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  1. Im very lucky, no light pollution here..but it amazes me how bad it is when i go to see relatives in the midlands. Hopefully "they" will listen to us!
  2. Fantastic clear skies here in Snowdonia, great views of Jupiter, best viewing conditions for a very long time, able to use TMB 5mm with no distortion!! Mars Just risen above mountains, should be great in an hour or so. Great to see so many others are enjoying too!!!
  3. Hi Samantha, A warm welcom to SGL. I can vouch for the SW Skyliner 200p, i had mine in December. Its been superb, had great views of Jupiter could see lots of detail including GRS and and both North and South belts. All moons were easily visible too. Also had great views of Saturn, was lucky enough to see the Cassinin division last week for the first time, Titan isnt a problem either!..I chose this scope after weeks and weeks of research. Wanted a scope purely for observation, never going to get into the imaging side of things. Very good scope for finding Galaxies and Nebula too. Good luck with your choice, hope this helps..
  4. Have a safe trip Isabelle, Im very jealous, went to KSC for first time last April. Loved it especially the 3-D film about Orions nebula. Hope you enjoy it including Bush gardens!!....
  5. Could have been Arcturus Tim, If you download Stellarium this is great for identification of stars, planets, galaxies etc...As for Twinkling have a look at this link...http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/astronomy/stars/twinkle.shtml
  6. Welcome to SGL Karlos, This forum has been invaluable to me since becoming interested in Astronomy. Any questions you have dont be afraid to ask, theres always someone willing and able to help...
  7. Hello Dan, A warm welcome to SGL...
  8. magic77

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi Alan and Family, A very warm welcome to SGL...
  9. Nice one Russ, I had good views here in Wales on Wednesday night..I tried using my TMB 5mm but wouldnt focus, so used my new BST explorer 8mm. Had the best views of Cassini division so far..Was very pleased...
  10. +3 Telrad...Best thing ive purchased so far...
  11. Hello Ron, A very warm welcome to SGL...
  12. Hello Sloz, A warm welcome to SGL....
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