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  1. I have the Sega Homestar Planetarium which came with 2 disks. A Northrrn hemisphere and a northern hemisphere constellations. I really enjoy identifying the stars against the background of stars and the Milky Way is well done. You can also buy additional disks from other sources. I.e. Aurora, iss view of earth, galaxies etc..
  2. I saw a twitter feed giving the estimated time it would pass over the UK, I was with Astro friends and we scanned the partly cloudy sky. Not sure what we were looking for! Twice we thought we had possibly seen it then on the third time we saw something I rushed in for the binoculars. Through the bins it looked like a glider with longer wings, lit up on each end ( solar panels) it passed over I'd say lower than the height of what the ISS would. We all got a chance to see it before it disappeared into the clouds.Later our sighting was confirmed by a video put on twitter by Will Gater. Thanks W
  3. This week, my Postie brought me an Astro engineering shield for my Coronado PST. Courtesy of Brian here and a Celestron DSLR camera mount for my SCT. I really would like the chance to test them out but the dreaded grey skies... hey ho!
  4. Hi Brian, im interested in buying please message me re how you want payment. Thanks Dee
  5. Yes I saw a very impressive meteor about the same time. I am in Essex and saw a thicker than usual luminous white slow meteor heading from north slowly south throu square of Pegasus. It ended dramatically in a flash of green and blue. The white streak alone Must have been mag -5 brighter than Venus. just seen 3 more normal ones in last half hour again coming from the north headin south and south east....
  6. Interesting photo...wwhat we saw looked to be very high and although I have seen before aeroplanes coming straight on towards me, which look stationary, for quite sometime, they eventually move, by changing direction. It's the first time I've seen one that high just disappear...where I live I constantly see aeroplanes climbing towards me front on but they do keep going !
  7. There are many aircraft passing at this site, but not normally taking that flight path. The fact that we saw nothing moving from a point quite high up looking West seems very strange not to have seen any wing lights as it would have turned. We see many aircraft passing by us, most annoying, when looking up for meteors and planes lights catch you out in the corner of your eye! That's why we are not so sure about a plane theory. Thanks for your thoughts! Perhaps it was a plane! I've just been checking satellites and space debris, can't find anything... Laser-jock99 - can a balloon shine that br
  8. Last night between 9.30 and 10.30pm, a group of us at our Society's Observatory were outside looking for meteors and enjoying a clear sky when we saw in the sky an object, which was to the left of Dracos head, with Vega on its left. It was bright, white, then became brighter than Vega. At first thinking it was a planes headlight shining at us full on, but the object didn't move, even when it dimmed down it wasn't moving, then it became totally invisible. We stood looking for it perhaps a fading satellite to be seen moving away, but nothing! It wasn't like a normal iridium flare, which I have
  9. Lucky enough to see it last night. CertZinly outshined the stars around it and looked as though there was some gas around it. Very nice! My first Nova!
  10. I lost counted them but lost count after 24 . I saw some nice long bright ones greenish trails, The previous 2 years we were clouded out here for the maximum so it was nice to see them. The light pollution has grown , which is so sad, mostly noticeable to my West. Next month the Council intendto reduce street lighting after midnight so iI hope this will reduce the glow. But with an enormous new housing estate to be built very soon the prospects of starry nights are dimming fast. (
  11. Can't sleep so heading on out now...here's hoping for a blue one and an orange one!
  12. Just debating whether to get some sleep first before attempt in a longer stint later. skies are now clearing nicely ) My luck if I sleep now, I won't wake till 6a.m. doh!
  13. had a very good night Saturday at the North Essex Society's annual picnic where we spotted many meteors. Some bright and fast leaving trails and right now the peak has just passed with the count rising steadily early evening, so....hopefully if the sky clears around 1am other should still be quite a few as Perseus will be very high by then so who is going to look out tonight? ))
  14. Stellarium gave me the impression that it should have been visible from about 6.20pm onwards last night but i didnt see it until the sky had darkened enough, around 7pm and then only through binoculars but it was still a great sight even though so tiny! could just make it out with naked eye once you knew where it was.. Looks like cloud cover for next few nights and it is now dimming slowly - the tail was longer than i expected though!
  15. i think this was taken tonight looking at the stellarium placement
  16. Inbetween the cloud layers i saw the thin crescent of the moon too but failed to spot the comet. It was much higher than i expected it to be! Well done you!
  17. I downloaded an app for my iPhone which has shown a brightness factor of 0.2 each day for the last week. Today it is +1.2 mag so fingers crossed for this time next week heading toward -1.00 if this app is correct and comet behaves itself!
  18. I guess one of my oldest favourites is one that isnt published now but it helped me learn the constellations month by month and showed the positions of the planets and moon on view throughout the year. I think it was called simply "the Niight Sky" by the Daily Telegraph and was an annual edition. Pity its gone now as it was an easy A5 spiral booklet you could take outside with you ..
  19. this year its definitely looking more orangy to me too
  20. Much much better than last year. Crammed in as much content as they could. Well Done Beeb!
  21. I was up in the Atlas Mountains beginning of October a few years ago and it was cloudy ((( Weather starts changing then...
  22. After setting up early ready for the lovely clear skies that looked so promising, i came in to eat dinner then... yes youve guessed it cloud and mist had arrived The moon was looking so bleary Jupiter shrouded in cloud... Still i waited and waited then finally a clear spot and by the time i got my 3 star alignment done.. my secondary was so foggggged up seeing was ********* useless!! Everything dripping wet again! Grrrrr when will the real clear skies finally appear?
  23. Thanks Allcart i am sure all the weight on the mount added to the difficulty. When i get the chance i will try your method and hopefully centralize Polaris!
  24. Thanks Alan_B, yes i think you were right here tonight i tried it without the weight and ota mounted and yes so stiff eventually managed to undo both sides fully the mount head was still very stiff but i managed to move it and yippee its now pointing much higher! IN future i will align it before mounting the OTA and weights! All i need now is some clear sky lol
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