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  1. Snow

    Wow! Where is that?
  2. Ooh, that’s a big mirror... (for the GMT)

    Would have to be one helluva rocket!
  3. Ooh, that’s a big mirror... (for the GMT)

    Me too. Shame the OWL telescope got cancelled though.
  4. Astrofest 2018

    Glad the lecture list is finally up! I’ll be there both days as it as my Christmas present from my wife :-)
  5. Wow!

    Happy new year. https://www.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2017/5538
  6. Wow!

    Woohoo I saw this! Was out in the centre of town and after a second thought it was some New Year’s Eve fireworks. Just like a firework it was bright green and had an orange tail!
  7. Inspired for 2018?

    When where is the tv programme? (The book cover days soon to be seen on tv).
  8. Sky Safari 6

    100 Million stars!! Via in-app purchase; amazing how they can squeeze such massive databases onto a phone.
  9. Astrofest 2018

    Were you hoping to see anyone in particular?
  10. Vantablack - The darkest material in the world

    D’oh! Actually wasn’t there some new competitor to vantablack that’s not quite as black but more robust?
  11. Vantablack - The darkest material in the world

    As it’s like a forest of carbon nanotubes ‘grown’ on the surface by CVD don’t think you can paint it on and I’d imagine all those nanotubes are quite fragile. I’d be worried they’d break off And turn to black dust inside the scope during repeated handling?
  12. Conversation with Al Nagler

    Yes I’ve had the same experience years ago. I think it’s fairly common to be put through to Al Nagler if you ring up with a query.
  13. Which APO refractor

    As it’s silly money how about 2 apos- one in the 6inch range, one smaller ( perhaps 3-4inch ish?) for grab and go, air travel, on days with little time, energy or partly cloudy weather and for wide field visual and AP; and a big dob for reach? You’d possibly need a second dobservatory as well as an obsy for your fracs. Bearing this in mind as you want something portable till you get the new house and obs next year - I suggest a smaller apo.
  14. How to get in trouble with my partner

    Hi Gavster, What case do do you use to transport your AP130GTX? thanks
  15. Cairns

    You should ask on the australian iceinspace forums. They're a friendly bunch.