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  1. New and old primary springs, solved the collimation drift Thanks to the members who post information on the forum as soon as this started i rembered something i had read here http://stargazerslounge.com/uploads/gallery/album_1084/gallery_10629_1084_1479729.jpg
  2. rubberman


    Old darker colour springs replaced, solved collimation drift
  3. rubberman


    From the album: Stuff

  4. Weclome to SGL, stretton based stargazer with a 12" dob you are welcome to come have look sometime
  5. Yup since I fitted one to the dob, makes finding objects of interest a doddle even in my light polluted sky. A Telrad combined with Stellarium & a ever improving knowledge of the night sky is a winner.
  6. patchy cloud & nearly windy enough to make the manual dob track automatically
  7. Cannot agree more, a pair of mk1 eyeballs are best optic equipment i have.
  8. Result! Well done Euan. All I am getting at the moment is excuses "We have to light the highway" & "it's the lowest wattage" or "we cannot modify it as it would stop the light from doing what is supposed to do" etc.
  9. Had a 300P Flextube for a few months now, managed to get it out in various conditions it's a fine scope even in light poluted back garden, Didn't go with the Goto or Auto versions just added a telrad to make finding faster.
  10. Always wondered if the council will let me do that to my roof!
  11. Nice work, must get off my backside and apply some of these mods to mine.
  12. Dear Georges Mum, Isn't it better that George takes up a nice save hobby like Astronomy, at least then you know where he is!
  13. 45, but act like a five year old, when a shiny new toy arrives.
  14. Got a Telrad from Rother Valley this week Rother Valley Optics: Optical suppliers of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Image of it in it's new home, just need clear sky's now! http://stargazerslounge.com/members/rubberman-albums-stuff-picture12667-dsc02074.jpg
  15. rubberman


    From the album: Stuff

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