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  1. annnnnnnd your memory is borked again. Hehe, just kidding, but no, wasn't me. I do still have my lovely Carton 60/1000 with CrawMach crayford focuser. Wonderful grab-n-go scope. Gets lots of use.
  2. Although if you go back to about 2010-ish you can see the thread topics under discussion back in ye olde days
  3. I think it was a change of forum software or similar, if my memory is correct, that the pages or groups, dissapeared? Sadly archive.org is limited, so I don't think you can go deeper into the old group pages.
  4. Web Archive .org has a copy of the 'Classic & Vintage Scopes' group . Posted a link below, to alay any fears of reality or memory episodes for PhilJ ;D http://web.archive.org/web/20111118175739/http://stargazerslounge.com/group.php?cat=1 Cheers, Andy
  5. Thanks for another detailed review, Bill. Most appreciated I noticed months ago, the Burgess website mentioned the soon arrival of this new Ultra Mono and am delighted that you've shared the 'eye hours' you've had with it. Cheers, Andy
  6. Some early Tal reflectors were a striking blue colour. An example of the colour can be seen on the following thread.....
  7. Excellent ! One step at a time and you'll have a cracking scope. I've never really heard a bad thing about the mirrors on the Dark Star scopes of this era. I reckon most folk opted for the higher grade optics, as I've noticed, there wasn't a huge difference in price from std(1/4pv) to higher(1/8pv) back then. Keep up the good work
  8. If you like a nice pint of beer - CAMRA's Ayrshire & Wigtownshire branch voted Frasers Bar in Millport, Big Cumbrae, as branch Pub of the Year 2018.
  9. It is getting darker up here. Quite noticable the last week or so, so you might get a chance to use a scope.
  10. They were hunted to extinction on Big Cumbrae in the late 1800's
  11. As J-C says above, if you've got room. After all it's better to take it and not use it, rather than not take it and end up cursing yourself 'til next sunday, for not bringing it
  12. The old Intes Micro website(in Russian) ..... http://www.intes.su/ Google Translated .... http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.intes.su%2F They made some really lovely stuff !
  13. From what i've read, this scope has two sets of six screws holding and adjusting the lenses. If i remember correctly this is the same number that hold the SW esprit lenses. I'm sure i saw pictures of an esprit getting adjusted on an optical bench on a German site?. So, I'd guess SW are taking their experiences of that scope and applying it to this new big doublet.
  14. This may sound daft, but after trying to visualise the size, it's actually smaller than I thought !!
  15. Fan-bloomin'-tastic !! Very encouraging early report. One for Skywatcher. Do you think they should hide the camera adapter under one of the foam accessory slots for shipping? Great stuff John. Have fun!!!
  16. I would be interested to know how easy it is to remove(unscrew) the dewshield, as I've read reports it can be a four handed job...ie: two to hold the black cell piece, two to unscrew. I take it the focuser is the same as on the other Evostar ED Pro fracs? Cheers, Andy
  17. Thanks for putting together that comprehensive review
  18. Lights in a greenhouse? Is your neighbour growing plants of the five leafed variety?
  19. But what's in the smaller box? Have fun !!
  20. Thought you might appreciate this Tal 100R rebuild, on a polish astro forum..... https://astropolis.pl/topic/63805-tal-100r-nowy-tubus/

    A somewhat heavy duty build !


    :) Andy


    1. nightfisher


      wow, lots of metal in that!

  21. Valve springs? Heh, maybe not quite but not far away. Incredibly difficult to compress between the fingers That's a good price for aluminising. I've been out of the loop regarding that stuff. Can you or anyone else recommend places to use?? Cheers, Andy
  22. Note the extremely strong springs. Once collimated it stays there. Also, where the name sticker is, that's a piece of steel from a length of round bar, for balance. I can see the tooth marks where it was cut! The board is 19mm(3/4") thick. I'd guess optic focal lengths were whatever was available from their supplier at the time. As Jules says, a bit of fettling over time(no need to rush, just bit by bit) and you'll have a lovely scope. Sorry for all the underlining, my furry cat decided to walk accross the keyboard. No idea how that happened. My furry boy is an A class plonker at times.
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