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  1. Hi Russe, I have actualy got a AVI at that setting also. But not seeing much of a difference really. I would even go as far to say it was beggining to look over exsposed? Thanks, Michael
  2. Welcome to SGL Islander! From one Orcadian to another - I know all to well the challenge of the local weather! Look forward to meeting you. Michael
  3. I live in the centre of a small(ish) town and usually settle on 5mins and the CLS clip holds up well. I’ve also noticed a huge difference between 2mins and 5mins in terms of structure/deepness etc. Gimp is only 8bits – not as good as 16/32 but its free and will allow you to practice with stretching etc until you get photoshop or pix insite or whatever. These are also very hard targets I think for a DSLR & ED80 to get real good detail, something bigger for the future might be a better choice (M31?) or plop your C9.25, but then guiding I belive becomes harder. I've tried these too with wi
  4. Hello, Need some help here. I'm a complete Jupiter/planetary/registax noob been only doing DSO's before...I'm finding that much easier! I've tried Jupiter twice now over the last few nights, but can't seem to get much detail out of it. I looked at this thread before attempting my second go last night for recommended settings - which made a bit of a difference. The part I think I'm really struggling with is the processing and possibly focus also..I did try my best to over expose first to get the moons and focus on them, but it's not easy when the atmosphere is doing its thing! I know I don't
  5. Well done! It's a good feeling when it all comes together in the end isn't it? You're off to a good start! More time and even longer subs if you can will show more detail. You could download 'GIMP' which is a free image processing software package to get you started. Keep 'em coming! Michael
  6. Great captures! I'm just impressed you've managed to get 28hrs total! I think the most time I've spent so far on an object is 3hrs lol Keep up the good work! Michael
  7. Hi John, Yes I only seen your sticky AFTER I took the images...hence my comment on not doing any research first. It was only the next day once I had read your workflow that I realised I made things more difficult for myself than need be! Och we learn the hard way! Will be more prepared next time! Thanks, Michael
  8. Thanks folks, The stitch was much better in ICE than Imerge, I was getting that effect you're saying. I could only load up the images when they were in the TIFF format, where as Imerge prefferd FIT's. There was a couple biggish holes missing near the centre and a few edges but photoshop sorted them out. Thanks, Michael
  9. Hello all After buying a morgans SPC880 webcam, I've finally gotten round to using it. I now have the up-most respect for those doing lunar imaging, as its certainly time consuming doing these mosaics! I should of done some research before attempting this, but I did have a lot of fun! It's a nice change to see a live image on the screen rather than a deep sky sub every 5 mins or so. I have to thank Avdhoeven for posting a lunar workflow PDF as this was my guide and it worked a treat! Although I used Microsoft's ICE to do the final stich as I wasn't getting very good results with Imerge.
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