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Hi all


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Just popping in to say hello to everybody. I'm in (not so sunny) Ayrshire, and of late haven't

had any chance to do any observational astronomy... due to the fact that since I got my

new lightbridge over a month ago, it has either been cloudy - or the rain's been pelting

down :D

Been instrested in astronomy since I was wee, and its went on from there. Main intrests

are astrophotography, although it's been a while since I did any real stuff. Been fiddling

with my canon a40, and managed to get some good constellation shots, but I'm holding

out for a webcam to try some more serious stuff. Been hinting to the wife, just need to

wait and see...

Other interests are computing especially Linux based (hope that webcam hint runs on Linux!)

reading and general gadgeteering - otherwise known as Bodge-it-yourself :D

Well thats it, short and sweet.

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Got some episodes of Monkey on DVD - those were happy days :D

There were some good lines in there:

"Hey! Pigsy you dirty pig!!" :(

"Stick grow big! Stick grow small" (never realised the double meaning as a kid,

parents weren't too chuffed at me running around shouting this :) )

Still don't understand why my wife doesn't like pigsy :)

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Hi Graham, good to see someone else from kilie on the forum.

If the weather ever clears up we should get together, i have a good backyard, live in southcraigs but i tend to go to the eaglesham moor or there is a dark back road to stewarton. Been out a few times with Gizmo- Paul from east kilbride, and managed a session 1 week ago for the first time in months, I now feel recharged and ready for some cold nights - (I have read all the [removed word] institute has to offer i need some practicals to go with all the theory!)

Anyway have a great Xmas and speak to you soon!


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