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  1. Hello Dr Strange and welcome to SGL . Hope the weather improves for you soon, and you can get out to do some observing. Take care and stay safe in these times. Phillc
  2. Seeing in the Dark by Timothy Ferris. Starlight Nights by Leslie C Peltier. Patrick Moores Autobiography. Moondust by Andrew Smith. these are just a few l have enjoyed reading this year. clear skies phillc
  3. HI Phill stay with it. Know how you feel, I had a detached rettina in 1989.Mine had gone past where they could use a laser on it, so they at to operate on the retina its self, which left me with my pupil jammed open. Took me a long time to get back observing , but observing l am and you will be as well so keep your chin up, and remember we're all with you. Clear skies phillc
  4. Is this a underhand way of the BBC starting to getting rid of S&N now that Sir Patrick has gone. Would it be a good idea for all us star watchers to write , Email or contact the BBC to make sure we have our voices heard.. Clear skies phill
  5. Hi Neil and a warm welcome to you . I'm south of you in the Radstock area. clear skies phillc
  6. Hello Pete and a warm welcome to SGL. phill
  7. phillc

    Hi from Hamburg

    Hello Basak and a warm welcome to SGL. phillc
  8. Hello and a warm welcome to SGL. phillc
  9. phillc

    Lounge Lizard

    Hello Red and a warm welcome to SGL. Heres hoping your recovery continues through 2013. Clear Skies phill
  10. Hello Voltaire and a warm welcome to SGL. phill
  11. phillc

    Hi from Hamburg

    Hello Basak and a warm welcome to SGL. phill
  12. Hi Josh and a warm welcome to SGL, from here at Midsomer Norton. Clear Skies phillc
  13. RIP Sir Patrick . Gone but never forgotten. phill :cry:
  14. My wife seems to be with most of the other wives. Eg is supportive, will buy me gifts to do with astronomy as presents, as even suggested getting me a eight inch Dobsonian for Christmas and might look at the Moon or planets for a few minutes, but that is as far as it goes. The rest of the the time l'm left on my own to observe in peace or with like minded friends.And that suits me as we do a lots of other things in each others company. phillc
  15. I usually view from September to May and in those months any clear nights that turn up, even if only for an hour or two. Clear nights are so scarce in this county you have to grab them when you can. In the Summer months i study the Moon, and hope to try and start sketching it this year. phillc
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