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  1. Hi Sara, many thanks for taking the time to make this excellent tutorial. APP does look very impressive indeed - I tend to make my mosaics in PS with non-linear data which can be a real faff. The way APP deals with calibration, registration and stitching keeping everything in the linear domain is excellent!
  2. I understand that the Mesu is amazing mount but have to say that I'm seeing a lot of issues regarding guiding on this forum. Apologies to the OP as I can't offer a solution to the problem but I do have to agree with Olly here - a mount at this price point should not be this difficult to use.
  3. That's gorgeous, deep, detailed and colourful. Top drawer!
  4. Very nice image, well done!
  5. That's brilliant, "proper" as we say ooop North I epoxied the same step up ring to one of the Starwave 65-100 Bahtinovs - similar idea but no where near as good as yours, well done that man!
  6. The HEQ5, along with the SW ED80 represents the best bang for buck in the sometimes dizzyingly expensive world of AP IMHO. I have belt modded mine and it's definitely worth doing - my guiding has improved and the mount sounds much sweeter when slewing. Even if I could afford a much higher end mount I'd keep my HEQ5, I absolutely love it! šŸ˜Š
  7. Great stuff, delicate and detailed and restrained, love it!
  8. It's also worth mentioning that you are going to need a power source with more grunt. A leisure battery with the highest practical capacity possible for field use (I use a 110ah deep cycle battery in a modified toolbox) or a mains power adapter of around 10 amps for home use.
  9. Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate your comments, they mean a lot to me! I'm very much enjoying the CMOS camera now I've got my head around it - it calibrates really well and is very clean noise wise! All the best Rich
  10. Wow - love it! Hope you enjoy Spain
  11. That's a beauty! Lovely clean OIII data you have there Steve, the Astrodon has done you proud!
  12. Bring on the darkness!
  13. Lovely pic Olly! Just for kicks I decided to concoct some Albireo anagrams. Ear boil is by far my favourite so far It's been a very long day, I'm off to bed now...
  14. Lovely work Barry - I'm usually a mono lover but the HaRGB is fab and gets my vote!
  15. Very nice, well done sir!