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  1. Yeah I think it's 200x290 looking at it now. It's not quite the full size of the packaging but not far off.
  2. Thanks I like it a lot. Keep having a play in GIMP!
  3. It's Baader Astro Solar Safety Film. It comes in a sheet 200mm x 200mm and you cut it to any size you like and make your own. The film cuts out 99.999% of light and allows you to look safely at the sun and be able to see sun spots etc. You can use it with binoculars, telescopes and cameras but always in front of the objective. I got mine from FLO here
  4. Totally agree. The Camlink is quality. The Horizon is just 'easier' to use with the geared column but there's not much in it. I'm happy using either.
  5. Cheers Kev I'll have a look at that. Do you know of any iPhone apps for the Sun and active regions etc?
  6. I have GIMP but don't know my way around it yet. Is AR1176 the sunspot on the left? Thanks I am pleased with it for a simple shot.
  7. Anyone have any suggestions to bring the detail out more in the image. I known it's not great or particularly detailed anyway but it's my first Solar image and I'm chuffed with it.
  8. I thoroughly recommend the Horizon 8115. I also have a Camlink TPPRO32B (excellent quality for price) which is a superb tripod and goes to a greater height than the Horizon, but the Horizon is plenty high enough for me (6'1''). The benefit of the Horizon is the geared centre column. This makes it much easier to adjust to a new target than the Camlink, which has a friction lock so you have to undo, move column then tighten. I use the Horizon for the bins and the Camlink for the DSLR.
  9. I took some snaps of the Sun today through my bins. See here CLICKY I've just watched that video in the 1st post. A good way to achieve the shot. But what's that music? It sounds like someone playing their armpit parp......
  10. I recently purchased some Baader film and last night I set about crafting some cells for the Revelation Bins. Instead of the square box design I went for separate cells for each objective. I think it has worked out well. Once I had my first light through them this morning I could not resist grabbing a point and shoot to snap what I could see. This is the unaltered JPEG (no RAW facility unfortunately). I have been having a tinker in GIMP and it's amazing the differences you can make even with a JPEG but as my processing skills aren't up to much yet I have not uploaded it.
  11. Thanks Merlin. The more shots I can take of anything the better!
  12. Well I've taken the plunge and got myself a used Canon 1000D. Let the very steep learning curve begin! I will be doing mainly Widefield and Lunar but I was thinking today about trying some Solar shots when the clouds allow. What would I need to do this safely? Can it be done? Could I use the Baader film over the end of the lens? Likely lens will be a EF 75-300. Probably not the greatest but it's the best I can afford at the moment.
  13. Have you tried (First Light Optics) FLO? They have plenty of bins, check each for collimation before sending and if they are no good, not liked or out of collimation by the time you get them they will arrange a courier to collect from you. There is no substitute for using a good supplier.
  14. Yeah you'll need an adaptor like this Accessories - L-Type Binocular Tripod Adapters. The larger one will make it more stable. It screws into a hole under a cover on the end of the hinge. You just unscrew the cover. When mounted they'll look a bit like this. No question is a silly question. Ask away that's what everyone is here for.
  15. Not a special one as such, just a good solid one. The Lidl bins at 10x50 won't be too heavy though so you could get a cheaper one. Myself I have the Horizon 8115 which I put the Revelation 15x70's on but these are a fair bit heavier. Tripods - Horizon 8115 2-Way Heavy Duty Tripod
  16. Revelation 15x70's from FLO. Excellent bins from an excellent supplier.
  17. Yep me and the missus saw it too. It had been on the local news earlier with the times. I opened the front door, looked up and it was passing over. I grabbed the bins quickly and had a look but I couldn't make much out. I bet it would have looked great through the bins on a tripod.
  18. Well I've just won a 1000D Refurbished body on eBay for £187. Didn't think that was too bad really. Comes with strap, battery and charger. I will use this solely for Astro work (eventually modded) and will look for a 500D with lens kit now for daytime work
  19. It also has the newer DIGIC 4 processor. Whether that makes much if any difference though I don't know.
  20. Not on any authority no. But they will do them again. They seem to do them every few months. You can subscribe to their offers newsletter via the website so you'll know before they hit the stores. Stick with the Revelation too though. Contact FLO and get a replacement. It'll be no hassle and really worth it when they are right. You will need to consider a tripod to enjoy them at their best though.
  21. They may be cheaper than the Celestron but they are EXACTLY the same optics! With the Celestron you are paying a third more simply for the name. It's just a pair that were knocked in transit and this could happen to any bins. FLO check them all before dispatch though. Stick with it. They're great when in collimation. Sorry I've just noticed you were using the Celestron 10x50's. These will be easier to hand hold but won't show you quite as much as the 15x70's. I'm waiting for the Lidl 10x50's to come back in store then I'll get some of these too.
  22. I think, from reading other posts, this is what Brantuk did. He then put his AUTO controller on the ALT-AZ mount and sold that so the whole upgrade cost him about £60.
  23. I wonder how the 500D would perform? More like the 450D or the 550D? I'd also be interested in seeing the noise from the 1100D to compare.
  24. They may be out of collimation. You also need to play with the distance of the eye cups to get them spot on. If you Google 'Binocular Collimation' you will find some tips to check them. If you do have a bad pair contact FLO and they will replace. I also believe they will arrange a courier to collect them.
  25. Well I would like both probably. One for Astro use and one for daylight images. The missus is very snap happy and uses a decent point and shoot at the moment but always comments on the quality look of DSLR images. She prints and shares her stuff (Facebook mainly). For Astro I would probably like to do both too but maybe not Facebook Does the DIGIC 3 on the 1000D make any significant difference to the quality of shot?
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