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  1. Just goes to prove its not what you know, it's who you know! Your dad definitely deserves something for that one!
  2. Finally got round to checking out my score... 4.71 and bortle 7 for me which looks pretty accurate...
  3. Love the second image with polaris offset as Eliot mentioned above but then seeing the ISS crossing over on the first still amazes me sometimes
  4. Just beautiful... Congrats on such a brilliant image
  5. Hahaha! Can't look at the site in work as apparently "advocacy groups" are filtered
  6. Now that makes far more sense to me than most things I have read so far!!
  7. Very good Love the bit where he is at the top of Victoria Falls explaining why you shouldn't change channel
  8. Just had the perfect night, dinner and the cinema with my hubby, sis-in-law and her hubby and got home to a perfectly clear sky... Got the scope out and 20mins later there was Saturn in all its glory! Blew us all away
  9. Just awesome... So jealous of the skies you must get out there!
  10. Great set of pics and a good reminder that there is alot more out there than just the old favourites we all look at so often
  11. Thanks for this, I am still waiting for a clear night to get out and look for saturn and was wondering what exactly my view would be like. I'm hoping to start off with my 25mm EP and move up to my 6mm to get some more detail.
  12. My father-in-law (who is not really into anything to do with science, space etc) came out to make fun of me standing in the freezing cold at night when I got my first scope at Christmas but all it took was one glance through my EP at the moon and he is hooked! He is bragging about it to all his friends (one of the most amazing things he has seen in his life) and I now have to phone him when it is clear at our house so he can bring people round to look! I think its hard for even the (supposed) least interested people to not be blown away when they see things for themselves. Doesn't mean they are going to take up the hobby themselves but it at least gives them an insight into why we put ourselves through the freezing cold standing outside all night!
  13. Just beautiful.. I love how it reflects off the water
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