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  1. Struth your first image....😳. That is mind blowing. And as already said, you have set the bar incredibly high for your second image. No pressure.
  2. All my earliest memories of astronomy centre around Fullerscopes. My local club had a 8.75” grey tube on a MkII with RA drive. First proper scope I looked though and blew my socks off. Had only used a 50mm Tasco up to that point. Then saved my Saturday job money and in 1989 bought a white 10” Fullerscopes newt on a MkIII mount with dual drives. It was beast of a scope and totally 100% impractical for an 18 year old. Couldn’t get in the Beetle, so it was stuck at home. But it was fantastic.
  3. Forward Planning

    A 12” Dob is a wonderful thing. Once you get your head around the bulk and weight. But many fond memories of mine in the middle of the New Forest, dark skies, and DSO hunts. Best view was the Witches Broom with OIII filter. I had never seen it before, couldn’t believe how good it looked in 12 with that filter. The collimator is a start 👍
  4. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Fantastic set of eyepieces Dave. And it takes me back to 2004 when I had a set of Orion Ultrascopic (rebadged Parks Gold) eyepieces. Loved those eyepieces so much. So sharp and contrasty. Regretted selling them.
  5. That’s a great first light report. I wish my first time with telescope went that well. But I remember seeing Jupiter for the first time and yes I had to keep going back to it every 5 minutes. It is a captivating sight. And that was in a 50mm Tasco refractor. Nothing prepared me for Saturn though. The rings for the first time. But your session sounds much better. You sound like a seasoned pro who had been using scopes for years. Very impressive. Hope you have many more enjoyable nights with the dob. You have a quite a to do list as well. On that list I highly recommend an OIII filter, it’s just awesome for the Veil and Witches Broom, really makes a difference.
  6. Thanks Shane. So glad to have it out the way now. C6 is now living where it used to live, up in our bedroom. The only snag is cool down, which is why it was in the shed. I will fix the shed next, make sure it’s ventilated and leak proof. Then move the scope back outside. An SCT indoors isn’t really a practical solution.
  7. Great news and a huge relief......phew It was a great sky too. Even for my back garden.
  8. Many thanks for all the replies. So weekend just gone I took the opportunity, while stuck indoors recovering from flu, to strip everything down. Also a chance to see up close the damage to the optics. It all went very well indeed. After several washes the primary mirror is unmarked. The tiny fungus filaments have all gone. Not one left. The secondary mirror proved more problematic. After several washes with very light dabs with cotton wool I am left with one Mark. Just won’t budge. I can live with that. Online (Cloudynights) it recommended a soap sud and warm water mix, followed by copious amounts of distilled water. But I don’t think I’ll bother. If the Mount Wilson Hooker scope can get by with bullet holes in the mirror (I think it’s that scope that a disgruntled astronomer took pot shots with his six shooter?) then I think I can get by with one tiny mark. The corrector plate also cleaned up 100% okay. Actually it looks mighty fine looking down the front end now. I put it all back together, collimated it last night and then did a 1.5 Hour session in the garden. Checking out all the old favs (M42, M81/M82, M45, Leo Triplet, M31, Double Cluster, Auriga clusters) having a thoroughly great time. And to add to the plus points, when up in the loft digging out my red torch, observing table etc, I found one of the eyepieces that I brought in from the shed but didn’t sell (it wasn’t mine to sell, belongs to my son). Which was also a relief as I thought I may have sold it and was dreading my son asking about the eyepiece. phew. Finally I stripped the mount, regressed both axis with white lithium grease. Now much better. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Nice report. It’s a great area of the sky, especially if you like open clusters. Auriga is jammed packed with them. It’s one of few times when I fully appreciate the binoculars, just taking in Auriga.
  10. Globulars and galaxies

    Fantastic report and images. You covered a lot in one session. Great detail on each object. I was out last night but struggled with a few those on your list.
  11. I mentioned that I used to have the Vixen LV 8-24mm zoom. There is one on EBay at the moment, bidding is quite low: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183121297973
  12. Cracking image. Surface brightness for NGC 2146 is magnitude 11.43. I've seen it before from the New Forest with a 12" Dob. Can't see the C6 doing it from deepest town skies. Or maybe it can?
  13. Technically that you are right but also its technically applying no (zero) magnification over and above regular vision.
  14. I was going to mention the 90deg bit as i couldn't really see how that would work with the Telrad being a zero power finder that you use with the sky and both eyes. Looking down into a mirror though a small hole doesn't sound great. The homemade heater above looks perfect.
  15. I've had the Meade 8-24 for use on my C6. Worked a treat. No complaints at all when budget is tight. I replaced it with a secondhand Vixen zoom which was a tad better but not much. As Peter says, don't be tempted by the dirt cheap 7-21mm zooms that are abundant on Ebay. They are pretty pants. You are already aware of the obvious zoom pitfalls (poor afov, slight IQ drop), so you know what to expect, which is great. And the 8-24 is a perfect focal range for the C6 and its 1500mm focal length. Go for it!