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  1. Great picture Dave, stunning detail. Thanks for sharing it!
  2. Excellent pictures James. Great to see the moons on that last shot. Wishing you more clear skies!
  3. Hi Chris and welcome to SGL! Wishing you clear skies for your observing...
  4. To add to the above - I'd like to say that I had a great time. As a newbie, initially I had trouble adjusting to the dark skies compared to the light pollution at home. But it was great, loads of helpful advice, useful tips, interesting lectures (thanks to Daz, NickH, MikeP and Ibbo). My son enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, everyone was happy to chat, any time of the day. The tea tent was a great place to meet for a cuppa (accompanied by one of Jean's great cakes) and a quick word on anything from the weather to the quality of the software on Starlight Xpress cameras (apologies to John (Astronome) & NickH for the blank looks ). I'll be back for SGL7 and will do my best to get to darker skies more often (thanks to Mark (mdstuart) for showing me how quick you should be able to find Messier objects). All round - a great weekend. Thanks to everyone I met and all those I should have. One final thanks to Helen for the shortwave joke that's kept me smiling for the last 2 days .
  5. Great pics Scarlet! Thanks for the memories :-)
  6. Guys, It may be my IT skills... but on the booking facility page I couldn't find the site plan (mentioned as attached). I went to the Lucksall website, but their site plan was down. Is it me?
  7. Thanks very much Daniel - just what I've been looking for to give my 11 year old a start! Much appreciated. Wishing you clear skies.
  8. Hi Matt and welcome to SGL. Have you thought about joining your local Astronomical Society? You get to have a peek through other peoples' kit before you buy and it's a great way of tapping into the local knowledge!
  9. Just a short note to say thanks to everyone involved in organising this... you're doing a grand job! :-)
  10. Hi Mr Flibble and welcome to SGL! Sounds like you're up and running, might bump into you around Brecon sometime soon. Clear skies.
  11. Smashing image, has a kind of mystical feel to it. Thanks for posting it Dave.
  12. Great shot, well framed. Thanks for posting Stewart. Am I the only one thinking it would make a cool Xmas card??
  13. Justly rated in POTW - excellent shot Kyle. Love that webcam set-up :-)
  14. Thanks to all you guys & gals involved in setting this up & the simple booking system was a pleasant surprise ! Hope to see you all there, under clear skies of course .
  15. WayneR

    Hi from Mansfield

    Hi MrsR and welcome to SGL! (Although I was surprised when I saw your username - thought you were "the wife"! )
  16. I can empathise there meloncap! With such a huge range to choose from, it was always going to be a difficult choice But now that you've made it, I wouldn't waste time worrying, just enjoy observing for now . (Spend more time contemplating when/if you upgrade to a bigger/better 'scope!)
  17. Thanks Talitha - I have to admit that the Moon is my second favourite rock (behind the one we're on!) - and I'm looking forward to my own lunar study !
  18. Breakintheclouds - thanks for the info, most interesting! Great topic & fascinating to lay-people by the look of it!
  19. Great idea for a thread Gamma Ray! Talitha's list looks like a lifetime's work in itself , but I can see why she likes so many features ! The Moon Rocks (!)
  20. Great work David - thanks for getting up early & thanks for posting!
  21. Nice detail Chris - well worth getting away from work early for!!
  22. WayneR

    Newbie from Marlow

    Welcome to the forum Duncanp! Wishing you clear skies once you've got the scope up & running!
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