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  1. The same data, reprocessed by a friend who is better and has more time to do processing.
  2. Rosette, taken with a modded Canon 1000D, through a Skywatcher 80ed, on a Heq5 Pro. 98 mins total, 49 x 120s) at iso 800. Minimal processing in PS, stacked in DSS. Taken in Julianstown, just north of Dublin, Ireland.
  3. Stunning pic. I like the Hubble palette one better. :-) BTW' what's wrong with the camera?
  4. Absolutely stunning. That truly is one of the nicest images I have seen. I have an RC6, still in the box at the moment thanks to the weather. But when I couple it up to my Atik HR 16 I reckon it will be a long time until I ever have something a tenth as good. Hat off to you. :-)
  5. I have a pre-discovery image too. From the night before announcement. My excuse is that M42 went behind the house by the time I setup, and m82 was nice and high!!
  6. Got 3 subs last night before cloud rolled in. Looking at them here, I picked it uphere in Dublin last night. Delighted
  7. Caught this last night from Dublin. Got 3 subs before clouds rolled in. Didnt know about the SN at the time Delighted.
  8. I have spent a few nights out withthe Synguider and I just cantget it working right. Perhaps someone on here has the answer for me I have a HEQ5 Pro, 80ED with a Canon 1000D. Stratravel 80 with a Synguider. The Synguider is focused correctly, lined up so that the hand control moves the star in line with one of the axis, I lock on a star, do Autocal, and as soon as it starts guiding, the star just flies off the bottom of the screen. Time and time again. I even halved the RA/DEC aggressiveness, as has been suggested in a number of threads, bu to no avail. HEQ5 is set to 0.5x for guiding. Has anyone had a fix for this, as I have seen a few others with the same issue. I gave up in frustration,and just did a pile of 2 min subs on Polar Alignment. Help!!! Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have never had any problem usingDSS up until now. Finally got out again last night and took loads of 2 minute subs of M81, at iso400 through a Canon 1000D/80ED. Darks are the same. When I register/check/stack the frames, all I get at the end is a grey screen where the final image normally is, and its properties say "0MB" Am I doing something wrong? Or hasanyone come across this issue before? I uninstalled DSS and re-installed it- latest version. Laptop is running Vista, but like i said, never had an issue until last night. Anyhelpers out there?
  10. Enjoy it Barry, those boxes were pretty heavy! Pics look impressive, cant wait for first light report
  11. I bought a book back in 1986 when I was 10 for 20p in a 2nd hand book shop. A Robin Scagell book, and it just developed from there. Got a 3" spotting scope for christmas 1986, then a Tasco 11TR 4.5" reflector the following year. I have always been looking up since!
  12. M51 through my 12" dob when I dragged it out to dark skies. It gave me shivers. Such a beautiful sight.
  13. Lovely. Wouldn mind one of them
  14. Welcome from a fellow newbie on here. Its a great site, and Im sure you will be pointed in the right direction
  15. 19 replies . . wow Thanks all for the nice replies, it truly is a brilliant and well organised site
  16. Hi all, I have spent a good while wandering around in here, so I thought it about time I said hello. I have been watching the skies since I was 10 (25 years ago ), when I got a Tasco 11tr for christmas. Currently Im using an LXD mount with, usually an 8" Meade sct, but sometimes I throw the 10" Snt on. I tend not to do that too much cos the 12" dob is the weapon of choice, esp when Im out on my own, and no one is anoying me to look through the eyepiece , but ya cant beat a goto for the family queue behind you! Have been on the Ifas site in Ireland since 04, and cloudynights since around that time too. This place is really great.
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