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  1. thats a lovely image you have there!
  2. There's something quite eery about the negative! Great sketch!
  3. if i attempted to draw the moon it wouldn't look anything like that! Nice one!
  4. Mine started playing up after a short while. Became almost unusable as it was so hit and miss!
  5. Firmware updates are usually a good thing, but that said, if it aint broke, dont fix it!
  6. Memory and Disk space are 2 different things. It sounds like you have spare disk space so you are looking to free memory. Memory is consumed by open programs, if you want to free some up then you need to close any unneeded software that is open. On windows there can be lots of hidden programs open. ctrl + alt + delete should let you get in to task manager where you can see what is running.
  7. i couldn't access it earlier either.
  8. Levels & Curves are where you want to be looking! There's some great photoshop plugins available too.
  9. PS. Invest money in a mount. thats got to be about the most important bit of kit you can buy!
  10. DSLR's do introduce some vibration in the click which can render them not too great for planetary work. If the OP's mount is unstable then this could be a real issue, one that you wouldnt have with a webcam. (Just my 2cents!)
  11. I had the same done for me. I really wanted to capture it in an image but i found it nigh on impossible to know if i was even looking at the right star!
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