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  1. A great report. I always enjoy reading of your sessions with the big dob. Your reports are very descriptive and it almost feels like we are there with you. Thank you and keep them coming!
  2. Love it. I think the diffraction spikes really make this image come to life.
  3. I agree. I have often referred back to the observation target pages in the magazines.
  4. Hi, I have also recently purchased a decent pair of binoculars to observe with. Despite owning a telescope or two, there are occasions where a relaxing scan around with a pair of bins is in order, also very quick to set up. The Binocular Sky do a free newsletter with observation charts. It`s free to sign up to so see what you think. Link below: http://binocularsky.com/
  5. Thanks, Just looking to reduce exposure times and noise levels with lower ISO
  6. Lovely results, Nothing quite so spectacular from here in Lincolnshire.
  7. Thank you Beulah, still a bit pricey but looks to be better than what I had found previously.
  8. Hi, I am currently using a Canon 100D with a stock 18-55 mm lens to do Aurora pictures. I am fairly happy with my results but am convinced I could do much better. Many times when I see good Aurora pictures, the kit mentioned usually has a fast f ration lens, f2.8, f2.5, f1.8 etc. The lowest f ratio on my stock lens is f3.5. My question is are there any reasonably prices faster f ratio widefield lenses available as they all seem to be £500 +? Thanks.
  9. I owned a 6" f/8 Evostar. I liked it in many respects and it often performed well on a number of objects. We had a very memorable view of the Veil Nebula unfiltered with it. I had primarily bought it for planetary and lunar viewing but found the CA to be a distraction . Also It is a big piece of glass so I would suggest considering a dew band or at least extending your dew shield.
  10. I have a 5mW green laser pointer. I find it very useful to point out objects to fellow stargazers and members of the public at events. I always check the sky for planes. When I do use the laser it is only for a few secpnds max just to show the area or star I am talking about. If used sensibly they are a great asset. As with anything in life, in the hands of fools anything will become a problem.
  11. Sorry to hear that also. Always grieves me to hear of folks having their hard earned kit pinched. Hope it turns up.
  12. Recently I came across these that had been re-conditioned by a reputable retailer that I have met a time or two. They were being sold at a very reasonable price and well worth a punt. I must admit that I am so happy that I did purchase them. So far I am really impressed! Once mounted on my camera tripod they give wonderful wide-field views. M42 looks amazing! All 4 members of the Trapezium were visible. M33 was really obvious and M51 showed 2 distinct cores with some diffuse detail extending outward. I really need to get these properly mounted on a paralelogramme mount or something similar as anything above 40-45 degrees becomes uncomfortable to view. So far I love em!
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