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  1. Thank you Mark The IMX071 sensor is looking pretty good at the moment, whether it be the ZWO or QHY version. Cheers Jeremy
  2. Thank you. Was looking at a QHY10 or 12 possibly....... Not sure about the CMOS cameras, maybe the QHY 168C Cheers
  3. Hello all I mostly image with a RC10 and a QHY9 mono, either RGB or NB. But sometimes I just want the simplicity of a OSC. The RC10 and QHY9 yields a pixel scale of 0.553 so I wonder if I would notice much sensitivity loss in using a OSC. Any thoughts on sensor/camera recommendations? Thank you Jeremy
  4. Nice one Neil I also am dithering about the EQ8 at the moment. Sure a Mesu200 or AP would be nice but at the price the EQ8 is, it is hard to pass up. Good luck, and keep your atrocious weather to your side of the planet please! Jeremy
  5. In Stellarium you can change your location to Pluto, that would give a pretty good idea .
  6. Hello. There is now a good adapter available for this. http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4abaafb047 Looks the business
  7. Good luck Ken. As a recently returned exile myself I have discovered that things have changed here a bit! (or maybe I have changed?) Chhers Jeremy
  8. If the weather holds I will give it a go tonight, like you say though it is a little dim.
  9. Thanks very much for the comments everyone. Cheers Jeremy
  10. Thank you all for the advise. I ended up doing it all is CS5 by copy and paste and then layer masking and rotating the images into place. Not the neatest way but getting there. Thanks Jeremy
  11. Hello all My first go at this and not too bad. I will redo to try make it neater. All done in CS5, 19 images copied and pasted, rotated and layer masked Cheers Jeremy
  12. Hello all After todays transit I have a whole bag full of images (RAW) taken with my 5ooD and ED80. I am trying to get a final image of the sun with the path of Venus dotted across it. In Registax I have selected about 19 images (taken at 20 minutes apart) and then tried to align and stack but it is just not happening for me. I have tried using the region of interest (around some sunspots) and heaps of others but I am obviously doing something wrong. Anyone have any similar experience to this who could help me please? Thanks very much Jeremy
  13. Some great information and fantastic images here, thank you. Just made a Baader filter for my ED80 and starting to practice for the main event on June 6. Clear skies
  14. A nice image mate, looking forward to seeing it progress
  15. Very nice image John, well done
  16. That is a great image, well done to you sir.
  17. Yes mate, it has been really good here the last week or so. Only got out last night though so hoping that the clear skies remain for a while. Clear skies
  18. Hello all Taken 13 May from the Gold Coast, Australia ED80/Eos 40d/HEQ5 30x300sec lights Darks, Flats and Bias Thanks for looking Jeremy
  19. A nice image mate. I must have another go at saturn soon I think. Cheers Jeremy PS - QUEENSLANDER!
  20. There is only one focus point so if you are sure that you have it then there is another issue. I wonder if it is out of Collimation? I don't know much about such things but I am sure another more experienced member will sort you out in no time. Cheers Jeremy
  21. I am also pretty new to it all mate so still learning all the time, but now you have one less thing to overcome! Clear skies Jeremy
  22. Hello Jeremy I don't own a Newt but could it be the focus? If it is your first time with it it may be way out.
  23. Woody

    Hi Newbi Here

    Gday Jeremy and welcome to SGL. You are on a slippery path now and there's no going back!
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