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  1. I'll try that 'backlash check out' but seemed pretty solid to me and seems a bit strange having to dismantle and tighten gears on a brand new device to get it to track.
  2. I set my Az GTI up to do a bit of solar this morning and noted there was no 'fast solar tracking' - only the option of Lunar or Sidereal - and using either of those tracking was non-existent. I have not had any decent tracking at all using this mount - I'm fastidious about balancing scope, levelling, and pointing north but the GoTo is pants and tracking seems to be non-existent whether doing solar or lunar.
  3. Hi Guys - all exceptionally helpful advice and am working through the simpler routes for getting a solution. I have tweaked a few things and seen slight improvement - mainly focuser related - star testing at zenith showed no discernable drift so ruled that out. Onwards and upwards, pardon the pun.
  4. As I mention - it is a pier mounted , PHD guided, scope. I can get perfectly round stars on 20 min frames with other scopes - the frames on this image were no more than 300s. I get the same on 60s frames.
  5. I purchased an ex-display 115mm Triplet last year and have found that I get weird shaped stars. Originally I put this down to having no field flattener so I purchased the 1x FF and also the adapter to be able to attach my Atik 314L and Filter wheel to the scope. This however has not sorted the problem and attached image should show what I mean. I have checked spacing, that the seating of all of the items on the imaging train are 'square', guiding, you name it, I've tried it. The scope is mounted on an HEQ5 Pro pier mounted and all is guided through a converted Finder Guider using PHD. Polar alignment is pretty solid - I use a Polemaster. I should say that I use same camera/filter wheel on other scopes ( I have an RC 6" , ED80, ST102 and a WO ZS71) with simple brass clamp type attachments, far less solid that on the 115, and I don't see anything like this strange star shape on them. In fact I get nice circular stars usually. I'm really at a loss to understand why I am getting these star shapes. Can anybody suggest anything. Its got to the point that this, which should be my best performing scope, is now sat in its case gathering dust because I have despaired of what to do.
  6. Managed a few good hours imaging over weekend - resulting in this collage. The widefield Leo Triplet is 42 x 300s ISO800 on ED80/EOS450D - the inserts are all LRGB (90:45:45:45) using RC 6" and Atik 314l+ with x0.8 FR
  7. This is an LLLRGB of Hickson 44 captured over 2nd/3rd March from light polluted Teesside using a Ritchey Chretien 6" with Atik 314l+ on HEQ5 Pro guided using PHD Lum - 240 min, Red - 60min, Green - 70min, Blue 80min
  8. Well I've bought Jez's off him so look forward to trying it out.
  9. Yes Scott - first time Ive tried overlaying two different images and then used eraser to bring detail of lower one out - pretty heavy handed and know needs more tlc with matching background. Still learning the processing game.
  10. I took two sets of images on M13 recently - one set using RC 6" + Atik 314L+ with LRGB filters - (6x600s L and 6 x 300s RGB) - another set using ED80 + same camera/filters (3 x 300s LRGB) I aligned and resized using Maxim DL and then processed using Photoshop CS5
  11. Thanks to the great British Summer I've had time to try out new learning on old images. This is a capture from end of March that I have reprocessed by following advice in http://myastroimages...ssing/index.php and am amazed in particular how much of the M82 flux has appeared that I never saw in my original process of this target.
  12. This was my first bash at NGC7000 using the newly modded EOS450D with CLS Clip filter on ED80 - 26 x 300s at ISO800 plus darks, flats, bias using BYEOS Played around with it in PS5 to get a cople of different colour schemes as I've some predominantly 'red' versions and some far lighter - what do you think?
  13. Well I only really started the imaging proper once I got the dSLR in October but here's my 'five' for 2011 NGC2244 Rosette Eastern Veil M45 Pleiades Horsehead this M27 was the best of my webcam captures I think.
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