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  2. Hi, It's my first astro photo. I recently acquired Nikon d5100 to mainly photograph in daylight, but since this forum's given me a bit of clue as to what astrophotography can be about, I decided to have a go at some random target. Target happened to be Plough,since now it's quite close to zenith and light pollution is quite bad around where I live. Not much nebulosity around this part of the sky, so concentrated on getting star details out. So here, 6 images stacked in DSS and processed in PixInsightLE. Any comments welcome. Nikon d5100@18mm, ISO1600, 15s each.
  3. M31, M34 and Double Cluster are clearly visible. Congrats
  4. Had to stretch £1.5k for the (refurbished) turbo in my Mazda6 recently. Had no choice really... turbodiesel without turbo is just a tractor and the car without it would be worth... well I was told 1.5k. But generally I think the more expensive the stuff is, the more maintenance cost will be. And as far as I'm concerned, Olly has astro-setup equivalent of Ferrari.
  5. The way I found locating m31 the easiest was by starhopping from Mirach (beta Andromedae). Just memorize the star pattern in Stellarium... and hop, hop, hop
  6. I guess you guys got as close to perfection as it gets.
  7. Had a great fun watching the skies last night. Very good seeing, I cannot remember last time I could see entire Ursa Minor with a naked eye. All neighbours went to bed earlier which helped a bit I'm quite limited to the field of view, only N, NE, E accessible from my back garden. I mainly use Cassiopea to find my way around the sky this time of year. Mizar-Alcor for starters, just to get my eyes adapted. No drama here, probably best known optical double. M31; although this is good friend by now, an object that really got me into astronomy, I still find it most enjoyable. Located within seconds (Mirach, hop, hop, hop ). Still just a misty cloud, but with somewhat distinguishable shape. Loved it as usual. Double Cluster; got my eyes adapted by now. Very easy to spot, unmistakeable formation. Then I looked high up, holding my 15x70s by hand. Still learning constellations, so it's taken a trip back home to have a look at stellarium and made out the Cygnus. No problems here, with Deneb almost in zenith. M39; first time I've seen this one. Wow. This one is made for binos. I though it will be trickier to spot, but again, looked at stellarium and memorized the star pattern. Quite large object, could distinguish at least 20 stars. By that time Triangulum was reasonably high up, so I raised the bar and decided to go for Triangulum Galaxy. No luck. 5.7 Mag it says, but could not spot it. No luck with NGC752, same Mag . But I was able locate the nearby 56And double quite easily. M34; another open cluster of the night, visible, but less impresive than the M39 and Double Cluster. Got my tick in the box Jupiter was up by that time, so had a first proper view of it. Excellent, this was another first-timer Could spot 3 moons (Europa, Ganymede and Callisto; Io was in transit). Tiny, yet sharp points, all distinguishable in Jupiter's glare. Jupiter itself very bright, its light is specific, you can tell it's reflected. Had a bit of a problem getting it sharp, could not get it pin-point. :/ (any hints?) Spent the rest of the night jumping through all of above and Moon and learning constellations. I will be getting myself a proper telescope in the future, but I thought I'll learn the basics first. I tell you: grab yourself a pair of decent binoculars first. It is a fantastic introduction to the night sky. Cheers, parvee.
  8. Prof Jim Al-Khalili sets out to discover what the universe might actually look like and charts the stories of the men and women who discovered the truth about the cosmos. Tonight 9:00PM BBC4 and iPlayer soon after
  9. Well they have thought of that. That's why each graph is reviewed by many people.
  10. Bumpity bump. I've logged in after long break, just to find out that one of the transits I've marked is now official planet candidate! Yay! SPH10100751 - one of 90.
  11. I think it was a bit heavy, but liked it overall.
  12. 2001:SO as a "proper" space movie. After that just Family Guy's Star Wars trilogy.
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