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  1. Brilliant work. Especially considering how low it is.
  2. I was watching that too but forgot to check how it was doing. Good price indeed.
  3. I went for the Giro as I needed something small that I could sneak onto family camping holidays where I had been banned from filling up the boot with Astro gear. But I was allowed to take a camera tripod. So the Giro was awesome as it fitted in the palm of the hand and looked part of the camera tripod. And the Megrez rolled up nicely in a sleeping bag. With just 1.25 eyepieces balance shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Just to add, if you have a massive 2" diagonal and Nagler 31mm hanging out the back of the scope you are going to have balance issues whether it be the Giro or the AZ Tilt. But if its 1.25" accessories it should be fine.
  5. I never needed the counterweight bar and weight for the Megrez 72 on the Giro Mini. I wonder if the balance issue they are talking about is when the tube goes to certain altitude it all tips back because its turning on a small point. But i found the friction control was enough to counter this with a small tube. Also got the same balance issues on the AZ tilt mount (AZ3). Once the tube gets to 60-70 degrees up all the weight shifts to the back.
  6. That's the Giro i had. On top of a Manfrotto 055 with a Megrez 72. The Giro Mini is so small and neat its fits in a coat pocket. Brilliant for an ultra compact system.
  7. What about a Giro mount? They are very compact and light. I used to have my ED80 on one and it worked quite well. Theres one just posted on UK Astro Buy n Sell, if want an idea of what it looks like.
  8. Beautiful image. Love the star colours and nebulosity.
  9. russ

    Maplin sale

    I bought a new eyepiece aluminium flight case from Maplin today. It was £12.99, reduced from £29.99. Obviously it was hugely over priced to begin with but £12.99 beat all the best prices on EBay for a 400mm wide, 125mm tall case. So very pleased. Plus I didn’t drive out of my way as we were in Aldi next door anyway. Agree with others, very little else though as it was high to start.
  10. The Panasonic G7 is a good camera, especially for video and blogging. But the sensor is small and struggles with noise in low light situations. That’s not to say it couldn’t do it. And the smaller sensor would better suit the 1.25” focuser on the scope would no vignetting. Have you looked at a Sony A6000? Brilliant camera. Same 24mp APS-C sensor as the Fuji X-A5. But with viewfinder. They can be found on offer all over the place for £499 with 16-50 lens. Massively capable camera, image quality to match anything the DSLR can do.
  11. Definitely worthwhile, the X-A3 will be as capable as any APS-C Canon or Nikon DSLR but with some added bonuses. Such as very small size and weight, so less stress on the telescope. Plus it has excellent Liveview, great LCD. It's a fully manual camera, noise reduction can be completely turned off. The downside is i doubt any of the astro software is geared to Fuji. Adapters needed for Fuji are readily available on Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adjustable-T2-T-Telescope-Lens-to-Fujifilm-Camera-X-Pro1-Adapter-S4L8/282491388560?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 That adapter will let you attach the Fuji to the barlow. Which is okay for lunar imaging but the mount/telescope are going to be an issue if you want to image galaxies, clusters or nebula as its an AltAz tracking mount. It follows the stars in a stepped motion. Plus using the barlow will only make matters much worse, amplifying the problem. You can use a 1.25" prime focus adapter in combination with the above adapter, like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M42x0-75-Astronomical-Telescope-DSLR-Camera-1-25-T-Mount-Adapter-Metal-Bracket/201461255637?hash=item2ee806cdd5:g:nGoAAOSwHsRYExTE So you don't have to make any mods but doesn't get round the tracking issue.
  12. Struth your first image....?. That is mind blowing. And as already said, you have set the bar incredibly high for your second image. No pressure.
  13. All my earliest memories of astronomy centre around Fullerscopes. My local club had a 8.75” grey tube on a MkII with RA drive. First proper scope I looked though and blew my socks off. Had only used a 50mm Tasco up to that point. Then saved my Saturday job money and in 1989 bought a white 10” Fullerscopes newt on a MkIII mount with dual drives. It was beast of a scope and totally 100% impractical for an 18 year old. Couldn’t get in the Beetle, so it was stuck at home. But it was fantastic.
  14. A 12” Dob is a wonderful thing. Once you get your head around the bulk and weight. But many fond memories of mine in the middle of the New Forest, dark skies, and DSO hunts. Best view was the Witches Broom with OIII filter. I had never seen it before, couldn’t believe how good it looked in 12 with that filter. The collimator is a start ?
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