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  1. Hi folks My grab was from about 8.30pm to about 9.30pm. Time scale shows local (BST) time... Phil
  2. Hi Steve. Not counted yet but will sort through my images for an estimate.... Looked to be better than my grabs from last years Perseids though...
  3. Setup my meteor radio grabber to cover a 12 hour period between about 9pm last night to 9am this morning. Clear to see the shower peaking early morning.... Timelapse here, press to view http://vid72.photobucket.com/albums/i175/hantercans/AC/TimeLapse_x264_001.mp4
  4. Hi Steve.. I've dabbled with meteor detecting for 6 or 7 years now. I only monitor during showers though as being a radio ham, my gear is tied up doing other things. One thing I do a lot of is detecting the effects of solar activity on radio propagation. If you don't know of it, google..SID monitoring. OK on your antenna, have you tried it vertical on your mast?. I found vertical to be better when I was using an antenna similar to yours. Worth experimenting.... Re the scripts I use in SL, they were given to me a few years back. If you PM me your email address, I'll zip them and mail them to yo
  5. Hi Steve I'm monitoring GRAVES using a Funcube Pro+ fed by a simple 1 meter long "white stick" vertical antenna on my roof. I'm in Chesterfield area... Phil G4JVF
  6. Here's my collection of grabs of the Lyrids. Roughly 12 hours over night. Images stitched into a mini movie... http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i175/hantercans/AC/th_TimeLapse_mpeg4_2.mp4
  7. This TenTec 1056 I used originaly still looks a good bet... http://www.tentec.com/products/Any-Band-Direct-Conversion-Receiver-Kit-%252d-Model-1056.html
  8. Yep that's me....there can be only one Interesting stuff Les... Pleased to hear the little loop worked for you, I'll have to have bash at making one. My BIG loop worked but it was experiment only and it was too big to stay in the garden. Not all a loss though as the reflector frame with the chicken wire is now holding up a rather nice display of sweet peas.. All good fun this... Philip G4JVF
  9. Les Have you actualy used one of those loops for Jupiter reception and did it work? Some folk say it does and a lot say it doesn't.... Be interesting to make one if I know somebody has had success with one... Philip G4JVF
  10. Hi Marcus If you can stand the pace, I did a thread about this quite a while back http://stargazerslou...adio-astronomy/ Problem with Jupiter reception is that not a lot happens most of the time and as such, might not keep your students interested.. Solar activity is a bit more dynamic so is a better choice IMHO. Also, you might consider detecting meteor reflections as that happens day or night... The frequency for this is 143.05 USB so with a bit of tinkering you could use a cheap TV dongle, some free software and a cheap 2 element aerial which neednt be mounted high up.. http://astrochat.co.
  11. Yes, JAB is good Think they have 1% polystyrene caps.... Good luck with it Mike:icon_salut:
  12. Hi Mike Think I used this one... Re the loops, they do work but not well enough realy.. Still got some more tests to do but my aim is to build and test a Moxon design... MOXON Antenna Project These work very well. I lashed one up a couple of years back. Still a big antenna but much smaller than the Radio Jove double dipole... More on that when it gets a bit warmer
  13. Gemenids have been building all day... Lots of pings at the moment:)
  14. Howard Have you got the radio set to USB? I get good reflections from Dijon using an HB9CV and I'm in north Derbyshire...
  15. Just a big thank you to Dave and Iain for pointing me in the right direction with this. 99% got a meteor detect system tested a running....
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