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Hailing from Holmfirth


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I'm a relatively new astronomy, residing somewhere in Summer Wine country.

I've only really has the astronomy bug for about a year now; I am seriously wondering how I managed the first 29 years of my life without even following it up.

I've joined the Huddersfield Astronomical Society and become actively involved in the activities, but I still don't feel as though I can get enough.

I used a borrowed 4 1/2" reflector for a while, and the first time I used it I pointed it straight at Saturn; I was blown away. Since then, I've spend every possible moment outside freezing half to death but thoroughly amazed at the beauty and sheer magnitude of some of the visible objects.

My amazing family and friends teamed up to buy me a 10" Skywatcher Flextube Auto for my 30th birthday. The views through that thing are amazing and I'm hoping to whip up some rubbish planetary images for you all to laugh at.

Ok, I think all the above should cover it. I'm pleased to meet all of you, and hope to learn a lot more from some people with actual experience of this noble hobby.


Jon :)

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Hi Jon and welcome to the forum.

My that was a jump observing from a 4" one minute to a 10" the next! It might be silly for me to ask if you noticed any difference?:):D

Glad you could come on board and look forward to seeing 'those' images.:(

Clear skies


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Hi Jon and welcome to SGL. Nice scope you have.

Noone will laugh at your pics. We all start somewhere and if anything all, you will find that you will get is advice and encouragement. I`m sure you will be posting some decent images in no time. :)

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Nice to have you with us Jon.

A 10" is a very useful instrument, and nice of the family to share the cost.

Holmfirth is where the series, Last of the Summer Wine is located isn't it? Such a beautiful place, and a wonderful comedy programme, I love it, and the repeats are still very entertaining.


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