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  1. Whilst I agree that the way forward is shorter bar/more weight for all the reasons mentioned above, I can't help but worry about the potential for slippage of the counterweight bar clamping mechanism when not fully extended, especially on mounts like the HEQ5. For this reason and for ease of portability I tend to go with the counterweight bar fully extended with less weight - this has never caused issues but then I image at very forgiving pixel scales 😀
  2. A couple of HA widefields shot with the QHY163m and Nikkor ED180 combo. There's around 6 hrs integration time in each image. I'm not particularly happy with how they've turned out from an artistic standpoint but thought they showed some good depth after some aggressive processing, which is why I'm sharing them. Hope you find them interesting to look at! All the best Rich
  3. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    It's all about the skies! My favourite galaxy and a fabulous effort by both parties - bravo!
  4. The Lesser Spotted Question Mark Nebula

    Great shot Richard! I have been known to call this target the Scary Space Skull and Cosmic Question Mark...
  5. Flats

    Hi @spillage A couple of questions: Are you applying your calibration frames before debayering? Ideally you need to be applying your master bias, master dark and master flat (all un-debayered/mono) to your un-dabayered/mono lights. How long are your exposures and how high is your ISO when plate solving with the HA clip filter? I use 20sec bin 2x2 exposures when plate solving with my mono CCD and 7nm HA filter. Rich
  6. Glad you enjoyed your trip Ooop North and got a top pic to boot! I'm lucky in that I only live a 20 minute drive from the Peaks - one of my favourite places in the world
  7. Meteor Showers

    I always tend to spot them when I'm not staring - sort of like averted vision. Saw a couple of Perseids from my back garden before the moon got too high which was nice - I abandoned my usual Dark Peak location due to it being extremely busy, possibly due to the media attention given to the shower. Stargazing is indeed a contemplative affair for me also!
  8. I hate .... I love

    The majority of usb issues lie with the contact surfaces of the connectors in my experience - the mechanical tolerances of usb are generally not good, regardless of how much you pay for the leads etc.
  9. Different resolutions stacked?

    I know it seems a lot of cash for a bit of a 'one trick pony' programme but it does that trick really well!
  10. Different resolutions stacked?

    Yes, what Carole and Olly say as well! I wasn't sure if you were wanting to 'double up' on subs to put in the same stack or layer in detail from a narrower FOV shot into a wider image. Layering/masking as above will require PS or similar and will also require careful blending/matching of the component parts. Rich 😀
  11. Great Wall NGC 7000

    Really nice capture and processing, top work!
  12. Different resolutions stacked?

    I have a dual rig - I sometimes resize the mono subs from my QHY9 to match the subs from my QHY163m (generally HA) using Registar. Before resizing I calibrate the subs (bias, darks and flats). Once all this is done, I can stack subs from both cameras together. I'm not sure if this method will work as well with OSC data (you'd definitely need to debayer before resizing) and you would most certainly need Registar. HTH Rich