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  1. RichLD

    Contrasty Central Rosette

    Love it! I agree that the contrast gives a nice sense of depth - looks great on my monitor and is not overcooked at all IMHO
  2. RichLD

    Canon lens

    Do you want the whole constellation in the frame or just M42 etc? The 50mm should be about perfect for the constellation, if you want a good un look at Samyang, as they have aspherical elements with very good coma control and sharpness wide open. Also, as a general rule try to use a lens with flourite or ed elements to avoid CA. Something like an old manual Nikkor ED180 (with adapter) would be an excellent choice for the whole of Orion's sword, for example. They come up on fleabay every now and again for £200ish. Finally, I recommend using an aperture mask rather than stopping the lens down to avoid diffraction artefacts on bright stars - step down rings are a very effective and cheap way of achieving this. HTH Rich
  3. RichLD

    35mm Film for AP?

    Film - no ta! On the subject of vinyl - yes, it does sound different to digital and for good reason. The cutting lathes for vinyl do not react well to transients, especially the attack of high frequency components such as hi-hats etc. To facilitate a good 'cut' by the lathe, the stereo mix needs to be carefully mastered, which invariably involves various levels of frequency specific compression and limiting, as well as the stereo width of the mix being narrowed or summed especially in the bass frequencies, resulting in a sound that is generally perceived as smoother and 'fatter' to our ears. Then there's the pop, crackle and hiss, which are obviously artefacts unintended by the artist/engineer/producer that have become loved by vinyl fans.
  4. RichLD

    Full frame dslr -your opinion please

    +1! Get a second hand Mark 1 from MPB or similar.
  5. RichLD

    My first ha, the Horsehead

    Magic, especially for a first attempt! I love the HH in Ha!
  6. RichLD

    sh2-216 RHa Gnii BOiii

    Well done sir! That is a very tricky target and I think you've done it proud. Very interesting palette too! My only very minor criticism is too agree with Olly regarding NR/smoothing of the background, but that's just personal preference as I tend to prefer a little bit of grain - top shot!
  7. RichLD

    Wildcat 'Cans' - Jones-Emberson 1 - WIP

    Fantastic pic Steve! Surely it has to be a contender for a stereoscopic image? I'll get me coat...
  8. Hi there - may I recommend you save up for the HEQ5? There are some cracking second hand examples around at very reasonable money. IMHO it's the best bang for buck mount around and will easily handle the 130PDS, with a little bit of future proofing built in for when you inevitably become addicted to AP. I love my HEQ5 - I've even managed to get decent images out of it with a 200PDS mounted on it, although that's right at it's payload limit. I know that the mount alone second hand will eat up your budget but it really will be worth waiting in the long run - you shouldn't lose money on it either if you decide to sell it on. Here's a post that details the differences between the EQ5 and the HEQ5 HTH Rich
  9. RichLD

    Canon 6d

    I love my 6d - I can't really comment on the 600d comparison but can say that for higher iso exposures it blows my 550d out of the water. If you're into daytime photography the 6d is also a very able performer and is awesome for wide landscape work and portraiture. I use a QHY8L for OSC and a QHY9 and QHY163m for mono for all my long exposure DSO work. I believe @StuartJPP uses a 6d and he gets fantastic results (hope you don't mind the tag Stuart). HTH Rich
  10. Brilliant image Sara, that will make a lovely print!
  11. RichLD

    VDB 15, QHY 367C

    Absolutely beautiful! Taking nothing away from your obvious capture and processing skills, I wish I had the skies and the funds available to justify the purchase of one of these cameras. Brilliant work!
  12. Just checking it wasn't an earlier version - I know there were some issues with 2.5.0
  13. Which version of PHD2 are you using?

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