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  1. Don't think l can make it as starting new job Sunday night. Sorry been away for ages, been fishing alot and the summer late light evenings are naff for me as l fall asleep waiting for them to go dark for veiwing. Are we all well? Mick
  2. Hi, I have a finepix s5000 digital camera, Prob not very good for imagine but l,m just starting out. With a 55mm ar-fx5 adapter ring. I am looking for an adapter to fit my camera to then fit my nexstar 6se telescope. Any ideas please as l have looked and looked and no luck so far. Best regards Mick
  3. Welcome to the Lounge, hope you enjoy your stay. I have no technical advice as l,m new to this too, My only advice is enjoy and hope you can pray, Pray for clear skys lol
  4. Hello and welcome to the Lounge. l am yet to take a photo, l,m yet to buy a telescope Glad you got the bug again.
  5. Hi and welcome to the Lounge
  6. Hi and a warm welcome to the Lounge
  7. Hi Starjump, Welcome the to the Lounge.
  8. Hello Jiggy, Welcome to SGL
  9. Mick Smith

    Hello :)

    Welcome to the SGL.
  10. Hello and welcome to the Lounge. Enjoy
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