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  1. Well, we have our observatory location in Crosland Moor. The skies aren't perfect, but they're not bad for our area. A few of us are considering starting up again with simple observing sessions for astronomers only - no members of the public. This should let get some serious observing/imaging done, with a nice chance to chat between ourselves. Also, there's a pub down the road in case things go cloud-shaped. These sessions are going to be on a very ad-hoc basis and can basically be on any clear day of the week (although weekends will be less likely). If anyone wants to be included in the email round-robin then simply DM me.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll look into one of those Maplin repacements. It's definitely 18v DC in, see the attached picture. I don't know what there were thinking with 18v, isn't practically everything standardised to 12v?
  3. I'm in Honley, so if this ever gets of the ground then I'd be happy to offer a lift. I'd only be bringing my 10" Dob. Might I suggest the Huddersfield Obervatory as a meeting place?
  4. Hi Guys, We have a Meade LX200GPS mount which takes 18V in using a Meade #1812 adapter, which is pining for the fjords. I can fix the problem with this adapter (solder joints), but our society is suddenly very aware that these #1812 are now discontinued, making long-term use a worry. I've found a replacement system on fantastic website (http://obs.nineplanets.org/meade/1812/1812.html) which details how to build a new adapter from scratch, which is probably a good option. I'm just wondering if it would be easier to get a generic DC - DC boost converter from eBay (e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-30V-to-0-8-28V-DC-Boost-Buck-Converter-5A-Constant-Current-Volt-Regulator-/251406635784?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Test_Measurement_Equipment_ET&hash=item3a8900d308). Has anyone got experience with this kind of thing, and can they see an obvious problem with the boost converter from eBay (or similar)? Cheers, Jon
  5. I'm 30 now, I got my real interest in astronomy last year. I got my telescope earlier this year, so I've not been at it long. I suppose I'm probably just younger than average for a practical astronomer, so I've got plenty of time to learn as much as possible.
  6. Well, the weather was a bit of a let-down, but I'll have to say that I genuinely enjoyed my first Star Camp. I'm glad I chose Dalby as my first camp, because the minor mistakes I made (e.g. assuming a CampingGaz stove would actually be able to heat water, not packing 5000 layers of thermals) would probably have lead to severe hypothermia at a camp like Kielder. The arranged events in the marquee did a good job of taking the edge off a frustratingly clouded night; the time seemed to pass way too quickly. So, thanks to the Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society for organising this. I'll see you all next year.
  7. Brilliant image John, thank you very much for my new computer wallpaper
  8. Two excellent sketches, well done. It's just a shame that using a laptop is infinitely easier than learning to draw at that level - otherwise I'm sure we'd all be trying it.
  9. We'll be going straight up to the observatory, kicking off at about 6:30pm. Hopefully the weather will be on our side, but this is England..
  10. Hi All, Just a quick note to bring this event to the attention of anyone within short range of Huddersfield.. HAPS has arranged a public solar evening at our observatory for this coming Friday (27th May) - weather permitting of course. At this event, we'll make a number of solar telescopes available to the general public, so anyone who's not had experience with solar observation has the perfect chance to try it out safely. Also, we've got a new website - Huddersfield Astronomical Society | Official Society Website I'll be posting details of all our events on here so check it often. Cheers, Jon
  11. We had a public open night at our observatory last week and somebody turned up with some Mr Kipling Angel Cakes. I don't think I've ever been so happy. This could only have been beaten by a few tubs of warm curry and some beers..
  12. Well there is that. But if decisions save (or make) money for the council, they usually seem to get through somehow.... or so I've heard..
  13. My local astronomy society has an observatory which is 'out of the way'. I've been up there a few times with my 'scope, even when it's not open, as the location is slightly less light polluted than my garden. I think places like this are usually ideal as: 1: They're chosen on purpose to avoid light pollution 2: They're usually too out of the way to be dangerous (you don't get many people just hanging around in the middle of moorland) Is there anything like this near you?
  14. That would be an excellent idea, I'll have to pressure my local council. Astronomers can see more and councillors get more money to spend on bribes - everyone's a winner!
  15. Haha, I can relate to that. The first time I saw Saturn through my 4" reflector I couldn't believe what I was seeing and had to show as many people as possible. I must've invited everyone I know round to have a play since I got my 10" Dob. It's surprising how many people have a dormant interest in astronomy; it only seems to come out when they get change to look through a 'scope.
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