C

    Absolutely beautiful! Taking nothing away from your obvious capture and processing skills, I wish I had the skies and the funds available to justify the purchase of one of these cameras. Brilliant work!
  2. Just checking it wasn't an earlier version - I know there were some issues with 2.5.0
  3. Which version of PHD2 are you using?
  4. Full frame canon body worth it??

    I have to admit that I haven't tried the 80d which I believe uses improved sensor technology, must try one out! I can however compare the 6D to the 7D mark II and find that there is no contest for me - I can shoot at iso 6400 on the 6D and still get usable images if properly exposed, the 7D II is a mess of colour mottle at that setting.
  5. Hi Keeper, I routinely run 600s ha exposures with the QHY163m (G10 OS70) and have no problems with calibration.
  6. Cave Nebula wide

    Very nice Cave Harry, top job!
  7. Orion Wide Ha + HaRgb

    Don't know how I missed this - lovely job Richard!
  8. Arrrggghhh! Help me decide please!

    @Thalestris24 - I have the QHY163m and am extremely happy with it. Works great on USB2 and is a very clean camera. Here's a Pacman that I captured with it on Friday night - 28 x 600s -15c G10 OS 70
  9. Friday Pacman HA

    Many thanks Goran, it's HA - 7nm Baader.
  10. Chances for tonight??

    You're not kidding! I was going to venture out to the Peaks to grab some broadband subs on M45 before the Moon came up - I sacked that idea and set up in the back garden for some narrowband on the Pacman. The wind was very gusty and extremely cold, so I spent most of the evening indoors and watched the subs roll in remotely
  11. Bubble Nebula 25 Hours exposure in Sho and Hoo

    Excellent work Maxime! The first image is the one for me. Welcome to SGL!
  12. IC 1396 Elephant Trunk Bi-Color AT8RC

    Fabulous image!
  13. Friday Pacman HA

    @Allinthehead - I've nudged the black point over a hair - thanks for the suggestion Richard
  14. Friday Pacman HA

    Cheers Richard! Maybe the black point could be nudged to the right a little bit - I do tend to err on the side of caution as I really don't like the effect of overly sudden transitions between nebula and sky.