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  1. After having a little ganders at Universetoday.com I found out that on the first clear night in weeks we will have the Delta Leonids (at the constellation of Leo). Here's the link for more info anyway Delta Leonid Meteors May Show On February 26
  2. Welcome to the SGL from Dorset hope you enjoy it here
  3. I'm going to be creating a time lapse next week - fingers crossed for clear skies! Anyway, I've a photographer with 3 different lenses which I think were a 50, 25-70 and a 70mm I think!. Which would you say would be best for a time lapse taking into consideration the video footage I'm using for my documentary is 1920*1080? Cheers guys.
  4. Thanks for tips guys will take it all in. Do you have a link for the one you shot with a 5D ?
  5. The telescope I recently got came with a 10mm, a wide-eye relief one and a barlow lense which will double the magnification of the lense that it is attached to. As a beginner these lenses have been very useful at gazing Jupiter and its moon's as well as the craters on the moon, to clusters of stars. Which are all fascinating to the beginner astronomer However, I bought an astronomy magazine today and I found a website called The Telescope House so maybe have a little look there? I'm afraid that's the best advice I can give but as always it will depend on the size of the telescope - I only ha
  6. Typical ey!? Hope the weather clears up for you over the coming weekend. I had to go about 4/5 days from new telescope to first use!
  7. Ouch, don't know if I'll be able to do that as I have a 3 hour Journey to Exeter tomorrow for a Exoplanet documentary I'm making. Or, I could just pull an all-nighter. What do you think?
  8. I'm a blumming idiot! It was Jupiter.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply buddy! I'm not actually too sure what lenses she has. I'm pretty sure she has 3 so I will certainly have to ask. I cant remember the exact settings for one of the most recent pictures I took with a 40D. Thank you very much for the tips and I shall certainly let you know how it does and post the video once I've edited and uploaded it. One of the pictures I managed to take on the Isle of Wight with a loaned 40D http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/geordielad/DSC_0030-1.jpg
  10. Are you sure? Because it said on Stellarium I was able to see it so I quickly set up the telescope and ran outside pointed the scope SW and bam! It was there with 3 moons. I really hope I'm not mistaken otherwise I've hit a new low!
  11. nathuk

    Big hello!

    Hey Amy from another n00b, Just recently got a telescope for my birthday - a Sky-Watcher SK 709EQ1. It's a brilliant beginner's telescope I've managed to check out the craters on the moon, Jupiter and its moon's (which was unbelievable)..but if you're looking for a better telescope you've definitely come to the right place for advice Good luck!
  12. Moon is a bit of a pain! Think I've learnt my lesson to look at it without a filter - wait, I haven't because it still looks fascinating! Have a look for Jupiter before it disappears I've just had a quick look with my 70mm and I managed to make out 3 moons and a dark band across the top. Good luck
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