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  1. It is remarkable how many astronomy resources, tools and calculators are freely available online. Here at FLO we routinely use a number of them when answering questions regarding magnification, field of view, sensor size, focal length, f-ratio, exit pupil, etc. Also for more general questions like 'what is in the sky tonight' and ‘where will I find it'. With this in mind we decided to build our own in-house collection of astronomy tools and calculators. We reasoned having our own together in one place would save time and we would be able to develop and improve them, or at least build them so they best suited our needs. The project is going well and a number of the tools and calculators have been built and, in the spirit of other online resources and calculators, we are making them available free of charge Astronomy Tools The project is a work in progress so you will find the paint is still wet in places and there will be some typos but we will continue to build, develop and polish the site. We might even design a logo! If you find a bug please let us know so we can squish it. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions or would like something included. We hope you find it a useful resource. Regards, The FLO team
  2. We have good news for everyone waiting for a Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED DS-Pro They have arrived in the UK and will be with dealers "imminently". (Possibly even tomorrow or Friday). We have been assured we will receive enough to clear all existing backorders and there will be a small number remaining for new orders.
  3. Our first delivery of ZWO ASiair has arrived so it is in stock for overnight delivery The new ZWO ASiair is a smart WiFi device that enables you to control all ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and an equatorial mount. Plate solve and image with your phone or tablet/iPad when connected to ASiair via WiFi.
  4. One William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO (2018 Model) Blue. Customer Return Special package - includes flattener Customer returned due to faulty focuser, now replaced with brand new. Optically perfect, excellent condition. Minor signs of use and slightly scruffy box. Full manufacturers warranty. £554.00 £499.00 (saving £55.00)
  5. We like happy endings
  6. Way to go, James! And congratulations to all the winners.
  7. We are hearing only that the next batch will have an improved box & packaging. We hope it's true Steve
  8. If we become a Giro Ercole stockist we will source an ADM saddle to suit
  9. FLO

    What did the postman bring?

    Ooh! Can we use your photo for our product page please? Pretty please The current stock photo is pants and it'll be a while before we can set one up for a photo. Steve
  10. We have contacted him.
  11. Me too. Pre-FLO. Couldn't find the counterweight shaft. I think it is a rite-of-passage Steve
  12. I am wondering if FLO should stock the Giro Ercole mount. It appears to have a following here at SGL. I hesitate only because the market is awash with good alt-az mounts Does anyone know who actually manufacturers it?
  13. This troubled me so I investigated. I have learned the counterweight was discontinued sometime ago. As far as we can tell the one @parallaxerr ordered was the last one available anywhere in the UK. That doesn't excuse it looking secondhand. It was a new unopened product so should have been clean. But it had been on our shelf for rather a long time, and probably on the distributor's shelf before that. We arranged a free collection and it will probably arrive at our warehouse today. It will then be resold at a discounted price through our Clearance system. HTH, Steve
  14. We have the saddle @parallaxerr has requested in stock (the one intended for the Celestron CG5 mount) but unfortunately it has M8 sized holes, not M6, so isn't suitable for use with his Giro Ercole. We can source one machined with the correct holes but it would not be a quick solution because it would most likely be a one-off sourced from ADM in the US. We have suggested if he contacts his supplier they might know of a suitable saddle. HTH, Steve
  15. One Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro OTA. Customer Return OTA only including rings and dovetail but no other accessories. Focuser works fine but very slightly rough in some places - won't affect use. Comes with a Moonlite 1.25" to 2" adapter. Full manufacturers warranty. £359.00 £323.00 (saving £36.00)
  16. Following the two new Sky-Watcher Alt-Azimuth mounts released yesterday, Sky-Watcher have today released details of another new Alt-Azimuth mount! The Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Wi-Fi Alt-Azimuth mount is not like the others. It features include a built-in WiFi module, enabling it to to be controlled wirelessly via your Smartphone or Tablet using Sky-Watcher's free SynScan App for iOS or Android. The AZ-GTi creates it’s own Wi-Fi network so is not reliant on other WiFi networks. The mount and SynScan App together provide full computerised GO-TO. It also features Sky-Watcher’s Freedom-Find™ patented dual-encoder technology so your telescope can be moved manually in either axis without the mount losing its positional information - which is rather convenient Sky-Watcher say the mount is quiet in operation, has a payload capacity of up to 5kg and accepts telescopes via a regular 45mm dovetail bar. Stock is available in the UK and the price looks set to be £285 for mount and tripod (we will add it to our website Monday). Manufacturer's specification: Controller: Free SynScan App for iOS and Android mobile device or Synscan Hand Controller (available separately) SynScan App Database: Total 10,000+ Objects. Deep Sky Objects: 10759, including Messier, NGC, IC, Caldwell Catalogues, Named DSOs, Named Stars: 305, Double Stars: 55, Solar system objects: 7 planets, Sun , Moon. (Unlimited objects when working with a 3rd party planetarium software). SynScan App Alignment Method: Brightest Star Alignment, North-Level Alignment SynScan App's Other Features: Tonight's Best Sky Tour, Point and Go with a mobile device, Identification of Celestial Objects, Remote control over Internet, User defined objects, Pointing Accuracy Enhancement (PAE) Pointing Accuracy: Up to 10 arc-minute (RMS) Resolution: 2073600 Counts/Rev., 0.625 arc-second Resolution of Aux. R.A./Dec. Axis Encoders: 1068 Counts/Rev., approx. 20 arc-minutes Tracking Technology: Freedom-Find™ Dual-Encoder Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, Alignment-Free Solar Tracking Slewing Speeds: 0.5X, 1.0x, 8.0x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 800x Tracking Mode: Dual Axis Tracking Motor: DC Servo Motor, Gear Ratio 6480 Payload Capacity: 5kg Saddle: Accepts 45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen type dovetail Interface: SynScan Hand Control Port, DSLR Shutter Release Port (optional cables available separately), Built-in Wi-Fi Module Connectivity: ASCOM platform for Windows PC, Mobile planetarium App for iOS and Android ( SkySafari Plus/Pro, more are coming). Network Protocol: UDP, Port 11880 Tripod/Mount Fitting: 3/8" Screw Fitting Tripod: Adjustable Aluminium with Accessory Tray Height of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA): 80.5cm - 152cm Mount Head Weight: 1.3kg Total Weight with Tripod: 3.9kg Power Requirement: 8 AA Size Batteries (not supplied) or External Power Supply (DC 7.5~14V, 0.75A) Tip Positive.
  17. @parallaxerr I am at home now, not at my desk, so cannot check the stock situation but if you email your questions (same as posting here at SGL) we will happily respond in the morning As a guide, if our product page shows a green lorry then it is almost definitely in stock. HTH, Steve
  18. @parallaxerr It is a bit moot because you have already ordered it from the US. Probably best you continue down that path now but please remember for next time. When discussing an individual component from from a large system, like ADM's. If you see what you want included in a bundle and it is in stock it is normally a simple matter for us to separate the part you require. Actually, there is something worth you saying to Anthony. Here in the EU we like our mounting hardware to be neat and tidy with clean anodising. In the US they are less particular. They see it only as a utilitarian product. So whilst ADM products are bomb-proof, they aren't as pretty as competing products manufactured here in the EU. Anthony knows this so if you ask him for an especially clean example he will understand. HTH, Steve
  19. It is a pity you didn't send just one more email because we would have happily split the CG5 saddle to make the puck available to you In our defence, would you not have also communicated with Anthony at ADM via email? And if you ever see a way we can improve a product description with additional info or specifications, please say. We will then happily update it. Steve
  20. Done Tele Vue Nebustar UHC Filters
  21. Moravian CCD cameras are coming to FLO We shall add their cameras to our website over the next week or two. If you are considering one of their cameras and would like advice or a quote, please contact us. Or if you already own a Moravian camera and have some advice for us, please say.
  22. Last year, for the first time, FLO had a stall at the SGL Star Party. It went well. Thank-you But us standing there with tables loaded with products for sale felt a little too Astrofesty, for FLO. So we will do things a little differently this year. We want to be less salesy and more social, so less tables, more real-world telescope/mount/camera setups and plenty of free tea, coffee and biscuits We also have something special planned regarding Rowan Astronomy Belt Mod Upgrade kits. Rob, the chap who installs our Rowan kits, will be with us all day Saturday fitting Rowan Belt Mod Upgrades into HEQ5 Pro mounts. If you want to see how it is done, or ask him questions, you will be welcome. If you wish to purchase one of the upgraded HEQ5 Pro mounts, or a Rowan kit for installing yourself at home, then you can. You can also bring your own HEQ5 Pro mount and have Rob install a Rowan upgrade on the day, but please let us know in advance if you wish to do this. One thing that won't change: Because the SGL SP is a significant event in it's own right we can offer you the same promos and discounts offered by retailers at IAS (assuming the product/brand is one we stock). I.e. 10% off ZWO cameras. We will post details closer to the date. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Steve & the FLO team
  23. Have just heard Ant & Daz (SGL Admin) will be joining us. Perhaps it was the free coffee & biscuits ️ Steve

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