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  1. RichLD

    T2 360 rotator, any users or suggestions?

    You'll be fine given the size of the chip, just focus under infinity on the lens.
  2. RichLD

    M31 HaLRGB

    That's lovely Rodd, you certainly continue to deliver! Great stuff
  3. RichLD

    T2 360 rotator, any users or suggestions?

    To add to my previous post, I use the SGP Framing and Mosaic wizard and Platesolve2. It really is a joy to be able to enter an accurate rotation figure and see exactly what you're going to get. It also makes multi-session imaging and mosaics a breeze! I'm either at 270/90 (long side of chip parallel to the dovetail) or 360/0 degrees. Once I've used the star trail/slewing technique mentioned by Olly I'll do a quick platesolve to be sure I'm dead on.
  4. RichLD

    T2 360 rotator, any users or suggestions?

    I have used this very combo and it works very well - you will have back focus to spare as it only adds 5.5mm. I prefer to have my chip orthogonal to the RA and Dec axes as I find it makes it easier to plan framing and mosaics. I've now sold my Geoptik adapter and have the very rotator pictured in very good condition for sale. If you're interested drop me a PM Rich
  5. RichLD


    Great image, well done!
  6. RichLD

    Weird Noise

    Brilliantly explained!
  7. RichLD

    It does what it says on the tin.

    Great bit of kit, I wouldn't want to be without mine now.
  8. As the title says - like these if anyone wants rid
  9. RichLD

    NGC 7094

    That's a great image and I agree with Gorann, the sharpening works!
  10. RichLD

    DSLR OUT...........CCD IN.

    You're too kind sir, many thanks! Yes, good skies make all the difference with OSC I find - I also suspect that the QHY8L is a good match for the ED80. TBH it was a pig to process though
  11. I have had great results from OSC but find that dark skies are a must. A bright target like M31 gave me a good return after 10 X 600s using a SW ED80 with its dedicated FF/FR and a QHY8L. Not sure how this will work with a fixed mount, unless you're planning high gain 'lucky imaging'. I find processing OSC to be just as time consuming as mono, although calibration time is of course reduced due to the lower number of subs. HTH Rich

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