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Hi from Northern Ireland :)


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Hi all

Thought I better say hello since I've got round to registering today, even though I've noseying about the site for a while now!

I've always been interested in astronomy but have never had the conviction to go out and get myself a telescope as I always worried about how much use I would get out of it for the money it would cost. Thankfully my lovely husband bit the bullet for me and got me my first one for xmas! :)

So far I've had great fun seeing Jupiter, looking at the moon and just generally browsing about the skies but I'm hoping to start looking at things more knowledgeably soon :)

As I'm a complete beginner I hope you will excuse all the seemingly pointless questions I'm bound to ask but I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and learn lots :)


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"What about ye" Erin! Good to see some more Norn Ironers on here (although I dont live there anymore :) )

have fun, this site is great for advice and for ideas as what to look at next.


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The telescope I recently got came with a 10mm, a wide-eye relief one and a barlow lense which will double the magnification of the lense that it is attached to.

As a beginner these lenses have been very useful at gazing Jupiter and its moon's as well as the craters on the moon, to clusters of stars. Which are all fascinating to the beginner astronomer :)

However, I bought an astronomy magazine today and I found a website called The Telescope House so maybe have a little look there? I'm afraid that's the best advice I can give but as always it will depend on the size of the telescope - I only have a 70mm but I love it nonetheless.

Good luck on your search!

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