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  1. Andrew, i meant your moonfish and barlow, did i pick you up wrong or are the 2inch eyepieces?
  2. Hi Andrew, That is a great report, second Jamie's comments, you learn so much when you do it all by your lonesome and star-hopping is a great way to get to know the stars and constellations. Really good to hear your thoughts and reports on objects with your scope, sounds like a nice few hours. Your 2inch lens sounds like a beauty very Cheers Gary
  3. Great report sounds like a nice spot, great sky last night, not as dark as it has been but very good seeing, I struggled with m101 but most of my other targets were relatively easy. M13 is still my fav but having seen it thru some monster celestron my view now looks less impressive , however still love the dob for its ease and speed! Splitting close doubles was relatively easy testament to the good sky was a happy bunny going to bed, hope this is a sign of a good winter to come.
  4. Sounds like a great night Craig brilliant report- I admire your patience and perseverance with the imaging, i would end up smashing the whole rig up just like the angry man in chewing the fat!!! I was very tempted to get a 2 inch lens during the week, £40 on fleabay, copies of moonfish from china I believe- but house move forced a rethink. Would love to have a go with yours next time we meet up, you hear the word spacewalk mentioned and would love to see the difference. Got a great report on your session with Martin, Tom. I have the 8 inch skywatcher dob and would love to see what difference
  5. Hi Craig, It was me that insulted your scope and suggested it may need collimating , and having read above and engaging my brain, there may be a simpler reason the stars were less well defined, I had to clean my secondary mirror quite early on due to all the condensation, could it have been that your secondary was misted up a wee bit? It was quite damp at the res. With the same eyepiece and a dry night your lovely scope should knock my old dob into a cocked hat. I also spent about 2 hours the first time I collimated as I was a bit too liberal with my allan key twiddling man did I have a bad
  6. Great report kenny, it was almost like I was there with you The scope was a revelation, m13 was stunning, when I win the lottery I will def. get one Cheers gary
  7. Hi Craig I found this video to be a great help. http://andysshotglass.com/Collimating.html takes a while to load but great step by step. Gary
  8. great image Craig, mars and pleiades looks lush, sorry I'm no use to you on your technical questions I'm a dobber don't you know Great night and have sent the group picture to Paul so it's worth a look in a car crash kind of way! Gary
  9. Just back from Portugal and as you say Tom, skies are amazing, I only had a pair of bino's but the sky was great. I would be very tempted to go to COAA just need to do something about the two sproggs!
  11. love the composition and sharpness, nice image well done.
  12. brilliant image great to see and good that someone is getting some clear skies, well done and keep them coming.
  13. I may have your UFO pegged. There are quite a few triple satellites that fly in formation which can be seen overhead, launched by US navy, i think they were launched to study the oceans and they fly in a distinctive triangle formation. Have seen them once in aviemore and found it a bit spooky until i used the power of Google.
  14. Fantastic image, a real candidate for image of the week given the very difficult conditions. To even get a good visual sighting is hard nevermind an cracking image. Well done.
  15. have to say that is a great image under the circumstances well done. Why don't you train the dog up to be an "auto-guide" dog and connect him to your scope with a "dog"-tail bar, the necessary counterbalance weights will of course depend on your own breed. I find the corgi a great compromise between compactness and reliability.
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