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  1. Yes cloud starting to increase in Eastleigh. Seeing is pretty dire but getting some very short good moments.
  2. It's technically clear according to BBC and Metoffice but only because they don't count high cloud as proper cloud. Transparency really poor and seeing, as others have said, wobbly. But looking forward to the transit nonetheless. Going to be using the Startravel 150, not the ED100 or C6.....madness but i love it.
  3. Nice report. I use the 10mm SLV and its my best planetary eyepiece (and by some margin). Also been through a bunch of eyepieces (Pentax XF, TMB Planetary, Meade 5000 UWA 8.8, Orion Edge On) and some were okay, better than others but just like yourself i felt the C6 and ED100 were capable of nicer views. So replaced the Skywatcher Dielectric diagonal with a Baader T2 prism and bought the SLV 10mm (really wanted a TV Radian). What a difference. Tried the Meade 5000 8.8mm with the Baader prism and it was better than before but for fine detail on Jupiter the Meade just cannot compete with the Vixen. Surprised just how much of difference there was. I did see some blue fringing too on one night but not there the next. Put it down to the low altitude of Jupiter and poor atmosphere. I need to buy a second now as i'm having to barlow the 10mm to get the desired power in the ED100. So really need the 5mm.
  4. Yes i found the Neodymium helped out with Jupiter last night and night before. Took away some of the glare and made seeing the finer detail a little easier. But seeing last night was pretty dismal. So just struggled to get anything like the previous couple of nights.
  5. I was using the Orion OIII last night with the Startravel 150 under Bortle 5 skies. Transparency was poor. Without the OIII not even a hint of the Veil. With the OIII all parts of the Veil were not a problem. Not tried with the ED100 as I bought the 150 for this very reason. The OIII also worked incredibly well on the Owl, the downside is I lost the companion galaxy from the view. The OIII is an essential part of my observing setup. One of the first things I re-bought this year.
  6. That was about the same for me too. Seeing was pretty poor to start. Could see GRS and Io shadow but little else in the way of detail. But by 10:30 things had really settled down and able to pick out fine detail on Jupiter. Also cranked the magnification right up to silly levels for the seeing but able to a distinct disk to Ganymede. All be it a fuzzy one.
  7. PM sent for these. Be perfect for my little nephew and his Skymax 90.
  8. russ

    OVL Nirvana 7mm

    I know this is a real long shot but does anyone have a Nirvana 7mm they would like to sell? Thanks
  9. That does look good. Why is everything always so far away. lol
  10. How much are you asking? Thanks Sorry just seen the price.
  11. I was watching one of those on Ebay for £99 but forgot to go back and bid...lol. Very nice Rob
  12. It really gets on my nerves. It was worse last year with Mars. Not just the Beeb but all the daily rags too.
  13. Yes i think you are right. Although sometimes you get an itch for something different even when you are totally satisfied with the scope you have and it meets all your expectations. Mine was for more aperture with the C8. Plus getting spare parts for the Intes, even from the UK main dealer, was not easy. I sold my M603 for a low price because of the course focuser and let the new owner know the trouble i had trying to get the part needed. And failing to do so.
  14. I used to own an M603 with a course focuser. I immediately regretted selling it. The optics were sublime. It really was a step up from an SCT. I could just never tease the same planetary detail from my C8 that I could from the M603.
  15. Thanks Steve. Nice to meet you. And its a great scope, just waiting for some clear skies.
  16. Very nice Neil. The Jupiter image is especially nice. Some good detail in the image.
  17. Don't worry, we are safe for now. I have checked everywhere and the 4mm & 7mm are not in stock anywhere...lol
  18. I have the 16mm Nirvana and love it. Such a bargain for a well corrected ultra wide. I just need the 7mm now.
  19. Hello Dave, Welcome back to the group. I'm also picking up the hobby again after a spell away (2013-2020). Russ
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