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383400 seconds to go..... ish!!!


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Hello everyone

I have been a member since november but only saying hi to everyone now as i have FINALLY ordered my scope :)

After three months of reserch and reading and the asking of endless newbie questions (and the agonising wait for payday) i am finally there and in the wee hours this morning finally made my purchase and as of wednesday i will have a nice new telescope.

I have opted for a Celestron C925 on a CGEM mount and it will be accompanied by a full set of Baader Hyperions & 36mm Baader Aspheric.

So hello all :) and a big thank you to anyone who has answered my newbie and sometines im sure stupid questions. Also a big thank you to the guys at FLO, Steve, Martin & James all who have given excellent advice.

oh and sorry for the cloud!!!!


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Hi Mav and welcome to the forum.

Can see from your choice of scope that you've been doing your homework. There will always be stupid questions still to ask - I should know cos' I still keep asking them.

Hoping the skies stay clear soon.


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Hi Mav, a warm welcome to the SGL forum, that is one very nice and quite expensive set up if I may say so, if this is your first scope, be patient and keep asking those questions if you get stuck, I have seen some lovely images taken with a C9.25 and it is the next scope on my list, when finances permit, have fun ;)


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