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  1. i left at 4am, got here for 7am. no way was i sitting in traffic
  2. The eagle has landed.... and by that i mean the van made it LOL mild temps at the moment and heavy cloud
  3. Happy days. Cheers for all your efforts Grant
  4. Grant thats done and i have PM'd you Cheers
  5. if i book the main days now, can i arrange with Lucksall the rest if i want to stay the rest of the week 20th?
  6. Grant is there anything left for a Motorhome??? i completely forgot all about it. Cant believe it
  7. Cheers grant i'll chase up friday
  8. sweet i'll book up friday. whats the word on booking the whole week Grant, book the SGL days on FLO or just book it all with Lucksall and let you know? Cheers
  9. Hey guys Been completely off the radar this year its been crazy are there still places for this year?
  10. I don't believe i have to say this AGAIN But the dog has taken a turn for the worst and needs an operation next week.......... Im not going to be able to make it Is there a higher power conspiring against me? Last year i couldn't get the van fixed in time, this year its perfect and now the dogs broken down Mike what are the dates for the spring? I'm getting back up there one way or another Cheers
  11. I'm booked off and I'll ring Steve next week to book up.
  12. I'm booked for drummroamin which is the same week, i'm probably gonna change it and do that next april instead but i cant do anything till next week
  13. Last week i installed on the roof of my motor home (which is used exlusively for astro) a 150w Solar panel........ its not stopped raining since i feel the need to take some responsibility for the recent bad weather
  14. I have a genuine Canon battery and 2 non branded batteries that all work fine. You have done exactly what i would do in ordering a genuine battery, hopefully its just a dodgy battery but the non-branded ones i have do work so..... Strange one this.
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