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  1. I still have my Lidl special Meade 10x50 bought in 2003. But don't use them too much anymore. Picked up some Tokina 10x42's a couple of years ago and they are great for general use. But my son laid claim to those. So now using Helios WP6 8x42, which i enjoy using a lot. Quite compact and great for wildlife. Not used them much for astro. Miss my Celestron 15-70's.
  2. PM sent ref 16mm Nirvana
  3. That's stunning. Detail is incredible.
  4. What a great eyepiece set. I loved my Orion Ultrascopics. Always rated them higher than the TV plossls i had at the time.
  5. They are all tempting, even when you already have something. I forgot how additive all this kit is.
  6. I watched that all week on Ebay and then forgot to bid....was totally gutted What a great setup.
  7. I hope so Stu. I guess we'll find out tomorrow when I collect it. Or more precisely, Sunday when I use it. I can't wait.
  8. Ade, that 66SD was such a great scope. I took a mistep initially and bought the WO 66 petzval when it first came out. I'm sure there is some historic posts on here where I wasn't impressed. No better than a Star travel 80. But the SD was a dream scope. Especially on the mini giro. Just need to re-buy one of those now.
  9. oh wow that is stunning. Really makes me realise what we are missing out on at the moment in the UK.
  10. haha i had to be quick. I missed out on a Revelation ED80 on Saturday morning for £110 delivered.... And also missed out on the setup nonlinear bought a few posts up. I had been watching that Starwave 80ED-R on the GTI all week and then forgot to bid lol
  11. Just bought an Astrotech AT66ED for a small and light travel scope that will sit on my Manfrotto geared head. I'm hoping its so small and inconspicuous that my wife won't notice it packed for our camping trips. Also hoping it will make a good scope paired up with the Fujifilm X-A10 for a little imaging too. First light sunday if the forecast holds. I used to have a WO 66SD on a mini Giro some 10 years ago now and loved that. So hoping the AT 66 will be a direct replacement.
  12. My kit now almost mirrors my kit 18 years ago and 18 years previous to that. I have a couple of scopes, couple of mounts and less than a handful of eyepieces. I have a thing about cables, i hate them. I had the briefest play with guided imaging ever in 2008, about 2 weeks and then sold it all. I just love it simple as possible. I don't like the imaging to interfere with the visuals. Happy to have a DSLR (or mirrorless now) doing its own thing away from me, while I trawl the sky with binos or altaz mounted scope. I have no photos of my current kit, so can't do a then and now sort of thing. But here's my 2009 setup. This will be a trip down memory lane for Rob.
  13. In the same boat. Trying to find a cheap (sub £200) little Apo. A 60, 66, 70, 72 or something. Been nothing except one Saturday morning which i missed. A Revelation 80ED for £110......darn it.
  14. What a beast of a scope. I just can't see the AZ4 being happy about carrying that lump.
  15. I would agree. AZ4 and 150P is a nice pairing. I prefer that to a dob. Everything at a nicer to use height and easier to shift about. We love our AZ4.
  16. It was a bit of everything. Physical size (too long), too much weight on that bearing. I tried some low power on Jupiter but it wouldn't settle down. I fully understand you wanting the 150 frac, they just give a purer star image that a newt cannot match. My Startravel 150 was sadly a technicolor dreamcoat of false colour. Tried the Baader Semi-Apo filter to calm things down but it didn't work. The ST80 and ST102 had CA but nothing like the 150. That said it was years ago and before the black diamond models came out. The old sky blue Skywatcher.
  17. I tried our 200PDS on the AZ4.....haha wouldn't recommend it. But a C8 on the other hand.....no worries. Our AZ4 is kitted out with the CG5 2" steel legs but it was too much i think. A Skytee 2 would be a better bet for the 200P. What about the 150PDS on the AZ4? So much smaller and lighter than the 200P, views are not a great deal inferior. And the AZ4 loves it. AZ4 also loves our C6S tube a lot! Match made in heaven.
  18. I really do not envy you having to carry that beast up and down stairs into an apartment. I used to have the same scope. Had to keep it upstairs in the spare room. Out of sight, out of mind. I hit it on every door frame on the way out and on the way back. And found the base no easier to manage. As much as I loved the 250 it had to go. Replaced it with a C8S (the CG5 mounted one). The tube was lightweight and very easy to manage. The CG5 was much easier to manhandle too. Plus it was all driven in both axis. The only two drawbacks of the C8 (or any SCT) was cool down time (gigantic problem from a heated room to cold outdoors) and they are the ultimate dew magnate (more than any other scope type). From a warm room it needed minimum 1 hour outside cooling. On a really cold night, more than that. And the dew would end the viewing in less than 5 minutes without some kind of active dew prevention (heated dew strap. So basically waited an hour or more to view only for it to be out of action 5 mins later. And a dew shield was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. But the C8 is a great way of getting aperture in a lighter and easier to handle package. That's my take on it.
  19. On the upside, perhaps a good time to pick up planetary scopes and eyepieces cheaply before demand picks up closer the time.
  20. 2022 - struth! I'm sure the years will fly by......
  21. I was stuck in work but fortunately Hampshire CC allowed us to go out and have a look. Didn't matter as we didn't see a thing except thick cloud. But it was an eerie experience as it all went dark and the birds started singing, unsure what was going on. Plus it was 30 mins not working.
  22. They are two nice little scopes, I bought a 130M for my elder son many moons ago. And he loved it. The problem are the mounts they are supplied with, the EQ1 and EQ2. Neither one is a great astrophotography option. They struggle to take the scopes they come with, let alone adding a Travel Scope 70 as a guide scope. Plus they are single axis drive only and no polar scope. A better bet would be a used 150P on an EQ3-2. Will cost the same as a new 1145P or maybe less. That way you get the polar scope, dual axis drives and a chance at some astrophotography plus a scope that pushes things a long way on from your current scopes. The 150P is when things start getting serious. Great views of everything and a good camera platform for widefield photography. Just a thought.
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