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  1. A very sad day indeed. RIP Sir Patrick
  2. It'd be funny if they turned out to be human in appearance, and everything else, DNA included. But obviously humans who'd been around many thousands of centuries longer than our species. That would mean they'd be good looking. Maybe aliens are from Scandinavia...
  3. Love how the dark patches in the North and South look like North and South America! Great picture
  4. Venus is a toughie, but doable. Kepp observing and you'll get better in time!
  5. That is beautiful. It confirms to me what those brown dots on the Northern main belt are too - saw one last night and couldn't make out if it was a shadow or cloud/storm formation.
  6. Last time I saw Mars through the scope was in 1993, with a Tasco 60mm refractor! (which I still have btw - unused and most likely unusable!). It was particularly close that year but I remember been able to see a red disk with maybe a hint of white polar ice cap, but only just. It should look amazing in anything bigger than 6'' upwards.
  7. Great Picture! It'll be a couple of months and Mars will be viewable at a more conveinient time for me!
  8. One of the best afocal images of Jupiter I've seen! Excellent!
  9. Nice to see this planet make a return to our skies and forum! Great picture
  10. Love it! No disrespect to anyone, but I find this a refreshing change from all the Jupiters - Not that there is anything wrong with those either!
  11. Just had a look outside. Bad seeing, light pollution creates an orange haze almost up to 45 degrees in the sky. Think I'll give it a miss tonight.
  12. Picture of the week candidate there methinks!
  13. Great work and with a (relatively) small scope too.
  14. That is an incredible image. I too had the opportunity to go to a dark sky site over the weekend. I could see the white band of the milky way and later on Jupiter WITH the 4 Moons - all with naked eye!
  15. I'm a balcony observer too - It's going to be January before I'm able to see Mars, unless I take my gear downstairs into my neighbours garden. I didn't realise we are still a fair distance from Mars, so further apologies there!
  16. Forgive my ignorance as a beginner/intermediate, and as a 'non-imager', but I thought Mars was observable again in the early morning sky? My apologies, but I really enjoy looking at all of the photo's that you good peopke post on here, it's just a lack of Mars that seems to be missing.
  17. Thanks for the info, Cliff. I didn't realise that it would be that large though.
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