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  1. Five years ago whilst observing the annual Perseid meteor shower I was seeing the usual trails coming from the radiant point when one was just a bright flash with no observable trail. Almost simultaneously there was a click coming from the roof of my house behind me. I'm fairly convinced that it was a grain of sand sized meteorite that made it down to hit the roof. Considering the substantial tonnage of matter that falls from space to the earth every day it doesn't surprise me that it probably was a micro meteorite. I just wish it would have been possible to have found it as that would hav
  2. @Coto I agree totally that a lot of cheap electronics can be less than perfect (usually a lot less) I try to source from reliable manufacturers. My preferred one is NooElec as I've used them on quite a few occations and find their products good quality and they have a support centre in the UK. The LNA I chose fits the bill for my needs as I'm not looking for huge signal gain and it doesn't have to perform perfectly to justify the £12 spent. There are Radio Amateur equipment suppliers that will stock quality LNA's in narrower bandwidths but we're now talking expense. The bandpass filter i
  3. Hi Coto Does it need to be centred at 422Mhz? I use Wideband LNA's which run from about 1MHz - 2GHz They are very cheap ( I just ordered another from Amazon this evening). I depends on whether your receiver is nice and selective or suffers from strong local interference from other frequencies. I assume that you have a dish setup for narrow area reception and as you are pointing skyward then a wideband should be ok so long as your connecters and feerder cable are good. I've been experimenting with software defined radio and home brew antennas to receive and decode images from
  4. Oops missed the obvious. I've just finished a ten hour shift at work so the brain isn't fully operational. Here in the UK first light optics are a trusted favourite and they ship internationally. They even have currency conversion on the website. I don't know what the shipping costs are as they are calculated at checkout. They do the absolute all in bundle for £269gbp which even includes counterweights and dovetail L bracket. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/skywatcher-star-adventurer-astronomy-bundle.html I don't know of any European suppliers s
  5. They're both quite similar in specs but the star adventurer has a quoted payload of 5kg compared to the ioptrons 3kg. The ioptrons is a smaller and lighter mount but both are quite portable. The star adventurer comes with the ball head mount as standard whereas the ioptrons is an optional extra. An equitorial wedge is available for the star adventurer for a measly £45. Finally the biggest difference is the price. Star adventurer £195 Skytracker £350 Both have excellent reviews. Only my personal choice, but I'd be going for the star adventurer plus wedge for £240 all in.
  6. No they have a standard power socket which the standard lead available from just about all astro suppliers fits. http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rother-valley-optics-power-cables.html Other suppliers are available. Dave...
  7. A lovely example of where diffraction spikes enhance the image not detract from it.
  8. The three washers glued to the patio so I can locate the tripod precisely and start from the home position and get set up and aligned quickly. A close second is my cat. Great lap warmer. She doesn't like it as a dew shield though. ?
  9. What davey-t means is that the st4 port on the camera connects directly to the st4 port on the mount. No usb to serial required. The usb on the camera then connects to usb on the pc so PhD can see the guide star selected. Daft question but you do have a guide scope and camera in addition to your main scope? It's not clear what setup you have. Dave...
  10. +1 BackyardNikon Changed the whole game when I started using BackyardEOS. Dave...
  11. I'd say more than seems. For that money I could replace my mount scope and camera with some quality items.
  12. I suppose as an integrated system it's a sound idea. They state it uses the Sony imx224 sensor which is the sensor used in the gpcam2. If you have a scope already then £190 will get you a gpcam then just add laptop. As stated it is an amalgamation of existing technologies rather than a new system. Still quite nifty looking if you don't want the hassle of a laptop in tow.
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