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  1. Gazza What do you mean by " we are not permitted to see it " ? I'm not trying to get into a debate or change your views as everyone is allowed an opinion, but I'm interested in what/whom you think might be in control of what we can or can't see.
  2. they're just great companions aren't they? Your visitor and your own dog are both lovely We've recently returned to being a 2 dog family again as we've rehomed one from a rescue centre
  3. genuine astronomy joke there folks - I like it
  4. I felt the same Rob. I didn't know it was there until about a month ago either. I've been up there 3 times since
  5. Hi Steve I've looked at the very same scope, and thought about the GOTO version of it. I can't decide whether that's the one I want, or whether to go for a smaller aperture scope like the 200 or 250 and have it with a EQ mount. I'm not an expert at all, but the advice I've been given so far is that you really need a EQ mount for imaging DSO's and one that will track I think. The 300P is an almighty beast, so its probably not best suited for photography if that's the way you're thinking of heading. Other people have advised on the possibility of getting two scopes, a big dobs and a smaller refr
  6. Hello and welcome Ask loads of questions, as everyone here is REALLY helpful Marko
  7. Hi Rob I'm in Stoke too. Welcome to SGL Keele Observatory are open to the public every Tuesday evening. They're also open Saturday afternoon when they do public solar observation. Marko
  8. Hi folks This might be in the wrong section of the forum, so apologies if it should be elsewhere. I have so far resisted buying a scope (and its been at least a month!!!) It'll likely be later in the year when I've got enough cash together for what I REALLY want. Anyway, having realised that a Dobs was probably the best idea in terms of aperature per £, but they wouldn't be suited to much astrophotography I've looked a bit deeper. I understand that its tracking and field rotation that are the likely issues with Dobs photography. If I bought a GOTO dobs though, which does track, would it do th
  9. markophoto


    Hi both, welcome to SGL
  10. I think 3D TV will stay around this time, because so much money has been poured into it. I also think that it'll change radically in the next few years. There are already 3D TV's on the market where you don't need to wear 3D glasses at all. When that is developed further and technology improves, mass market appeal will follow. For now, personally, I wouldn't touch 3D TV with someone elses bargepole never mind my own Hey, its your hard earned cash though
  11. I'd guess that the distribution is due to all sorts of geological factors, volcanic activity, movements of tectonic plates, weather etc. Over billions of years all those processes and movements are going to lead to pockets where some elements are more common. Now, I'm by no means an expert, and I'm pretty sure someone else will be along with a lot more knowledge and information to expand on this, or else correct me That's how I see it though Marko
  12. I like that. If you crop the first one so you chop off the downstairs windows of the houses, I reckon it'll improve it further. You won't have the bright glare from them pulling the eye away from the moon when you look at the pic Marko
  13. There are several references and observations of novae in Vulpecula if you google for it, some far more recent than 1968. It didn't take long for me to find those details, so have a look around if you haven't already. Marko
  14. Just had a look at your site Ken, very useful and worthwhile. I look forward to seeing more images Marko
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