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  1. I am currently looking to re equip my observatory. I have an ED80 and also sometimes image with an 8 inch f5 newtonian. I have had an NEQ6 pro before but was wondering if there are mounts out there that do not require guiding?
  2. Just been out for a few minutes with the 20x90 bins. Full Moon really is making the sky bright, that said, I could still make out the "fishes mouth" in the Orion Nebula and the Trapezium asterism was easily resolved with all 4 stars showing nicely. There was also limited detail in the main nebula and in the "wings" of the nebula but just a taste of things to be seen on darker nights.
  3. Have to agree, the seeing and transparency was pretty good, had the scope out last night and despite the bright Moon managed to have a good session with well resolved brighter nebula and clusters. Scopes looking good.
  4. Great images, lovely sharp detail. To think that some struggle with dedicated cameras and yet these shots from a phone are superb.
  5. An excellent eyepiece, one of my favourites since i bought it about 4 years ago. Always first out of the eyepiece case. Reviews are very favourable too.
  6. Nice report, Its really satisfying when you bag a really faint galaxy. Interesting observation re averted vision. Will have to hunt this one out.
  7. The first thing i noticed when I first aquired my 12 in dob was the amount of fuzzies that became visible. You will start to see detail in objects that were otherwise just faint smudges of light. Enjoy the new scope. A 12 inch dobsonian will really open up the deep sky for you.
  8. Agreed, great book and has guided me to many object i may have otherwise overlooked.
  9. Nice report, easy to get lost in the NAN as it is so large,
  10. Great report thank yo, will have to visit and look for myself. One of those areas that we are unaware of until a fellow observer points it out.
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