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  1. I know this isn't what you asked but I have this camera and use the Orion/Skywatcher 76mm scope rings to secure it. They are a good snug fit.
  2. RichLD

    halo and a half...

  3. RichLD

    Rosette complete

    #1 is a winner, well done Rodd, beautiful image!
  4. Wonderful image, well done!
  5. As the description says, this is the adapter that attaches the QHYCFW2 small and medium filter wheels directly to cameras such as the QHY163, minimising back focus to enable use of the camera and fw combo with camera lenses. I ordered this in error from MA - Bern imported it specially so I didn't feel right in trying to return it. It cost me £29 from MA, I will accept £25 including UK mainland postage. BT preferred, PP buyer pays fees. This item is brand new and has never been mounted or used in any way. It comes exactly as it would from MA and does not include screws. These are hard to come by in this country so grab a bargain! Rich
  6. RichLD

    FOUND! 76mm tube rings - pair

    I recently enquired about these with 365 Astronomy who were not sure when they were restocking, so I got the Orion equivalent here They appear to be quite difficult to come by, sorry I haven't got any for sale and HTH Rich
  7. Excellent write up Steve, many thanks!
  8. RichLD

    T2 360 rotator, any users or suggestions?

    I use a variety of focal length camera lenses - 55mm (Super Multi Coated Takumar) 135mm (Jupiter 37A) and 180mm (Nikkor ED180) all manual focus with a Canon adapter. Because I'm a bit short in terms of flange to focal plane distance, I tend to find that infinity focus tends to be around 2/3rds of the focus travel. I have always had very sharp focus with all the lenses at this 'virtual' infinity mark on a 4/3 sensor (like the KAF8300). It may be worth mentioning that all of these lenses focus externally i.e. the lens changes in physical length when focussed. I wonder if IF lenses react differently to incorrect register distance?
  9. RichLD

    What has caused this please?

    +1 for step down rings for an aperture mask
  10. Could be pinched optics, it might be worth checking the tightness of the primary mirror clips. The mirror should be able to move slightly - when tightening the screws, a lot of people put a little bit of thin card inbetween the clip and the mirror, then remove it to leave a very small gap. It may be that the camera picked up the problem but the mk1 eyeball missed it. Always worth checking anyhow.
  11. I use a two powered Startech Industrial USB hubs daisy chained and have two QHY163m cameras, a filter wheel, a PoleMaster and an Orion SSAG camera all plugged into said hubs running down one USB cable without issue. HTH Rich
  12. RichLD

    Eagle Nebula (M16) SHO

    Brilliant shot, well done!
  13. RichLD

    T2 360 rotator, any users or suggestions?

    You'll be fine given the size of the chip, just focus under infinity on the lens.

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